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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We just cannot be spending money - tax payers' money with no transparency and accountability.

I am going to call for a Congressional Hearing and some deep investigation and auditing - linked to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA).

Just the make up of the SFCTA is racists and blatant discrimination is practiced at all levels.

Its Director, Jose Moscovich - keep spewing diatribe - saying much but nothing much of substance - at the various meetings. Playing to the cameras thinking that his verbosity is going to take him somewhere - the cesspool is more likely - where he will land on his face.

This nonsense must stop and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) must look at the SFCTA - closely and audit its accounts - line item by line item.

I say this because the MTC sends millions to the SFCTA will little accountability and less transparency.

Jose Moscovich a transplant from Argentina; thinks he still is back in his old country. He has a habit of surrounding himself with people that follow his life style. 

While San Francisco embraces most - San Franciscans do not tolerate blatant discrimination - and just because you are Queer - does not mean you can shaft everyone.

Having said that; the Federal authorities will take some action shortly and reduce funding for bicycle lanes, traffic calming, and other such projects that the SFCTA has deemed necessary to waste - millions of dollars on.

We must not allow nor permit any of these agencies such as the SFCTA to T H I N K for us.

They are NO experts.

They do act like morons.

If you study the history of the SFCTA - the pattern they follow is more like that of a parasite - a leech. This certainly is the pattern of the SFCTA that has a deplorable - record when it comes to wasting millions of dollars.

The make up of the SFCTA does not reflect the diversity of San Francisco.

The few that are minorities who work for the SFCTA; tend to think alike and more Queer. This pattern of having life style as a key factor - hiring employees will back fire.

Especially in the Accounting Department of the SFCTA there has been a large turn over.

Jose Moscovich thinks some of us are not paying attention.

Ee are and the best way - to solve the problems that have reach a chronic stage - is to have a hearing and more a Congressional Hearing - to review and evaluate everything that will be put on the table.

While most of us may not like the Republicans - San Francisco favoring the Democrats - in reality Independents such as I - have a better say.

The Republicans do not mind - conducting such a hearing  on the SFCTA and its dubious operations, ploys and machinations. 

After reviewing the facts and the many projects with cooked up accounting all stemming from those that make the policies - a clearer image will appear and we all can take it from there.

Some of the projects that will be seriously affected the High Speed Rail, the TransBay Project, the Central Subway, the Van Ness Corridor, and other smaller projects linked to bicycle lanes, traffic calming studies, and so on.

Bottom line time to review all the SFCTA projects over $50 million dollars - and investigate the many ploys and machinations stemming from the SFCTA with Jose Moscovich as the head dictator of this useless - fiefdom called the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.