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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The changing demographics in the Bayview Hunters Point is a deep reflection of the many SELL OUTS

The demographics of the Bayview Hunters Point is changing dramatically.

It does not help that those Community Based Organizations in tbe Bayview Hunters Point - who are in it for the money only - not educated on issues are busy still selling out the community and adversely impacting - thousands of constituents that need help.

Any community worth its salt can be gauged by its leadership and when the majority of the leadership are SELL OUTS as we have in the Bayview Hunters Point - you know that eminent danger is looming in the air.

Millions of dollars are wasted  by CBOs directly related to the operations of the Community Based Organizations (CBOs) - that daily hoodwink the community with intent.

Many constituents that have not worked for years, are given no opportunities, without work and no hope - today they roam the streets confused and confounded. Many of them have been trained, many times over - and then left out there to fend for themselves.

The SELL OUTS - who work for these corrupt CBOs - that number in the hundreds - for umpteen years have used the Community Based Organizations; as a foundation to carry out their nefarious activities.

Some pretend to help their clients with their resume and that is all. Others promise to make them money and end up taking money from them. A simple audit will reveal the facts.

On any given day - if an audit is done - line item by line item you will find over sixty percent of the Community Based Organization can be shut down.

Many of these CBOs run by folks - more jail birds who served their time - and while serving their time - have learned the many ploys and machinations - to hoodwink, cheat, deceive, and bluff innocent people.

Anyone who has been on Lennar's payroll is suspect.

Some of them all Blacks are being indicted as I write this article.

The proponents of Proposition G where over $5 million was spent headed by Aurelious Walker and Lola Whittle - where are they today?

Proposition G opposed Proposition F. The constituents of Proposition F are still keeping the fire alive - and will WIN as I predicted way back in the year - 2004.

Lennar is dead and with it - the sell outs who now find the well dry - but look for other opportunities like vampires to leach on those that are innocent.

Now, that the WELL is dry - these crooks are beginning to think and have come to an understanding that the road ahead for these vultures will be a difficult one - and right so. And there is more to come - it is called KARMA.

Others, that back Lennar and divided the community Calvin Jones, Dorris Vincent, Veronica Hunnicutt - others where are they today?

Our people are confused and confounded - bewildered and roaming like zombies - they do not know whom to believe - and this distrust is because for too long, too many been taken for a ride.

People come make promises and do not keep any of the promises. This has been repeated so many times that it is simply - nauseating. 

Take the meeting held at the Bayview Opera House recently - it was a joke - with the organizers backed by Bayview Renaissance; which is suspect - not knowing how to conduct what they had in mind.

Throwing out numbers that made no sense.

Empirical data is just that - verified, compared, checked and then given to the public to review and ponder.

Bluffing is bad and leads to crime - and if anyone innocent participates in such machinations - then they are GUILTY by association.

Know your surroundings, and do not give in when you do not fully understand what exactly is happening.

These gimmicks have been conducted for years - but, the time has come to check mate these - criminals.

Remember no one can get anything for free - especially MONEY. When some one says you can get money and all you need to apply - yes, that is when,most ignorant people get in deep, deep trouble.

All over the Third Street Corridor all sorts of dubious entities have sprung up - some selling ideas and concepts that make no sense. Again and again people come to me and a simple check - reveals to me the prevailing - gimmicks and often a long rap sheet.

We saw this in the past with the SF Redevelopment Agency that is dead. The Mayor Office of Economic Development is always bring some some ploys that sounds good but impacts some one.

In the past the SF Redevelopment funded hundreds of cronies - and kept the turmoil alive - and while the poor and needy were not helped - the cronies, the minions, the corrupt all were given blood - money.

Anyone, can report such crimes to the  SF District Attorney especially if City Money is used as is the case many times.

If Federal Money is used report it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They even have a Department that deals with the Environment and can help.

The SF Department of Health has an Environmental Department and anyone can get them involved.

A Wellness Center is planned to be put on a contaminated and toxic site by Third and Cargo. Not a single meeting was held in the community. Our children deserve the best - and you that want to help our children must get involved. Contact your District Supervisor Malia Cohen and ask her - why is she putting our children in harms way?

