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Monday, February 6, 2012

Two SF Supervisors DO NOT live in their District - is this illegal or not?

Two San Francisco Supervisors DO NOT live in their districts is this illegal or not? We citizens of San Francisco want to know?

We all remember when some one found out that Ed Jew the former SF Supervisor was found NOT living at his father's home in the Sunset - in District 4.

The current City Attorney, some others trapped Ed Jew and brought him down. He now lingers in Federal jail.

Now, we have Supervisors Malia Cohen living outside her district - and NO ONE has the guts to take this phony SF Supervisor to task. This nonsense has been going on for months now - and no one is taking any action?

Under the Public Records Act I now request the City Attorney Dennis Herrera and John Arntz, Director from the  San Francisco,Department of Elections - to provide me the current address of Supervisor Malia Cohen.

I have already submitted this request directly to these two entities a couple of times. I have heard from the Director of Elections but not from the City Attorney.

The Director of SF Elections Department provided me an address at Executive Park. I provide the Director of Election the information - that the said address is in foreclosure and all the information and more he needed.

I also provide the information to the City Attorney - weeks ago.

I also want to know where has Supervisor Malia Cohen been living for the last nine months? More, from the time she has been elected and was sworn in as District 10 Supervisor.

I have challenged Supervisor Malia Cohen if she lives in District 10 - to throw a Block Party - to prove to us all that she really does live in District 10.

This devious woman has now resorted to calling folks that know and point out her diabolical ways - little people. 

You, Malia Cohen are pathetic and recently when you brought folks to testify to locate the Wellness Center at 
Third and Cargo - you with intent - proved that you do not care nor have the inherent wish to help our children, the parents, the community living in District 10 and San Franciscans at large.

Third and Cargo and the area surrounding this area is a toxic hot spot.

The land is contaminated and has been for years.

This junction where there is heavy traffic - is one of the most toxic hot spots in the entire San Francisco area.

The Sewage Treatment Plant is but a few blocks away and it smells foul throughout the day and night.

The Islais Creek less than hundred feet from the proposed building where the Wellness Center is proposed to be located - is where secondary effluents are dumped. At times half-treated sewage. 

No notice about this proposed Wellness Center was given to the SF Port Authority, the neighboring businesses, the businesses that own property at the location at Third and Cargo.

A certain doctor of Jamaican origin her name is Nadine Burke who came into the community some years ago - now wants to move her previous operations from Evans Street by the Main Post Office to this contaminated site.

Supervisor Malia Cohen in the month of December, 2011 when people are on vacation - introduced some drastic  zoning changes in an area affecting over 20 blocks - from Industrial zoning to accommodate Health Services - and a Wellness Center.

The above action is totally wrong because it impacts our children and the general community.

Our children are put in harms way - just because this doctor Nadine Burke - has a grant of $4.3 million and has to spend the money by the end of this year. This woman has taken upon herself - even though she is six months pregnant - to harm our children and all this when we know she as a doctor - should know,better.

Her many supporters must learn to discern. As a doctor she may be doing her job now. But, she cannot possibly move her operations to a toxic site - and convince decent people, and those that follow standards that Nadine Burke is doing right? No, her intention right now to put grant money first - and get this building is totally - wrong.

Initially Supervisor Malia Cohen and this doctor Nadine Burke were bold to make the zoning changes to accommodate a building for their sordid operations - and were asking for 22,000 square feet.

This square footage - demands a large building - and all this without one single public meeting in the community.

We understand that California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) is behind this ploy. CPMC has purchased a vacant plot that belonged to Local 22 - the Carpenters' Union - and wants to use it for some purpose. The immediate purpose - a parking lot - next to he building and across the heavily road where thousands of vehicles ply each month - and millions each year.

But, how can the parents, the children, others cross the road where thousands of vehicles ply without being adversely impacted?

The air in this area is very polluted with the worse particulates from fuel emissions and added the foul smell from the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant. Which Regulatory Agency will approve this permit for a Wellness Center?

There is even a locomotive that passes by the proposed building - this and more was stated at the Land Use Meeting.

Supervisors Eric Mar, Scott Wiener, and Malia Cohen passed on the agenda item and sent it to the Full Board with recommendation. Such blatant disregard for the public, the public comment, and disregard for standards and decency.

We are now forced to take this matter to the Federal Regulators and the State Regulators that monitor all pertinent issues - linked to health issues.

I doubt any decent Health Department will permit such nonsense. So, I am putting the San Francisco Health Department on notice.

Our children must NOT be permitted to be taken to such a toxic site to be treated and cared for.

There are some buildings near the Southeast Community Health Center - which is already zoned for Health Services where such operations can be conducted - after fulfilling the required conditions.

I am putting the Department of Building Inspections on notice.

This proposal to rezone blocks of land for Health Programs and operation in and near contaminated areas - is totally uncalled for.

We had some testify at the last Land Use Meeting - where this agenda item was called and deliberated - that they wanted children who are traumatized to come to this center, other children who have other psychological problems too.

Who has convinced these folks to make such statements?
If they are making these statement under duress - then they must be investigated? If they were paid to come and make such statement - we must find out - who really is behind such blatant corruption?

I am asking what has become of our City and County of San Francisco?

Where is Mayor Edwin Lee on this one? 

Where is the Health Department on this one?

Where is Congressperson Nancy Pelosi on this one? Where is Senator Diane Feinstein on this one?

Where are our local Representatives in Sacramento - on this one?

Has California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) anything to do directly with this proposed Wellness Center? Why is CPMC investing in a vacant lot and what is their connection to Dr. Nadine Burke?

Our children must be treated in a location that is clean and healthy.

The SF Health Department must give a Clean Slate - and with empirical data that clearly shows the land is clean, the air is clean. The surrounding area is safe and that holistically all is well.

That on going traffic where millions of vehicles ply is not an impediment to those that will visit this proposed Wellness Center. 

Of course no one in their right mind would expect Supervisor Malia Cohen to do the right thing.

The woman does not even live in her District - that is how petty she and callous she is.

She has the audacity to call a long time community resident and activist - Espanola Jackson - little people.

Let us see how far Supervisor and her minions can pull this one - in full public view.

Right now hundreds of signatures are being collected - and it not impossible to stop this nonsense right on the devious track - that if implemented will cause our children, parents, others - all sorts of hardship.

I am putting this City and County of San Francisco on notice.

We must stop approving such cases at the SF Planning Department, approving them at the Land Use, and then sending them to the SF Full Board for approval.

This matter must be sent back to committee - and when some clean site is found - the required approvals given.

There is no empirical data - linked to the air, land, traffic, safety as criminals make their abode near by - and that includes pedophiles.

Where are the City Regulators on this one? Where is the San Francisco Police Department on this one? The SF Fire Department on this one?

Are there are decent constituents left in San Francisco - who will stand by our children?

Has the time come to compromise values, standards, the health of our children and others - because of a measly $4.3 million grant?

Doctors take an oath to provide and care for the patients using the highest standards?

Since when has tainted money become the norm and part of good health care - and what is more a holistic approach?

And why is it that no one cares that Supervisor Malia Cohen has not been living in District 10 - at least for the last 9 months for sure?

Where are the investigative reporters on this one?