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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Families sleeping on the streets of San Francisco while City Leaders talk the talk.

Saint Anthony says it feeds 2500 people at a time every single day in recent years.

Then we have St Martin De Pores, Glide Memorial, and host of other smaller places -  all over our City of San Francisco -where angles work hard and sacrifice much to feed the poor and some more.

Some fifty years ago Saint Anthony's fed about 150 people - and at that time every day.

Some of us thought that was too much. Some thirty five years ago Glide fed 10% of what they feed now.

Today's dire economic straits in hurting everyone but it is a pity to see hundreds of families - father, mother, children suffering and living on our Streets of San Francisco.

Today we have 60 Billionaires living in our City and County, who do not pay their fare share taxes and all their roads where they live are paved and they enjoy first class treatment - just because they have money and the influence.

It is the same with the very corrupt and that includes a former Black Mayor who has three dens that he can move from place to place with all have luxuries intact and available - complete with those toys and other things - to tickle any funny bone and his other bone this man supposedly possesses.

Hearing are held at San Francisco City Hall - and the many poor and many of them immigrants - come and say their peace.

Joining in this parade at City Hall right in Room 250 are children and they tell us they live in shelters. They have to get up at 5 am and get out of the shelter - find shelter where they can, face the elements to survive - and continue to live as they had a home - when they have none.

Children go to school to be taunted by other children.

Children cannot take a bath when they need it. Noisy shelters deprive them of sleep. The families and children eat what they get to eat. Live under conditions that are despicable.

Face the criminal elements that constantly come in and out of the shelters - and take every opportunity to prey on those that are most vulnerable.

The numbers are in the thousands and our City and County of San Francisco is  playing with innocent lives.

One or two SF Board of Supervisors care - not Black Malia Cohen, she could not care less.

Not Carmen Chu she hears but she does not give a damn.
She has her eyes on Sacramento - trying to follow the foot steps of Fiona Ma who has not represented and has her eyes on some higher post. Time will tell.

There are others they call them Conservatives - they are a disgrace to San Francisco values. These vermin so called politicians look at most things with a tainted glass and a heart and has no compassion.

If you talk to those San Franciscans that lived here in the early fifties and sixties they will tell you - there was no rampant homelessness that we see today.

You did not have  the poor running and harassing you for anything they can - ten cents, fifty cents - anything.

You did not have people living under bridges - some SF Board of Supervisors see but they do not get it.

These are the same Supervisors - the corrupt ones that get tickets to Base Ball and Football games and think they belong to some higher class of folks - when they are in fact - the most corrupt, spineless, inept, and have no compassion.

For these few seeking higher office - while all the time acting corrupt in a norm. They do not like giving us the three minutes public comment - they fear the TRUTH and they are weasels that must be exposed.

Our City has a budget of $6.9 Billion and a population of about 816,000.

For every 28 constituents we have one City Worker who with benefits on an average makes 125,000 dollars a year.

We do not need the many City workers who do not live in San Francisco. More those that steal our money and do not work for our hard earned taxes.

It is not uncommon to have City Workers who make 200,000 dollars a year and more and do not contribute to our City and County of San Francisco - at all.

I see them all the time and they see me and when I mention about really and truly working for our City and in earnest, contributing to our City - they do not like it. 

Well, you know what I will say: " Stay away from our City and get the F*** out of our City - if that is what you want to really hear".

What is so difficult to understand.

We Citizens and constituents of San Francisco must NOT pay these workers more then they deserve to the paid.

That includes the SF Board of Supervisors who once were paid $38,000 and now make more then $116,000 with benefits.

These Supervisors take every opportunity to take a holiday. For them them it is a given to add two, three day after every Public Holiday. This is simply uncalled for and unethical. 

None of them truly work for the constituents - and none of them have the balls to curtail the rampant corruption in the many City Departments.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development now is using the SF Government Television Channel to show case some fake business propaganda.