While you are at it - ask Malia why do we have hundreds of criminals - many of them who prey on children living in our neighborhoods?

Ask Malia Cohen how many SF Police Officers monitor these criminals? Is there a location with a computer that the constituent can have access to the facts and where these criminals live?

Ask the lying, always grinning Malia Cohen - what is she doing about the over 350 toxic hot spots in District 10 outside the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard?

What is the City doing about the clean up? The SF Health Department - the Department of Environment has the various locations and a detail map.

The demographics are changing and Malia Cohen must have a Town Hall meeting to first discuss about the Unfinished Agenda - and then the Out Migration document that deals with Blacks.

Judging from what is happening - Malia Cohen and the shallow Black leaders, most sell outs - are part of the PLOY to foster - gentrification.

The paradox is Malia Cohen does not live in District 10 and yet the many constituents have no clue what this means?

Much as many of them do not know how to vote properly? Much of them would get a shock to know that over 30% of the votes in some areas in the Bayview Hunters Point were rejected. No one has informed the people about this statistic.

When you are ignorant. When some of you vote for others because you are paid some money. When you hold signs for some corrupt officials and campaign for them - as some of you did for Malia Cohen - today you folks are reaping the results.

The Department of Elections must make an effort to find out using the latest census data, the data from the Treasurers' Office, the Assessor's Office, the SF Controller Office - about the true population of District 10 and it can be broken down and linked to the Bayview.  The result will be shocking to those that are in hibernation.

Most Black leaders are selling out the community.

The Asians are moving in and taking charge.

Followed by the Hispanics and there is an on going rampant change - will hit most people - like a large brick on the head. You will awake only to find an entire - new world and dimension.

We have over 6000 chronic truants in the Bayview Hunters Point - young men and women who do not go to school and most of them are Black. Did you know that?

Did you know that over 60% of those under 24 years who are Black in the Bayview do not have a eight grade education?

Did you know that over 70% of those below 24 years who are Black have some STD ailment and that this is serious. Some get treatment but most do not.

Did you know that Bayview has a high percentage of women and men who have AIDS?

Did you know that our children in the Bayview from all ethic backgrounds are so stressed that they need especial medical help?

That is does not help putting these children in Special Education classes.

Did you know that 70% of those in the Bayview do not get proper meals and that 80% go to bed hungry?

Did you know that we have over 60 churches - who say they serve but do little to bring solace to the Bayview?

Did you know that in this very dramatic and changing demographic we have leaders who live in the past and have no clue what is going on - and more the SELL OUTS - are harming our community every, single day and one of them is Malia Cohen.

The SF Police Department is addressing some ailment that they have no clue about - the adverse impacts on our community have long been heaped by those that do not care about the community.

The SF  Police Department has NO clue about environmental issues and if they knew some - they would operate in a completely different way.

These are the same SF Police Department that conducted their operation next to Parcel E at Hunters Point - one of the most toxic sites in the Nation and placed on a Superfund Site.

People come from outside and take jobs. People come from outside and sell guns. People come from outside and sell drugs. The king pins go Scott Free and the small gremlins are the ones that are arrested and their lives ruined. Three Strikes.

The Byview Hunters Point community has the worst cases of heart attacks, asthma, cancer, and we need a TOXICOLOGIST to explain this at a Town Hall meeting - and let Mr. James Moore, Malik Looper and the other minions truly facilitate this meeting.

Explain to everyone, especially the SELL OUTS, folks who run the Bayview Renaissance, the adverse impacts and what is really harming the community and who in charge is NOT doing their duty.

I defy you jerks to have such a Town Hall meeting - with a certified, well recognized independent TOXICOLOGIST. Bring it on.

In these dire economic times people are wasting money on projects that have little to do with education, health, safety, transportation, affordable housing, and so on.

No more meetings where idiots wasting our time.

Having the police in large numbers as if this is a Slave Plantation.

Having facilitators that spew diatribe and throw out statistics that do not reflect the empirical data that is there - but has not been gathered, reviewed and evaluated.

Do not play with fire - do not play with statistics - if you are a fool.

Do not play with human lives. Time to put the SELL OUTS and the corrupt CBOs on notice.

This is your clarion call. Wake up!