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Thursday, February 9, 2012

SF State Black Student Union Present Black Men's Appreciation.

Way back in 1968 the San Francisco State University deemed it right to establish the Black Student Union.

It was a different time - when, if you mentioned the Black Student Union - a clarion call was sent and in an instant hundreds if not thousands would gather for a pertinent cause.

The Civil Rights Moment and other Movements was in the air.

At San Francisco State University is was always about doing the right thing.

Addressing the valid issues, standing for the causes that bettered humanity - and fighting for justice and equality for all.

San Francisco State University had the leaders - the best among the best. Many went on to become leaders - all over the world.

San Francisco State University prides itself as being the first University in the United States to have a fully accredited Ethnic Studies Course - well respected all over the world.

Unlike most other Universities - SF State has always attracted the best of minds - and has a diverse alumni all over the world. More so in Africa - which boasts of sixty eight countries.

Here in the United States and more in California - SF State University attracts many Black students from every corner. More from Southern California and fewer from Northern California.

Year after year, it is a great honor for many of us to gather to celebrate and honor the Black men and women from the SF State University - and with them all embrace - Black women and men in the United States and the entire world.

Today, February 9, 2012 as part of Black History Month - an event was held - aptly named " All Kings "  to honor the Black brothers- and the Queens all sisters - did a fine job.

Complete, with greeting everyone with a smile and accompanying each Black King to the dinner table. Treating them with that especial grace that only Black women bestow on their Kings. 

The program was well planned and everyone had a very good time.

The individual dance performance by Mo Awobo was classic and brought all to their feet with much applause.
I liked it because it set the tone.

Mo Awobo was not only dressed like a Queen but posed like one - some woman who I predict will make it to the top and carry with her - that ambiance that some Queens carry not only to impress but to improve.

The blues sung by Chanel King was well applauded and appreciated - a Billy Holiday in the making. Chanel King has always worked so hard - and it is time she leaves a legacy by making some recording on her voice and music.

Special performances by Nenna Obioma and Chanelle Ignant brought more of those in attendance to their feet with more cheer.

As in the past, today - the Black Queens keep doing what the know best - keeping the tradition tight while reining in the best of everything - to unite all.

Kudos to all those that put on a first class event and thanks for the dinner - all tastefully done. Kudos to the many volunteers. The Queens have to attend the many classes, work, and then in between manage to put on the many events.

In past years I spent more time - but, I too am involved with the real issues that must be attended and this take time. In the past the SF Black Student Union was an integral part of the our MOVEMENT in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Much water has flowed under that bridge - but to this day we remember the stalwart student from SF BSU who accompanied us to Sacramento and attended our many Town Hall meetings. For this we all are grateful and thankful.

At the end of the event there was dancing - no once does this better than those that have the moves in their DNA. 

With most everyone taking to the floor at the end the event with even more cheer and joy spread - I left with Colonel Bruce Giron who is getting to know the students better and reminding him on his days with the Marine Corps.

Here are some photographs: