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Sunday, February 26, 2012

One slight wrong move and the Middle-East situation could explode.

It is not easy to make decisions when it comes to civilizations that are thousands of years old.

We, the United States with our naive polices and 300 years of governing ourselves - trying to police the world like a dictator would.

When our government comes destructive to the ends of the constitution - it is the right of the people to abolish it. Our Founding Father were right and here we have it in a nut shell. Aho.

We should use our strength to bring nations to the table - and have a dialog that leads to working together.

We know today in detail - when President George W. Bush Jr. led our Nation to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Weapons of Mass Destruction were no where to be found, taking our eye away from the prize in Bora Bora - and causing the killing and maiming of thousands of our women and men that serve in our Armed Forces.

The blood of these women and men who died is upon the Bush family. Upon those in Congress who were quick to adjudicate with the wrong facts at hand - and lacking the wisdom and ability to discern.

In today's world if any Nation dares to use bombs to attack another Nation - and I am talking Nuclear - that Nation will bear the worse consequences - ever.

Early on we must warn such trigger happy nations - and spell out the details - of how such a horrendous deed can harm billions of innocent people. The action of one rogue nation - in these circumstances can cause untold harm to the entire Earth.

The United States of America is poised to be a leader - but not with the leadership we have today - we consult those with ulterior motives - and who have a hidden agenda.

The true Jews do not believe in the military and killing others. You have just to read the history of the Chosen People as the Jews believe themselves to be.

They believe they are the children of God and hence have faith in God. Now, this may seem simplistic but thorough out the history of the Jews - God has taken them away from adversity and to the a place where they can begin anew.

Few know that Cyrus a Persian King - modern day Iran - gave a lot of money and permitted the Jews who were under his rule to go back to Jerusalem to build what is the temple of the Jews today.

King Cyrus did this because one of his close confidant and adviser who a Jew - a good Jew. As opposed to the Zionist who will use force, deceit, and anything to gain power.

We, who are not Jews - on the other hand are the children of Abraham the Father of all nations.

Babylon is modern day Iraq - yet, we chose to bomb Iraq and adversely impact thousands of innocent Iraqis. We did this with intent - and without the best information to make any sane adjudication.

Iraq is worse today then when it was when Saddam Hussein was in power. No running clean water. No continuous electricity and all this even though billions have been pumped to revamp the infrastructure that we destroyed. The rivers are polluted and the standard of life of the average Iraqi is below that when Saddam was in power.

Perhaps the only place where there is some standard is where the Kurds many their abode - closer to Turkey.

We are at a crux at this time in history - and there is talk of bombing Iran and all sorts of vain talk - that will not help anyone.

The Nation however mighty they may "think" they are - will suffer the worst consequences.

A deep study of the present economic crises points to Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and other bankers and exploiters of money lending - most of them are Zionists.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Agency of Investigation know this.

But, it is not politically correct to speak the truth.

The truth must be spoken and our Nation, the United States of America - that belongs to the First People - the Native Americans must NOT suffer because of the Zionists who live in America and are causing us endless problems.

Right here, in San Francisco we have ardent Zionists at City Hall and in our City supporting the Zionists and against those in Palestine - that are kept down by using force, check points, depriving innocent folks of medicine, food, and other essentials. This nonsense has been going on for years.

America is the only Nation in the world who at one time in recent history - was respected.

This was because - all over the world - Nations big and small - respected our leaders.

There was a time our U.S. leaders and government did not side with evil but what benefited the majority and was good for all nations.

We did this at the cost of lives - thousands died during World War II. Had we not given our support to Britain - perhaps today we would be speaking German.

Today, our leaders side with the worst - our policies are tainted - and our decisions shallow.

We have a very narrow window of opportunity to warn those Nations to bring about a halt to any provocation -  be it in the Gulf of Hormuz or anywhere.

The constant bombing of Palestine, the attacking of Israel by the Hamas and other entities, the blatant attacks using "drones" by the United States and the killing of innocent civilians in Pakistan - we know better - I do not have to spell it out in detail.

America must stop giving sophisticated arms and aid to Israel.

And with that treat the neighboring nations in like manner.

Egypt has been acting as if we do not know what dictatorship looks like.

The polices of Mubarak are still alive - even though, a proxy military Egyptian government says it wants democracy.

We know the Mosad is active in today's Egypt and that this clandestine operation has been in place for a long time.

America and the former Iranian Shah the ruler of Iran had very close ties.

I happened to be in Iran at that time and witnessed a lot.

After the Shah was dethroned and fled to America - we saw it all - but in a way we created the situation. If we did not - then, we failed with our intelligence analysis and do we want to admit as a Nation that we failed.

We all remember the dubious way the American Hostages were freed from Iran. How Ronald Reagan exchanged arms for their freedom. How President Carter was trapped and the rest is history. Our Nation has at times - failed on principles to seek self glory and made wrong choices.

We have Whites who today truly think that America know as Turtle Island belongs to them.

It does not.

The Native American prophets know what will happen to America - if we do not change our ways. Today we see GREED everywhere - but, that will soon come to an END.

Those that stole this land are put on notice - you did live here thousands of years and have no proof you did.

When you stole the land - you chose from the inception to abuse and contaminate everything - even to this very day. Besides, you killed innocent women and children - when you came here for succor and got it.

Today GREED is found everywhere - and has totally engulfed our Judicial System.

Our Congress and our Senators are beholden to Political Action Committees - where millions are available - and where those who control the Media - rake in billions.

Find out who control the Media and if they have any links with Zionism and the Zionists?

Our Republican candidates have no sense of history and the benevolence of King Cyrus - without King Cyrus a Persian - permitting the Jews of his time to go and build the temple - we could not speak of what is happening in Israel today. This is fact - but few can put this historical event in context.

Much like in today's America most of us think it is fine to permit our Native Americans - who cared for our land - for thousands of years -  making the First People live under adverse conditions on Reservations is fine.

The audacity of the foolish who will suffer - the Great Spirit that the Native Americans respect has spoken - and such entities will be destroyed and fall on their faces - palefaces.

We have a population of 311 million while the world has a population of 7 billion.

We have all the resources we need to take care of our people here on Turtle Island.

Yet, we have chosen with intent to bankrupt our Treasury wasting $12 billion plus a month - over $144 billion a year for the last 11 years - fighting wars and aiding defense contractors - who waste millions as the General Accounting Office often reveals and has reported.

Our CIA and FBI have been caught napping. Not long ago - some say 8 but the number could be as high as 12 - were killed by one bomber who the CIA thought was their contact and befriended him - such a loss never, ever took place in all of the CIA's history.

It is the same with the FBI - even today, we do not have the ability to have sound translators to fully understand what the enemy is saying - and why are they saying it.

The world is small and even China and India comprehends this fact - that you cannot resort to bombing.

The recent analysis of the reining terror in Libya does not favor the outcome that once was purported to take place. Rampant killings are taking place today - far worse then what took place when Khadafi was in power.

Did we go to Libay because of the oil? Did we go to Iraq because of the oil? Do we want to take back the oil in Iran that once belong to private companies - over 80% of Iran's oil?

There are dubious entities, mostly with connections to the Zionists who want it all - and they do not care if others suffer - as they have in Iraq innocent Christians, in Libya the same - black skinned Libyans have been killed, in Afghanistan where we have shown no respect for the Koran.

In all of history no one has tamed the Afghan - no one single nation - the British know of a time when an entire Regiment was killed - and one blooded and kept alive and sent across the Kyber Pass - to then India now Pakistan - so that those that wanted to keep the Afghan down - would understand.

How foolish are we not to have learned from the Russians - where we armed the rebels including the now dead Osama bin Laden - who had ties to the Bush Family - and others with shoulder heating seeking missiles - cost millions of dollars to bring down Russian planes and destroy tanks. Today, these same missiles are used on our United States forces.

Pakistan and Afghanistan, Russia, India and China - have had an on going dialog and brought about some resolution from time to time.

No one wants to bring into the picture the Nuclear equation. You really do not have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure this - or listen to the nonsense in our Media - CNN, MNBC, Fox, and the other drab, shallow, inept Main Media - who spread misinformation and disinformation during the Iraqi and Afghan war - and continue to do so - today.

All the nations above fully understand about the power of  the bombs they have - that if one single, stupid mistake is made - the entire world will suffer. We are talking nuclear.

Some sense of what a Nuclear Explosion would look like:

The winds and the waters in our Oceans carry particles far and wide and all it takes is for some crazy idiot in North Korea, in Israel, in Pakistan to make a wrong move. The more fanatic any of these entities are - the closer are we near to a catastrophe - that will set all of civilization back. 

A situation will arise where Russia, America, India, Brazil, other nations will fire off their missiles knowing NOT what is happening.

With all the radar we have, early warning signals, and what you have - there is no instrument that can prevent foolishness.

So far we have been lucky - not near such a situation - because we have good leadership in many countries; given the situation and that includes Russia.

We have not yet had a crazy, fanatical, desperate leader or military as we now have in Israel and North Korea - judging from their vain talk and actions.

Here is the paradox that the world does not need - some Republican leader in the White House - taking control of  important decisions - and signaling some very, adverse action.

By default; we need someone to be in the White House for another four years - truly to buy time and bring us on course - and that man has been chosen by destiny to be Barack Hussein Obama.

Some sense of what a Nuclear Explosion would look like: