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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Presidio of San Francisco - an anomaly.

There is a lot happening at the Presidio of San Francisco and the Presidio Trust a quasi-federal agency - that is much like a corporation that caters to the filthy rich and fosters blatant discrimination.

There a few of us left who worked at the Presidio of San Francisco for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - who still will fight for what is right and will no allow the crooks to have their way.

Had the Army been there today  they would never, ever stand for the on going nonsense - that the Presidio Trust deems fit to challenge those that want the Presidio of San Francisco be a stellar historical site, complete with its military history, the Main Parade ground, the 100 series buildings, the many other historical building many over 110 years - fitting to be within the National Park Service and looked after as our Nation's National treasures.

The Presidio of San Francisco was established in 1776 by the Spanish. The National Park Service was established in 1916. The dumb, inept Presidio Trust in the year 1996.

Some years ago; we had a great challenge - Donald Fisher and his wife Dora linked to the Gap - wanted to build a large Contemporary Museum stark naked in the middle of the Presdio Post - and on the site we call the Main Parade grounds.

The Presidio Trust did all in its power to push for this agenda - but, a few of us stood up and defeated this sordid plan.

Now the Presidio Trust itself that has a legacy of crooks like James Meadows - who stole from the Presidio Trust and was fired. Its first Director, James Meadows was a crook - approved by the Presidio Board of Directors.

The present Management comes out with their shenanigans - again and again - you just cannot fool all the people all the time.

Most of the Presidio Trust employees are racists - they always have a hidden agenda - one that benefits a certain segment of the population.

Minorities are rare - and those that the Presidio Trust have imported and most sell outs. We have been monitoring these rascals for a long, long time.

Now, the Presidio Trust wants to build an hotel - again at the same site where Donald Fisher ( who passed away some time ago and was at one time on the Presidio Board of Directors) at the Presidio Main Post - at the Main Parade ground. This nonsense must stop.

The entire Presdio of San Francisco some 1500 acres of land has been divided into two parts for operational purposes.

The Main Post and the buildings, the rental units some 2000 plus and over 650 buildings come under the jurisdiction of the Presidio Trust.

The Golden Gate Club - even though it is on the Main Post - comes under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service - better know as the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Along the Bay most of the land comes under the jurisdiction of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Better know to the world at the National Park Service which come under the Department of Interior.

During the first bout - when the Donald Fisher Contemporary Museum was planned to be built on the Main Parade Grounds - the Golden Gate National Recreation Area - sided with the advocates that did not want the Contemporary Museum to be built.

Now, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area has not stated on whose side it is. This time around let us see how this episode plays about.

The Golden Gate National Recreational Area deemed fit itself to build a hotel at Fort Baker - catering to the filthy rich within short reach of Sausalito and rich Marin County. Fort Baker is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA).

The Fort Baker hotel was authorized complete with an Environmental Impact Study and other required documents - fast tracked and ready for action.

The hotel at Fort Barker build on a panoramic site generates a lot of money - and the GGNRA is good at what it does - mostly generating money and catering to the filthy rich.

The land belongs to the Ohlone - and the GGNRA has not erected one single monument to the Ohlone. It would not - since it is instrumental in not recognizing the Ohlone and more the Muwekma Ohlone - and putting this tribe from San Francisco and the surrounding area on the Federal Register. Go figure.

Now, the Presidio Trust is throwing the argument at the face of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area - and challenging them and others - as to why they cannot build a hotel on the Main Post - and that too - at the site famous as the Main Parade ground.

Few still appreciate the Military history of the Presidio of San  Francisco.

We still have some die hearts who do all in their power to fight for the Presidio of San Francisco.

As the years go by - many have passed and one of them was Mr. Redman - who was my good friend and lived and worked at Presidio of San Francisco.

Sixth U.S. Army got deactivated in the year 1994. The Department of Defense (DoD) deemed it necessary to close the many California military bases - and the Presidio of San Francisco - a jewel among all the bases - was turned over to the National Park Service.

What a sad day - when we heard the news - and to this day many of us that love the Army - bemoan this turning over of some precious, historical land complete with Land Marks - to an entity that not capable of completely comprehending the significance.

Shallow folks cannot raise to any occasion - more to honor the dignity of a place so rich in history. The military role of Sixth U.S. Army is great - but you cannot tell that to folks - that have no clue and less have any understanding of it means to be in the military.

Sixth U.S. Army played a key role in World War II. The Main Post and the Main Parade ground - is a significant site - and must remain as it is. In fact the asphalt must be remove and it must be restored to the original natural grass.

Thousands of men died who paraded and trained on that Main Parade ground - they died and shed their blood - so that this Nation may be free.

We had African Americans, Japanese Americans, others who were segregated but during World War II - who trained at the Presidio of San Francisco and on this Main Parade Ground - and help defeat Hitler and his minions.

Congressperson Nancy Pelosi saw the opportunity to create the Presidio Trust - and the rest has been history.
She did this when Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco was deactivated in the year 1994.

Wanton corruption; starting with James Meadows, nepotism, blatant racism within the Presidio Trust, and the list goes on and on - has been the high light of the Presidio Trust to this very day.

The Presidio Trust first started by importing Correctional Officers from Colorado - who were given choice homes all over the Presidio of San Francisco.

These thug brought in their hunting dogs,guns,and ran the Presidio as it it was their fiefdom.

I saw it all - complete with the many atrocities, incident reports that I read, reviewed, and retain as institution knowledge.

Even though the U.S.Park Police a federal entity had control - the U.S. Park Police takes its direct instructions from the National Park Service.

The U.S. Park Police - kind of play second fiddle and together with the Park Rangers - are tasked to do a job with their hands tied.

At one time - I controlled all the buildings as I had the keys to the buildings. I saw indiscriminate looting in our buildings, all the steel furniture for example at the old Letter Army Medical Center was looted.

Stainless steel cabinet and other expensive fixtures ripped out and sold - and no one knows who pocketed the money. Each fixture costing thousands of dollars.

Good furniture from the Bernard House the Army's Guest House in the Fort Scott Area was looted. I had an inventory and saw it all - and was disgusted when I entered the buildings to see what was taken.

You really could not trust anyone from the National Park Service and less from the Presidio Trust - these folks are totally different from the Army employees that truly loved the Presidio of San Francisco and were honorable.

Today, all sorts of ploys and machinations are conducted on the pretexts that some good is done - when all the time looting takes place.

The National Park Service has a very poor system linked to taking inventory - and has wasted millions of dollars over the years.

The Presidio Trust is even worse. Initially it was appropriated over $150 million around the year 1996; with another $23 million every year until the year 2013.
In the year 2013 it is suppose to be self sufficient. But, with its devious transactions - it became self-sufficient five years ago.

That year 2013 is soon approaching and if an audit is done - more than 40% of the total appropriation has been swindled, wasted, with some of the defrauders still working for the Presidio Trust.

Now, we must remember that all this is tax payers money.

As I said the Golden Gate Club comes under the National Park Service - better known as the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. But in reality it is managed by the Golden Gate National Park Association and some other for profit entities - that rake in millions from book sales, tours of Alcatraz, and so on and so forth.

The Military History of the Presidio of San Francisco has been thrown aside and put on the back burner. The Letterman Army Medical Center and the more renowned Letterman Army Research Center has been torn down. In  its place you have the Letterman Digital Center run by George Lucas.

The U.S. Sixth Army headquarters building 39 is now used as office space.

Building 38 which was the Administration Building - taken over by actor and director - Robert Redford.

It is a shame how these scoundrels have tarnished the military history and abused the buildings - be the Funton Avenue buildings, the General's home at Simmond's Loop, the many other stellar buildings at Fort Scott.

The wooden Buffalo Soldier building by the Lombard Gate - now used as massage parlor and other uses - far from the historical uses that these buildings must be protected and used for - shame on the Presidio Trust. And there is more - that I do not want to divulge because the Presidio Trust has stooped too low - and has fallen into a contaminated - cesspool.

While the Department of Interior is famous for protection and preservation - it has failed miserably at the Presidio of San Francisco - to carry on its duties. 

Allowing; many landmark and historical buildings to fall into disrepair. I controlled all the buildings, made the necessary inspections, and had the keys to enter these buildings.

I am fully aware of the looting, the disrespect, and the many other atrocities committed by these good for nothing recent wanabees and racists of the highest order. 

The Presidio of San Francisco today is an anomaly. 

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