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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The wheeling and dealing behind the America's Cup - the elitists few and the many buffoons.

There is NO doubt the America's Cup will be held in San Francisco. Judging from the Wheeling and the Dealing - the elitists in our City are doing everything possible to make this happen - their way.

It does not matter that our SF Board of Supervisors - naive as they are - fell for the bait - they are now swimming in the cold Ocean - with no life jacket, a small boat - and huge waves to deal with.

Again and again as in the case of Parcel A at Hunters Point - this City FAILS to read the various Memoranda of Agreements, the Disposition and Development Agreements.

The fine print - fail, to take the advice of people like Harvey Rose - and always as most jerks do - make a fool of themselves.

Politely put - these are buffoons that our City has and we call them Elected Officials. Lock, stock, and barrel they are as dumb as the come.

SF Budget Committee with Carmen Chu as the Chair is making a JOKE of itself.

Lennar on Parcel A played the same game and at that time the man who initiated all this nonsense was Mayor Gavin Newsom. Gavin - could not give a rat's ass what happens to this City.

Gavin did give a damn - as to putting himself in the limelight - and making deals half of which he knew he did not study well - and he knew he left hid misdeeds to be dealt by other - long after he left.

The America's Cup as I said a long time ago is for the filthy rich.

Only the filthy rich can afford this sordid sport - millions of dollars to build these sailing ships - to compete on the Bay - where few will get to participate - accept see some few sailing ships - more catamarans - go in circles and compete in a sport that few - truly enjoy.

As one would expect this sport is being pushed by the filthy rich. Some six rich folks who live in San Francisco and we have sixty of so billionaires - that live in San Francisco. Some of them have pledged millions. And there are twenty or so on a list that will give more - on their terms not anyone else's.

Typical of the filthy rich they will give only if they find the path cleared and the proposal pleasing to them. Right now; if the City and County of San Francisco follows this dubious, dangerous path - they will flounder and drown.

The SF Port Authority has no money but it is taking a big risk putting up its reserve money to make the initial commitment - palatable.

This risk is a real one - where the cashed strapped SF Port Authority - has failed to take a stand and it cannot because political pressure has taken over -and someone else is in the driver's seat.

The many piers are in complete disrepair. The facilities such as the Fire House on the Piers - falling apart. Other buildings are standing up - but need much needed seismic repairs. The entire picture on the 7.5 mile property and jurisdiction that comes under Public Trust Act - is a mess and neglected for decades.

Right now for starters the Piers 27-29 are being worked on. This work will happen - one way or the other - because it is here that the organizers will use these piers to their full advantage.

Really speaking if one really knows about this sport - all you need is the Bay and we do have a Bay all right - one of the best in the world - that belongs to the Ohlone.

In all the mumbo jumbo NOT a word about the First People, the Ohlone - not a word about paying respect to the First People.

The many fast tracked Environmental Impact Reports and the California Environmental Quality Act and other ordinances and regulations from the Coast Guard, BCDC, and other State and Federal authorities are politically motivated. All this must be in place within a couple of months.

The organizers truly have fifteen months - in the eighteenth month - most everything must be in place.

The race can be held tomorrow on the Bay - that is the main play field.

Most people are bluffed into thinking the many piers, the other ploys and machinations such as a building to be built here and there are part of the sailing and the America's Cup Race - that is totally - bogus.

White Folks are like that - devious, conceited, nonchalant and they like it that way. Pressed against the wall - the will buy their way and make the impossible - happen. That is why - all this fuss it about nothing - they all have it planned. A circus of sorts.

Most sane people should stay away from this fiasco waiting to happen.

These folks come to our City and cannot honor the Local Hiring Ordinance. They have incorporated devious plans that have not been vetted - now, that they are caught red handed they are making last minute - amendments.

Of course our City and County of San Francisco will be left to fork out as will the SF Port Authority and the few players who today - were pressed to put this Disposition and Development Agreement together - they will in the worst case scenario - say they were duped.

