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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There was a pre-bid meet right at Pier 30/32 where you could see the piers in disrepair by the Bay.

There was a pre-bid meeting where many a company or firm - small and big came to sign in their company name, complete with qualifications - to make a claim to the work that will become reality soon - fix, repair, upgrade, rehabilitate the Piers 30/32.

All in preparation of the America's Cup.

For those that are hibernating the America's Cup will be held in San Francisco. But, must before the real stuff begins - and we are ready for the fun fare - catamarans with huge sails - dancing on our waters.

Tourists the say in the millions every day - filling our restaurants, taking a ride on the Cable Cars, filling the air with sailing that now is seen in certain circles - the elitists - their pristine, pressed white dress, complete with sun lotion, and an air that they are ready to navy.

Seeing is believing - parents will be naming their children Catamaran and Catamerine and other such fancy names. That time has come. But, I was talking .....

Some engineering company from Alameda named Power Engineering with some Blue Prints ready at the back of his truck - was all prepared to enroll small and big firms; to bring back the glory that once was San Francisco on the water-front.

Baghdad by the Bay for you old timers - now, we must make history with sailing and ready ourselves full mast ahead and other such commands - on the ready. There is no time to waste - what takes 36 months - somehow we must perform and ready in 18 months.

Right now the SF Board of Supervisors are confused; normally they know everything. Some of the issues they have pushed in a hurry, a wellness center at Third and Cargo Way on a toxic spot comparable to Chernobyl, Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) and related documents - in a hurry - with behind the close door wheeling and dealing. Mostly, the pre-requirement - fill my campaign coffers.

The usual suspects were there on Piers 30/32 - believe me it does not help having Laura Luster saying that she represents our fair City in any manner and more the Human Rights Commission. For starters she does not live in San Francisco and is here purely for the money.

Laura Luster is a consultant - and consultants are all about themselves. Have no interest - not an iota of interest in bettering our fair City and County of San Francisco. They want the money and Laura Luster knows little about sound water front piers and the engineering that comes or goes with it.

Manny Flores was there representing Local 22 the Carpenters' Union - you would think our other Union Sisters and Brothers would be there truly representing - but, that was not the case. 

Our Unions talk the talk in San Francisco but none of them were there -  show casing themselves in a real and practical manner - common on - now, is the time to represent. Time for BS is over.

Our Unions need to be there on the front-line representing if they truly want to fix the water-front and make our water-front look good.

With them the many loud mouths that make noise about local hire - should band together, to take turns to be at these pre-bid meetings - and proclaim loud and clear who really should be doing the work.

Now, that is if you have the expertise - which I doubt you folks have that talk so loud - it hurts to hear the diatribe that takes us no where - and certainly has NOT made any meaningful impact to the workforce.

The SF Port Authority really has to take charge of the situation must record these pre-bid meetings; complete with a short video, each and every time - from the onset put their best foot forward.

The SF Port Commissioners must truly see what is happening, the Mayor Ed Lee, the various SF Department Heads - who know some but must learn first to be educated on issues. Our water front need attention - dire attention - and that it seems is nor forthcoming.

The entire water front some 7.5 miles comes under the Public Trust Act. Simply put it belongs to all of California. This land is no one's entity's fiefdom - just to make something very clear about jurisdiction.

The Public Trust Act favors Maritime Uses - a staging ground for setting up the Catamarans kind of fits into this equation.

Prior to this Piers 30/32 was used for parking. Till one section began falling into the Bay and the rest is history.

There are tell tales of heavy wear and tear during all these years - and the SF Port Authority feigns having the means to fix, but has the money to waste on drab projects like Heron's Head Park - on very contaminated soil and air that is very polluted. Our children visit these sites by the old PGE power plant - the SF Port is constantly sending mixed signals - Carol Bach is still pushing her sordid agenda.

A little bird tells me many of the competitors are having a staging ground in Auckland, New Zealand which by the way in not anywhere near San Francisco. This land down under is near Australia the land of the kangaroo.

Once those catamarans are all decked up and put together they will be shipped to San Francisco. Auckland, New Zealand was the last site - the America's Cup was held and has ready facilities that San Francisco is just readying for.

There are about 18 months to make this America's Cup work. Really speaking all we need is the Bay - that is where the sailing will truly - take place.

It helps to have fancy piers and facilities to make sailing, boating, and other such operations possible - our piers for sure do not meet standards - not Piers 30/32 for sure. Deplorable is written all over the place.

Piers 30/32 is not far from the Bow and Arrow the Don Fisher work of Art that baffles so many and not far from the famous Java House - which can stay put for now - that was because the many patrons - put their best foot forward when someone dared decide to move it because of the America's Cup. Time will tell.

Piers 30/32 could be one place where the Catamarans could be set up - many say it is logical - whatever that means.

Much like Larry Ellison has already moved in at Pier 80 - closer to the Bayview Hunters Point and has already set up shop - without much fun fare. This large ware house that MUNI pumped in millions - and I hope we charge that Ellison guy of Orcale fame - for the use of this state of art facility - he can surely afford it.

Fixing these piers 30/32 is a large job with deep ocean divers and underwater cameras giving us a very a good view of the much falling apart and long neglected piers before our very eyes. 

We need tons of concrete and Dan Boardman from Bode and others want the business. People that build forms, deal with iron and such trades, all sorts of fancy port engineering that companies who once made a living in San Francisco - no longer are alive. I suppose they call it Marine Engineering or something like that.

As is well known by those that can deal with such large projects; such projects require especial expertise - there are just a few companies that can really do such projects and bear the full responsibility in San Francisco.

The engineering to build sound piers on San Francisco water-front has begun. Much of the companies that once could built the piers have long, left San Francisco. Lucky for us some at in the East Bay and Power Engineering has garnered sufficient support - prompting Platinum Consultants or some entity to prop it up - and make the project a reality for Power Engineering.

Take a good look at what happened today - we had clowns like Manny Flores and Laura Luster representing San Francisco. Surely we can do better.

Here are some photographs of the deplorable condition of Piers 30/32: