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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Again and again in our City of San Francisco POOR leadership keep making false promises that fall by the way side.

We now learn besides the fiasco at Pier 30/32 linked with the America's Cup - another, large outfit SalesForce has jumped shipped and with that hundreds of jobs promised are now out the door and in the cesspool of false promises.

Again and again, the Mayor's Office of Economic Development has been touting false promises. First is was Blout, then Cohen and now Matz.

Much like those that run Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase - you cannot simply trust such folks - they talk a good talk; they can look you in the EYE and LIE.

It does not help to have someone like Mike Theriault who is on the Young Community Developers - Board of Directors more a Vice-President - against local hire.

Mike purports to know all about Workforce and hiring opportunities. At best this man is an opportunist and he must be called out - and told not to speak for us San Franciscans.

Mayor Ed Lee must remember not to praise any entity - be it SalesForce or some future entity without signing some document that holds these big outfits and their feet to the fire.

Once you praise them and give these dubious outfits some publicity on SFGOVTV - these folks think that they are on top of the world and do as they please. Once bitten twice shy.

Our Mayor in recent weeks keeps wheeling and dealing with dubious entities that do not have the better interest of San Francisco.

Do you want to fix the PIERS - without much fun fare both Bank of America and Wells Fargo and you could add Union Bank and work out a deal to fix all our Piers.

The above entities have trillions as assets and billions that they have bilked - linked to foreclosures and so forth. Make them show some good faith offer - or stop doing business with them. Let them move out of San Francisco.

The City could suggest all of our City's transactions be moved to a Municipal Bank or a Credit Union of our choice - and all these vain talk could be ended without too much of back and forth - talk.

These banks have been milking our City and even had the audacity to participate in he milking of innocent home owners all over San Francisco and in the entire Bay Area.

Time for these banks to give back and they will get some good publicity to balance their pathetic past action linked with greed and more greed. All on the Waterfront of San Francisco and save the SF Port Authority a headache.

The America's Cup is about sailing - give these elitists the Bay and let them sail - all they want.

The Coast Guard and others can work with the America's Cup Event Dictator - and make the other stuff work. This City must not pander to anyone - just to fix some falling in disrepair - piers that were not maintained and the SF Port Authority took the risk and knew that the day of reckoning would come one day. It came soon and in their face with the America's Cup.

All this waste of time propping up some Zionist here, there, and everywhere to raise money - pretending they are helping our City when all they are doing are fleecing this City - every opportunity they get.

We have 60 billionaires for god's sake that live in our filthy city. Do you want me to name all of them? Put them to work - ask them if they really want to live in this great City - help fix it.

Let us move on with the real business at hand that will affect all San Franciscans.

This unfunded pension and benefits train that is heading our way. Billions of dollars that we pretend to address by cutting money in areas that our constituents need most.

If we had good leaders we could deal with what is important. Education, health, and safety. In all of these three areas - we are not doing well.

Our Education is pathetic compared to other leading cities worldwide. Check the facts for yourself.

As far as health is concerned - now the most vulnerable cannot get their medications easily.

Changes have been  and new decisions have to be made as to how the medications will be delivered. Once there was a system - now, that system has been made difficult.

Most affected victims of AIDS and those that are mentally challenged. Does our Mayor know about this?
I am getting calls and I am astonished how stupid our leaders that should see to this vital and pertinent issue are so nonchalant.

All over the City crime has increased. The incident reports speak for themselves. Assaults, home break-ins, car break ins, catching purses, our dark streets all over the City contribute to these incidents and there is the criminal element too - or the increase.

We have over 10,000 chronic truants and this segment of the population has to be addressed. No one is talking about our youth - the Youth Commission and the other Youth Committee formed are mostly uneducated on issues - and have no clout to do something about a situation such as I have mentioned  - above.

Some idiot at a recent meeting at the Bayview Opera House - attended by Supervisor Malia Cohen was bold to state in public - that the Bayview Hunters Point has 12% unemployment - of course what could someone from Oakland - say, better?

The unemployment in the Bayview Hunters Point is more like 40% and in some hot spots 50%. Yet we have Cahill and Nibi Brothers - giving jobs to outsiders while those living in Public Housing have been promised jobs - but are treated worse then a dirty rag.

The John Steward Company has now figured out that each unit it builds at Huntersview will cost upwards of 650,000 - and you can believe it - this is just their cost now - it will increase - and this will be the real start of gentrification.

All those people waiting in line including Tessy from Huntersview - who no one knows on whose side she is - has been told that even though she was promised to be first in line to move in - she will have seek some refuge up some tree - soon.

Our people, more Black people - are so pathetic always falling for some crap, failing to be educated on issues, and always pandering to the White Man or some one who comes from City Hall to talk to them the likes of Dwayne Jones and others.

Already, more then sixty percent of the folks in Public Housing have been evicted. Those that are there are treated like dirt - be it at Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Oakdale, Alice Griffith Public Housing and Sunnydale.

The latest gimmick paint the outside of the units - while the inside sink does not work, the plumbing falling apart, cold air coming into the units, the asbestos laden walls pealing off and there is more.

People are evicted from District 10 Public Housing and most of them land in District 6.

If you go to District 6 and ask those that you see loitering they will tell you from whence they came - District 10.

Our Mayor is now promising jobs - but what about the Unfinished Agenda and this blatant eviction of families that are forced to live on the streets of San Francisco?

What happens to the poor when it rains? What happen to the truants?

Have you noticed the long lines waiting to get food donations all over the City. Most of them recent Chines immigrants and those that cannot find work? Are people blind or am I the only noticing this? We even have a small flea market - sell food - cans and so forth mostly all Chinese at Seventh and Market. Hello!

Our leaders at City Hall be it the SF Board of Supervisors, the Mayor, the City Departments have FAILED this City - if they did otherwise I would NOT be writing this report and there is more.

We have over 40% of our City Employees making over $175,000 with benefits. We must reduce this to $100,000 with benefits for starters.

Can anyone address this without any fun fare. We have 26,000 City employees,others say 28,000 but some say as many as 30,000 - City Employees.

The population of San Francisco is about 814,000.