Any actual analysis of the breaks given to these BIG businesses will show that these Big Business - need some help but our City must not bend backwards to help them - and on top of that give them publicity that truly does not help anyone in general - mostly the public.

It is the same with City Build not producing any career jobs.

The many good jobs held by those that live outside San Francisco are held by those that look down on San Franciscans.

Some of them are bold to tell us so - and there is nothing one can do - to curtail the corruption and more the ineptness, lack of sincerity, and blatant disregard for higher standards.

In some Departments and even at the SF Board of Supervisors, now - life style is what is a norm and in many cases a qualification to be Chair, hold some posts, permit hearings that are a waste of time.

A mentality that favors a kind of thinking and acting - that is not logical takes one to a time and place which makes no sense and does not serve the normal, larger population.

When Supervisor Scott Wiener and others - begin to open their mouth and shove their dirty foot in - he and other truly think they are doing - right. Go figure!

Scott Wiener man is introducing legislation to get wider publicity, appearing before Commissions, working for some entities that do not have the better interests of the community at large.

It is like the Zionists who have a hidden agenda and it is mostly about themselves and a phobia they have of the past - that cannot be applied today in America.

We must monitor such personalities and this man in particular before his sordid ambition get the better of him.

I would like to see him fix the Doyle Drive situation working with Jose Mosovich now that he is Co-Chair another one of those - when he opens his mouth can bitch, and bitch, and bitch. Much like a hyena on heat.

Many a time there is no logic to what these folks say. They pander to folks like Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein - who must make way for fresh blood and get out from their current offices.

We have seen too much corruption - as is evident from their wealth rankings in Congress - Nancy holds the rank of seventh richest and Diane eleventh richest - and that is not why we sent these two hags to Represent.

F*** those that pander to these type of people who lack the ability to represent and all they do is fill their campaign coffers, facilitate corruption of the highest  order and do not serve the better interest of American citizens.

These two for example have no qualms using insider trading tips - to invest and make tainted money.

Nancy's husband is in Samoa depriving hard working Samoans from getting higher wages - even minimum wages are kept low - with the blessing of the former Speaker of the House.

Some know about this fact but most do not know and cannot comprehend what I am speaking about.

Most Samoans know more about the Tuna Canning Factories, the Fruit Packing factories, and more.

Zionists are well placed at San Francisco's City Hall to do the bidding of those that are corrupt and filthy rich.

These corrupt, money mongers swear people in, position themselves in pertinent positions, rake in the millions, and you see them pretend to love our City while all the time - screwing us royally.

No child in San Francisco - no child what so ever must live on the Streets of San Francisco - in inclement weather.

Not one single child. And if that is happening as it is happening today - this City that has deep pockets must be accountable.

Forget our City's Charter there are Universal Human Rights that have much to say about such conditions. Adversely impacting all human beings and more children.

And we must remember to inform the IDIOTS that the United Nation was first established in San Francisco.

Right at the United Nations Plaza daily we have living examples of the poor, mentally challenged, children with families - roughing it out while corrupt politicians are wheeling and dealing.

Pussy footing - the likes of Supervisor Malia Cohen - who has no standards - opens her mouth and shoves her foot. Is the only idiot to second a motion - when she is not supposed to - and many a times without comprehending a motion.

This woman and another Jamaican Doctor Nadine Burke want to operate a Wellness Center at Third and Cargo Way - a very toxic hot spot. Supported by Supervisors Eric Mar and Scott Wiener - and the Land Use Committee thinks all is fine.

This matter today February 7, 2012 will come before the SF Board of Supervisors and must be sent back to Committee.

If you do not - you have blood on your hands. More you do not have the sense to do the right thing and this in just one of many examples - blatant disregard for standards.

Anyone who with intent adversely harms our children - must be SICK in the mind.

If that is so - you folks must NOT represent and more tarnish the good name of this City and County of San Francisco.

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