Right now Lennar has defaulted on Parcel A at Hunters Point - none of the time-lines kept. Lennar has changed its name - four times - the first time way back in 1998 it Registered in Sacramento - today in the land of the devil, Delaware. Go figure.

The City should have taken Lennar to Court - in fact anyone reading this can take Lennar to Court and win - they have defaulted on a legal document - the DDA to Parcel A.

The last America's Cup was held in Auckland, New Zealand and they did not make a profit or much money.

In this case the Rugby World Cup was held a few years later - and some of the infrastructure built helped Auckland and put them back on track some.

Today, many of the competitors are using those facilities to build their racing catamarans. The will then move them to San Francisco - New Zealand and its people profiting from those facilities built when the America's Cup was held in Auckland.

Closer to home the MUNI jackasses have relinquished Pier 80 where millions were spent to house and repair MUNI buses - to Oracle the main sponsor of this America's Race.

Oracle has taken control of these facilities and with little money has been using the facilities to put their State of the Art - sailing catamaran together.

Recently, there was not much of enthusiasm shown at some world class sailing - in San Diego.

The crowd was paltry to say the least - signs of the times - money is tight.

The world - be in Europe or where sailing has support Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, even here in the United States - the dire economic straits hovers over and money is scarce.

Conceptual plans are great - while you are dreaming you feel good - then, you wake up and reality hits you like a jackhammer - and your dream may end up - like a nightmare.

Always, when it comes to logistics, construction, economic development, economic benefit, media spin - be leery of those that blow that horn.

The world know a lot of about San Francisco and they know us as a City that is by the Bay.

They know about our hospitality, the moderate climate, the cable cars, the sour dough bread, good food and nice restaurants, the near by Redwood Trees, and so on.

If some of them know about sailing it is about small boats. The paradox is for years the marinas where small boats are parked on the Bay in San Francisco - have been used to swindle boat lovers. I had a boat and had to get rid of it. Too much rent and too many hassles. 

There were two days I remember when I had some joy - the day I bought the boat and the day I got rid of it.

Now,this was not a Catamaran but a fairly big boat, with a sound engine, and other amenities. Fifteen people could have a nice time with lots of space. Fourth of July was one day we all enjoyed - watching the fire works from the middle of the Bay.

Our City and County of San Francisco is still caught in the grip and malaise of the corrupt - folks like Gavin Newsom who signed the many MOUs in 2010 linked to this America's Cup which should have remained on the East Coast.

Our City of San Francisco does not need to fork out any money - except to facilitate the use of the Bay with the help of the Coast Guard.

The infrastructure building of the Piers is something totally different and separate and those behind the scenes know that.

The Event Organizers are sharks; they talk a good talk - and they want to take full advantage and make some money.

Oracle gobbled so many firms - it is know as a White Shark be it the White Shark in the ocean is docile compared to those that make their abode on land.

Years ago; five White Women from the East Bay - wives of professors, judges, and professional men - got together and saved the Bay from being totally infilled. Today, we have the Bay - shrunk in large measure by GREED and development.

The Bay is not healthy - too much contamination - but, we can help some. The beauty around it - Angel Island, Alcatraz, the two bridges, the marinas, the waterfront all belonged to the Ohlone. We must respect that and more honor the First People.

It is always amazing to watch idiots focus on money, the wheeling and dealing - pleasure the joy that last momentarily and then it fades - forever.

What about honor, respect, and true hospitality due to the First People - in this case the Ohlone.

No one would dare start some race in New Zealand and not remember the Moari the First People of New Zealand.

But, here in San Francisco not one word at SF City Hall, not one word at the SF Port Authority, not one word from the Event Organizers about the Ohlone - ask the First People anywhere - about respect and honor.

The entire DDA linked to the America's Cup is bereft with deceit and NO one can go too far - cheating one's way  trying to portray all is well - while the ship is taking water.