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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SF City gives too much MONEY to CITY BUILD with NO concrete results - there is another way.

San Francisco has given City Build too much money - with NO concrete results - City Build must go away.

It is useless pumping money for a couple of months of basic  training and then failing to give our trainees a career job. This nonsense has been happening for a long, long time.

Again and again City Build has been challenged and again and again City Build has failed. The past Mayors know it - the present Mayor has been told about it - and so without wasting too much money - City Build as we know it today - must go away.

Rhonda Simmons a transplant from Washington State from day one - had one thing in mind - further her own personal status - much like Dwayne Jones and some others - who come into our neighborhood and destroy our unity.

The Stimulus Package helped Rhonda and some others - but if you do a study and evaluated how the money was spent - some other groups did better with retention - but not City Build.

Our City and County of San Francisco must learn to have bench marks and stand by them. We see this with our City Departments - those that have standards, good leadership, do well. .

It goes without saying that those that have NO standards - do not do well. Those Department that have No good leadership do not do well. The Mayor can gauge this without much effort - so, without wasting too much time  - City Build has tried and failed and failed again - and must go away.

At this time we are poised in our City to create jobs because unlike other cities in our Nation - we have projects and can create projects - that can better our City. A funding mechanism is in place, in the pipeline, and we must take the opportunity to serve others and better our community.

We also have the local hiring ordinance that must be fine tuned. You just cannot have an ordinance and not have leadership in place that does not comprehend about hiring in general. Then hiring in particular - giving opportunities that are long term.

The recent fiasco where local hiring was ignored by the America's Cup Event organizers says it all. Then, those that fought for local hire - get even angrier and this does not help at all.

Any ordinance has to be written well and it cannot be written well - unless the RIGHT people are at the table. You may not believe it - but, not all the right people are still on at the table - linked with Local Hire.

Simply put if they were there - things would not be a mess.

A lot of them and I do not want to name, names are there because they think and feel they owe some change to  the workforce - using politics and lawyer talk.

But these folks - some of them newbees have NO clue about San Francisco - and the inner workings of Big Developers - who for years have their own system - and cannot be touched, easily.

The folks that worked on the Local Hire System have no clue how our Building Inspection System works. If they did they would know better.

The folks that worked on Local Hire have no clue about how Human Rights Commission works. The many Compliance Officers who are paid by the Departments or Enterprise Agencies they work for. Do you think these Compliance Officers will bite the hand that feed them?

There is a great discrepancy among the UNIONS - with some UNIONS like the Laborers' Union and Carpenters' Union; somewhat amiable and giving you access - while the Plumbers' and Electricians' Union thinking no end to themselves and shun cooperation at any level.

There is NO unity among the UNIONS - at one time they had some unity. Now, it is about Union Dues and how fast they get it. The rights of the workers are not cared for as they use at one time.

The SF Plumbers' Union had the audacity to steal the Union Dues of their members - invest it in Real Estate and lose the money.

Then recently with great fun fare - with the Mayor Ed Lee, Malia Cohen and others - they opened a Plumbers' Union Training Center next to the Bayview Police Station - positioning themselves for the Sewer System Improvement Project and other projects.

No outreach what so ever to the community - the Plumbers' Union is know for its blatant - racism.

If you took the UNION DUES belonging to the members and spent it wrongfully then you are the scum of the earth.

You first better apologize and then you better return the dues to the members. Yet the Plumbers' Union and the Electricians' Union in San Francisco - will tell you - no one can mess with them. Time will tell.

We have City leaders today that do not have a clue about the state of affairs as far as unemployment is concerned. In our poorer neighborhood unemployment it is still over 40%. This SF City prides itself that our unemployment is about 9% but that is wrong.

Lucky for us the hotel and service businesses have brought in the money and are providing the best service to our tourists in the last six months.

Construction projects have been given in past and continue to be given to Cahill,Nibii, Webcor, and such Big Developers who have yet to provide jobs in numbers to the local - population.

For years these Big Developers have used ploys and machinations - as they do at Mission Bay, Huntersview, SF General Hospital, and in other areas today - where they will influence their way in. Much like the Mafia.

Our SF City Board of Supervisors are pathetic. I hope they watch themselves deliberate - these idiots, especially the ones that just came in - have no clue what they are doing. 

It does not help that Carmen Chu is positioning herself for the next level move - and thinks she will go to Sacramento and fill in a slot that Willie L. Brown Jr. has promised he will help her fill.

She better go - good riddance of bad rubbish. Sacramento has no money - and they do know how to treat a fool in Sacramento.

In the interim - gentrification has been carried out by those that planned it a long time ago. Half of those that say they are Supervisors and represent our Districts have no clue what is happening in their districts and less in San Francisco - as a whole.

In District 10 we have a Supervisor who does not live in her District. This is illegal - they jumped on Ed Jew but why are they not jumping and getting rid of Malia Cohen. Why? This is corruption at its highest.

The last frontier in the Southeast Sector in San Francisco and it is here that Malia Cohen, who is the District 10 Supervisor - has NO clue about projects, less of SF Planning, less of Land Use, even less of Quality of Life issues.

Malia Cohen - has chosen to pander and is a useless person who came in with some plans - more to further her own agenda. Her jackass grin is her signature.

At Huntersview which is the John Stewart project - few locals are hired. The project built by Cahill and Nibii Brothers. It is the same at SF General Hospital and Mission Bay.

The old Schlage Lock Company is not going anywhere.

The Lennar project on Parcel A has defaulted and not kept its terms laid out in the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) a legal document.

That includes employment. No one is pointing this out - as I have numerous times. Anyone can take Lennar to court and win - big time. Lennar has defaulted on Parcel A after poisoning our children - on its DDA that it signed and which is a legal document.

What is Tiffany Bohee doing about this?

Dwayne Jones wanted to erect a Community Center on Parcel A where have those plans gone to? They were jobs that were promised but nothing has happened?

Tiffany Bohee promised a three million plus on art work and other fancy projects - where have those plans gone to?

Mayor Ed Lee has chosen to keep the trash floating around. Dwayne Jones, Tiffany Bohee, Rhonda Simmons do not have a sound track record. Keeping them around and you will have trouble on your hands.

In the year 2012 this City cannot figure out models to give opportunities so that others can work for longer duration - more career jobs.

We have families - entire families in shelters - and we think that our system works - while fat cats make over $175,000 with benefits holding SF City Jobs. Do not live in San Francisco.

While our constituents suffer others come in our fair City and screw us around - many of our own constituents living in San Francisco; have no jobs and have not worked in two, three year - mostly from 2008.

We brag about our City leadership but so far all we have seen is hot air - from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce, the Enterprise Departments - be it the Airport, the Port Authority, and the SF Public Utilities Commission.

Wake up we need career jobs for our constituents and some of us who are working very, very hard - day and night have managed to accomplish much without any help from the City and County of San Francisco. Go figure!