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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

San Francisco keeps making vain promises with little to show in reality.

It has been some time now; that San Francisco has been talking the talk but failing to walk the walk - when it comes to jobs.

The latest is the fiasco with the America's Cup.

Everyone jumped on the band wagon thinking that astute San Franciscans were going to be hoodwinked by Larry Ellison. This is NOT going to be the case.

Much was revealed by the ploys linked to Piers 30/32 which I reported on.

While the Main Media and the City was not at all concerned about the pre-bid meeting - the promises made and none of which could be adhered to.

Two shallow persons representing the City Laura Luster and Manny Flores - the first  says she represents the SF Human Rights Commission and the second Local 22.

In reality, as I reported the Piers on the Water Front are one separate entity that needs to be addressed with the SF Port Authority in mind - having wasted time and money in previous years and having not maintained the Piers. Deferred maintenance.

The America's Cup is about sailing and we have a First Class Bay that offers that opportunity. Everything else is secondary.

The America's Cup Event Authority are snobbish folks who think they can bully us - I have seen them making demands. I know San Franciscans - we do not like anyone throwing their weight around.

I see the Coast Guard and others are pandering to the America's Cup Event authority now and that is fine.

The tax payers must watch out - our SF Board of Supervisors - those that take their orders from the MACHINE are also having closed door meeting - and raking in the money to fill their campaign coffers.

Larry Ellision does not give a rat's ass.

Larry Ellisosn has already taken control of Pier 80 closer to the Bayview - complete with the state of the art MUNI facility without the tax payers - knowing much, and without any public hearing.

The tax payers want to know how much Larry Ellison is paying for this facility? How come there was NO agenda item on this issue before the Land Use and Economic Committee? Duh!

We also want to know how many jobs linked to the Local Hire are in the pipe line?

The Mayor and some SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) are giving some entities like Twitter and SalesForce breaks.

Well, the Mayor and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development may feel this type of ploys favor their ego.

We, the tax payers should get an account of these sordid deals - reported on the Internet so that we see the fruits and how they help San Franciscans - really.

It is the same with TWITTER and the other Big Companies - who stand to profit but hoodwink us all - every opportunity they get.

There is NO talk about Lennar - the Rouge Developers that bombarded our children, our elders, others with Asbestos dust. There is NO movement at Parcel A and for that matter on the Hunters Point Shipyard.

What is happening? We all want to know? We want to hear from the SF Board of Supervisors that voted for Lennar - scumbags all who have BLOOD on their hands.

It is comical when there are incident reports coming from the Bayview Station - stating that in the wee hours of the morning - boats arrive and dock at Hunters Point to carry nefarious activities. So, really what is happening and who is really in charge of the security of this area?

Some years ago - two large containers appeared one near the Hunters Point Power Plant and the other in Sunnydale Oublic Housing closer the near by Golf Course.

Both container places at these two site above contained high powered rifles, ammunition, and other related equipment - that was distributed quickly and the City knew about these incidents - but did nothing about it.

Recently in District 10 the district that Malia Cohen is District Supervisor - but fails to abide by the law and does NOT live in District 10 - has been an increase in crime.

Stabbing and shootings leading to death have increased.
Robberies and assaults have increased - and the safety of those at night having worked two and three jobs in peril.

Malia Cohen grins like a jackass - but the lack of security is there for everyone to see.

Public Transportation at night is pathetic and no one seems to care.

Most of the industrial zone area is the District 10. The City of San Francisco rakes in millions in taxes - but the majority of those working are NOT from the Bayview Hunters Point. We have people coming from Modesto, Hayward, other far off places where those in the neighboring community close by these industrial zones are left out.

Of course Malia Cohen would not know about this. Except to initiate sordid ploys like introducing zoning changes - from Industrial to changes made to accommodate a Wellness Center; on a very contaminated site, more with polluted air. Go figure!

We have over 40% unemployment in District 10. In some hot spots the unemployment is over 50%. 

Citywide the unemployment is 15% percent but some like to throw the figure of 8% and that is not correct.

More like 18% with many who have not worked for years - giving up on getting any employment.

You only have to see the long lines - many families lined up every day to get good at Saint Anthony's, Martin de Pores, Glide Memorial, Mother Brown's and so on - but our Mayor and the SF Board of Supervisors would not know that. Every month we pay them their salaries - and they really do not serve the people.

In fact they have curtailed Public Comment  to a measly two minutes.      

Only those truly understand the facts and what is really happening - who are at ground zero.

Not those that receive a fat salary from the City and County of San Francisco, live well, and do not have the better interest of the community at large. Less San Franciscans.

It is time - the Budget Analyst, the Controller's Office, and those that keep tab at the State and Federal level - give us the correct figures linked to the unemployment figures.

Politicians keep throwing out figures - making all those speeches by the Water front, at City Hall -here, there, everywhere - the many Press Conferences - where the drab, shallow, diatribe spewed - falls by the way side.

Leading the charge in the creation of these fabrication the Zionists - many of whom are at City Hall and given free rein.

We must put them on notice - working closely with JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs the evil ilk Bernie Madoff who stole and is now in jail.

The District Attorney has been slow to find out what is going on - the City making deals with SalesForce, Twitter, and the  other so called companies who are raking in the millions - instead of paying their dues - local taxes.

We seem not to have learned from Lennar who has already taken this City to the cleaners.

We allowed Larry Ellison to do the same.

The common denominator in the above two - the initiator - was Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The City and County of San Francisco has little to show in terms of real job employment - a lot of hot air - with the Zionists having a field day - preying on the poor and making policies that are favorable to them.

The Zionists are at the SF BOS, on Commissions, acting as advisers, working with the banks, favoring Bond Measures that favor the Zionists, heads of City Departments - they are placed to make things happen - that favor their ilk - and not the constituents of the City and County of San Francisco.

Why? Who is really in charge of our City - the City of San Francisco? Where is Law Enforcement on this one?