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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let us set the record straight when it comes to our children and SF Redevelopment.

For those that are fast asleep I want to wake you folks from that deep slumber and announce the DEMISE of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

When some are selfish, have no concern about what goes around them. Less they are not educated on issues. They are engrossed with selfishness and in the bargain forget that they live in Society. Part of our Society are our Elders whom we respect - our children whom we defend.

I want to wake you up and shout out loud and clear - that the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and Commission - is no more.

Some of us that fought this diabolic Agency and Commission - knowing one thing for sure - when God is on our side there is nothing to fear. 

We also know that the TRUTH always prevails - and the just may suffer but in the end they will see the victory and rejoice.

My fight to bring down SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) started when besides the other sordid issues SFRA was known adversely impacting those segments of the community that could not defend themselves.

SFRA took on Seniors making promises and failing most of the time.

SFRA with intent poisoned our children and many of those that participated in this heinous crime have BLOOD on their hands. Leaders and employees of SFRA.

The Bayview Community and those that have standards - well remember the day - when we found out that all the monitors that were place to monitor Asbestos Structures - were dead.

These monitors could not function - because they had no batteries. The batteries were removed with intent - to deceive others, deceive the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

How do you judge some so diabolic - that they with intent harm our Elders and children - know they have to follow some rules and regulation - but, with intent adversely impact - thousands.

The guilty entity a Rogue Developers name Lennar.

Lennar was fined $515,000 and paid the amount. One reason the Bay Area Air Quality Management fined Lennar was because those that enforce the law - as did the Bay Area Air Quality Management District - saw, heard and felt our children express themselves and give testimony.

We do have some compassion in our Society and we do have some justice - and this justice has yet to filter down to those that are suffering today - in large measure - a result of the victim being in the vicinity when Lennar bombard a wide area - with Asbestos Structures.

Truly speaking our City and County of San Francisco has not learned much from this sordid episode.

All over the world people know about how Lennar bombarded our Bayview Hunters Point community - and how they were penalized.

The world knows more because we stood in UNITY and spoke with one voice. We documented and our leaders were so articulate - that those that heard them - did not want to hear the TRUTH. 

Today, the demise of SFRA is but the beginning - there is more to follow. No one escapes when they with intent harm the innocent - more our innocent children.

Lennar with intent harmed our children by not following the dictates of the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) a legal document.

Corrupt people like Mayor Gavin Newsom, Dr. Mitch Katz who has fled to Los Angeles, Fred Blackwell, Tiffany Bohee, Michael Cohen, the Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee - especially the Land Use Committee and one Linda Richardson - could have helped our community - but chose to look the other way.

Today, the many sell outs Aurealious Walker, Lola Whittle, Angelo King, Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, Calvin Jones, Doris Vincent, the many Poverty Pimp Pastors - are devastated that SFRA is gone - because now they are on their own - and the well is dry.

The sad part of these facts is that our children and Seniors continue to suffer and this is patently - wrong.

The symptoms point to Asbestosis that takes time to develop after inhaling Asbestos Structures.

The death that follows fifteen, twenty, twenty five years latter - is painful and unbearable.

That is why - I am making known - loud and clear - anyone who has with intent harmed our children - has BLOOD on their hands.

No one harms innocent children and proceeds to live on this Earth without paying their dues - retribution.

There is also restitution - but those that are EVIL never think the way I am stating the facts.

Our children are glad that our fight has not been in vain.

Our children are glad that those that with intent harmed them - should be ashamed of themselves.

Our children will live and as long as they live they will remember.

Our children will remember - the evil deeds of the SF Redevelopment Agency and those that helped SFRA. Aho.