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Monday, February 20, 2012

Our City of San Francisco favors Big Developers who contribute to political campaign coffers.

With all the vain talk about helping small business and more small business that are in construction - our City and County of San Francisco - continues to aid and abet Big Developers.

The reason is simple - kick backs. Graft.

All the Big Developers through their minions - offer huge kick backs - and fill in the campaign coffers - of the very corrupt, politicians.

This is done through corrupt consultants and leading this group of extreme, " mafia operations " - firms all situated in our City like the Platinum Group.

The SF City Ethics Commission has failed to go after these consultants who live in City Hall and are found wearing the floors of the corridors of City Hall. 

It is not paradoxical that a person like Dwayne Jones not only works for Platinum Consultants.

Not only has his own consultant company that is while he was working for our City of San Francisco - but has managed to get a part of a very large contract to do outreach - working with a Big Developer called AECOM - linked to the Sewer System and Improvement Project.

Behind the scene the architect of this machination and ploy - Willie L. Brown Jr.

The City and County takes detail instruction from Platinum - those in the know - know this; but no one has the balls nor the gumption to do - anything.

Dwayne Jones must have nothing to do with the Bayview Hunters Point. Not unless the millions linked to Communities of Opportunity (COO); funds collected from private donations - are fully audited and accounted for.

Community Based Organizations who work with him will be investigated because their activities will be reported.

This time around - thugs, jail birds, those that deeply worked with Lennar - will be exposed from the inception.

To not even think that you can do any outreach however minor in the Bayview Hunters Point when corruption and ulterior motives is all you all have displayed in the past.

The only money you corrupt folks can make is prey on others - getting grants from the City and projects with which you have NO clue what so ever.

Let this clarion call go far and wide and be heard by those that have ears to hear - and believe that this Fair City with Law Enforcement will do what is right - this time around.

Millions of dollars were collected by Communities of Opportunity - there were several reports in the Press - about lack of transparency and accountability.

There was even one hearing at City Hall - in Room 250 the Board Chambers - but, no one seems to care about the prevailing, blatant - corruption.

Over $300 million has been carved from the over $6 billion Sewer System Improvement Project. Everyone is vying for the $150 million that will go for outreach and the the $150 million for workforce and training.

Already, the sell outs that worked for Lennar are poised to get the work - aptly naming themselves - consultants.

The word consultant - should now be substituted with the word - "devil". Further explaining the "evil" that is carried on in our poor communities by such devils.

A task force was established linked to the Sewer System Improvement Project by certain citizens hand picked by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

The money for outreach and workforce training requested by this Task Force and one of them was Espanola Jackson - was never, ever envisaged to be under the control of Big Developers.

Minions such as Dwayne Jones are now making their rounds vying for an opportunity to make more money - making deal with some in the Bayview Hunters Point - who have no clue about infrastructure - less a huge project such as the Sewer System Improvement Project.

In the future I will name ten more corrupt consultants - mostly Blacks and all sell outs. Watch out. And that is just the tip of the sordid - iceberg.

In the past small minority firms that tried to make it in San Francisco - could not compete - and so the City and County once helped them with bonding and offered them certain accommodations.

This was part of Upward Mobility and in keeping with the Civil Rights Act and many Federal and State Labor Laws.

In recent times the City has chosen to allow the small firms, and especially the construction firms to die a slow death. Promising them this and that - but doing nothing worth the salt to help any of the small construction companies - nay, any small company linked to construction on the long term.

And if these firms adhere to pay scales of the Union which they do - there is no way they can compete with the Big Developers.

Say you hire a middle of the line laborer - and pay $26.89 which the prevailing wage for a General Laborer - add the following below and you get $43.99 hourly wage.

$6.24 health and welfare, $.30 retiree health and welfare. $6.54 pension. $1.01 Annuity. $.34 training and retraining. $.08 contract administration. $.05 industry stabilization. $.05 California Alliance for Jobs. $.01 CIFAC giving you a grand total of $17.10 and when you add the $23.98 - a very GRAND TOTAL of $43.99.

Other Unions like the electricians and plumbers have higher wages. If you are a foreperson more - if you are a journeyperson - more. You get the picture.

The City talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

If you have just 15 workers and they work for two months - the payroll with all benefits - can amount to over $250,000.

That includes bonding, workers compensation, safety equipment, over time on occasion, health tests and so on.

Big Developers have equity to borrow the money from the banks - to meet payroll and other expenses.

They also have the ability to make " change orders ". Many of them outbid the small construction or small businesses - and once they get into the door - they play their game and reveal their true colors.

Change Orders is the name of the game.

Thousands of San Franciscans need jobs but the jobs can only come from those that can offer them - good jobs.

Believe you me the Big Developers cannot be made to give good jobs. Even today they continue to pay minimum wages, use other sordid means to get the work done.

In these dire economic times the bottom line is profit.
The City with all its talk seems to go with the Big Developers. The politicians want their coffers filled - and  it seems that the Big Developers are the only ones that have the ability to fill campaign coffers - quickly.

Truly speaking the small businesses and small construction firms - have more compassion and accommodate the skilled and other workers - making a great sacrifice to pay them UNION wages.

The UNIONS receive a fat check from the employers and most of the time will not lift a finger to help the employers - more the small construction companies.

The UNIONS have become so powerful and at times very arrogant.

Our City and County of San Francisco has all the ordinances and laws on the books. But, there is no enforcement.

At times most of the agreements are spelled out - but, there is NO enforcement.

It is time this City helps the small construction firms with bonding at least.

Anyone, can talk the talk - but in this City we see less of the leaders, people truly walking the walk.

The SF Board of Supervisors are pathetic on this issue.
More the Mayor's Office of Work Force - and in particular City Build and Rhonda Simmons.

Anyone wants to take me on on this topic?