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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Major Transportation Issues Made Without Any Meaningful Dialogue With the Community At Large.

It should not come as a big surprise that the High Speed Rail from San Francisco all the way to San Diego is not going anyway. The plan has been shot down - California simply does not have the money. It will cost over $118 billion plus and we simply do not have the money.

California simply does not have the money and the people who voted for the measure - were told one thing - but today no one wants to inform the people - that the conceptual plan has been shot down and is dead in the tracks. Why is there no full transparency and accountability?

The Task Force linked to the High Speed Rail has been abolished - and the people who were for it - feel dejected.

It does not help when we have folks like the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) headed by Jose Moscovich.

Always, running his mouth and putting his foot in that mouth - most every time he opens his mouth and spills diatribe. The man simply loves to talk and what he talks mostly is utter - nonsense.

Just mention any topic and this man will spew diatribe. It is time the SFCTA is dismantled and that we have an agency that can deliver and not waste our time and more tax payers' money.

Also, that the SFCTA reflects the population of San Francisco - in every aspect and that includes the people working at the SFCTA in San Francisco - which is moving its office to be closer to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein at one time thought they would be around forever - wielding the power that had before - depriving some of need funding while favoring their pork barrel - projects.

Encouraging Jose Moscovich and some of the minions that work for him - that the Democrats would deliver and rake in the millions for transportation projects in the Bay Area and beyond.

The millions that came our way to San Francisco - through the Pork Barrel deals - are no more. The Republicans will NOT stand for the rubbish that has been heaped on others that are decent and want full accountability and transparency.

Nancy Pelosi is history and the Democrats have lost all credibility. Shameless, most of them wasting tax payers' money and still wanting to be in power. Two hags that have again and again - brought disgrace to California and more to San Francisco - Nancy and Diane.

It does not help that under Jose Mosvovich who always put himself at the center, and loves all the attention he can get. Pathetic Jose continues to build his fairy tale castle - around his dubious plans.

Jose Moscovich has been an utter failure - and as much as he is told that his hot air - will not do any good - the man continues to defy, logic - and waste money.

Some of those close to him getting contracts - continue to make millions. I have been observing this for the last ten years - plus.

The Metropolitian Transportation Commission should take note - and audit the money sent to the SFCTA.

This agency, the SFCTA has for the longest time - had no one worth the salt - monitor its activities. The SFCTA has little accountability and even less transparency.

The $700 million Third Street Light Rail in San Francisco and in the Southeast Sector - is one of them it starts at 4th and King and ends in the middle of no where in the Visitation Valley.

As much as this fact is brought to the attention of Jose Moscovich he pooh poohs the idea - because when it comes to anything - logical - Jose Moscovich and his ilk - for some strange reason do not get it.

It is the same with the traffic on Market Street - with all the changes and room made for bicycles and the lack of traffic monitors - the traffic calming is gone to the dogs - with many decent motorists and MUNI drivers - adversely impacted.

The SFCTA will spend money to created bicycle lanes on Cargo Way in an industrial, very polluted area - one of the most heavily plied corridor in the City and County of San Francisco. What about liability? What about the health of those exposing themselves to dangerous toxins?

It is utter madness to encourage bicyclists to dare take on the thousands of rigs and other huge vehicles - besides thousands of cars that ply on this corridor. Only a fool would plan - bicycle lanes on such a heavily traversed corridor.

I wonder what Jose Moscovich has to say with the fiasco now involved with Doyle Drive and the funding that some how is not there to complete Phase II. 

The man is something else - give him an opportunity to open his mouth and he will say anything to make a point and in making no sense - utter nonsense - pretends that he is right. Right all the time. Such self-righteous nonsense - is a disgrace to the human race - because you would think someone like him - would have better - sense.

At the last SFCTA Commission meeting I did mention that the SF Redevelopment Agency was history. I have been monitoring the SFCTA for a long time - and it is time we take another look at this inept agency, the SFCTA - that loves to pander to the politicians and adversely impacts the constituents of San Francisco.

Jose Moscovich was at a certain time dabbling with Bevan Dufty. He did the same with Ross Mirkarimi spewing diatribe. And now he feels he can do the same with David Campos - all of the above Chairs of the SFCTA Commission.

I once asked some hard questions on transportation issues - only for Jose Moscovich to make some drab statements to win some sympathy.

Jose Moscovich made a statement that he was being targeted because he was Queer, he was Latin, and that he was a Jew.

San Franciscans know better and he tried to paint a picture that he was been targeted unfairly - when the topic had nothing to do with what he stated.

Those present realized when pinned down with facts - Jose Moscovich simply gives up - and turns to his closet days that may have forced him to leave Argentina and flee to San Francisco for emotional - succor.

On the Citizens Advisory Committee to the SFCTA and representing the Southeast Sector we have a member of the SFCTA Citizens Advisory - who has been on the SFCTA CAC for over 10 years. Useless.

Her name is Fran Martin and she has not been doing justice to the mess that currently is on the Third Street Light Rail, Safety issues on the MUNI 9, 9L, 8, 8X, 8BX.

Fran Martin could care less about MUNI bus shelters and other pertinent issues linked to transportation.

Fran Martin does care about grants and making money.

Malia Cohen the local Supervisor of District 10 does not  care too much about Public Transportation - and more does not live in the District 10.

At a recent Land Use Meeting she revealed that she takes the taxi to work.

One time according to Malia Cohen's statement - she did not have cash and wanted to use her credit card - and an argument ensued with the cab driver. Malia can throw her tantrums when she feels she is right.

Malia Cohen - know wells she is not living in her district - had to leave Executive Park on being foreclosed - and loves to lie and grin - when she has to tell the truth. 

Malia Cohen could take Public Transportation - as she used to in the old days. Today, Malia Cohen fails to do justice to District 10 on many issues - but one that she fails most - is Public Transportation and related issues.

All over San Francisco major decisions have been made linked to the High Speed Rail, the Central Subway, bicycle lanes, the worst putting bicycle lanes on the Cargo Way corridor - in the Bayview's heavily traversed by huge vehicle in this polluted, industrial corridor.

On Market Street the traffic is a utter mess.

If by chance there is an accident anywhere north of 7th Street on Market and one on Mission Street north of 4th and Mission - the traffic jam is so horrendous it takes hours to clear the traffic.

The constituents would like a meaningful dialog - on what is going on - on Van Ness Avenue, and more on the traffic calming on Old Bayshore and heading towards the Freeway North, Folsom Street, and many other streets too many to mention - 19th Avenue and Geary Avenue.

The mess that is Franklin Street and more when some drab Light Rail is put on Van Ness to create more disruption with all the confusion that is the new hospital proposed by California Pacific Medical Center. 

The public must be contacted and a meaningful dialog had. Jose Moscovich and his dictatorial ways do not help at all.

We look forward to monitoring the SFCTA and the present decision makers on the SFCTA Commission. Especially, the vice-chair of the SFCTA - who is aiming for some higher office - constantly initiating legislation, fake ordinances - that are drab, shallow, and useless.