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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Naomi Kelly the First African American City Administrator of the City and County of San Francisco.

Today, February 7, 2012 after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Noami Kelly - the City Administrator of the City and County of San Francisco - those gathered in Room 250 at City Hall - stood up and applauded the unanimous decision of the SF Board of Supervisors.

This day is a great day in the life of my good friend and husband of Naomi Kelly - Harlan Kelly - Assistant General Manager at the SF Public Utilities Commission.

After the unanimous approval the swearing in ceremony took place in the South Court - this area too was packed.

Naomi Kelly started as an Intern when Mayor L. Brown Jr was Mayor of San Francisco.

She held positions with the Taxi Commission, Purchasing, Contracting, Acting City Administrator and today the first African American ever appointed to this high position - the City Administrator of this - the City and County of San Francisco.

The hall mark of Naomi Kelly is hard work and due diligence -  she must be a model to those African Americans that aspire to be someone - and feel that hurdles that come their way - prevent them from attaining their goals.

Not so when one is focused, is humble, and one works hard to attain one's ambition through hard work and fortitude. Always keeping the eye on the prize.

Recently, Naomi Kelly completed her law degree while working full time. This single achievement points in the right direction and reveals to all her determination to achieve very high standards.

Naomi's mother was present today and must have truly enjoyed every single moment. As did the many who have supported and encouraged Naomi Kelly to be the best - ever.

Naomi Kelly is an inspiration to many without doubt.

The Board Chambers was packed. The standing ovation after Naomi Kelly was approved by those present - speaks volumes to the fact that she well admired and loved.

I join many in wishing Naomi Kelly and Harlan Kelly her devoted husband - the very best.

As a team you are an inspiration to many.

Individually both of you have worked hard and played hard. You two make us free proud and we look forward to your contribution - furthering much progress to this great City and County of San Francisco.

We wish you all the very best.

Here are some photographs from today swearing in ceremony: