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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Glaciers melting and trillions of gallons of water spread on the Ocean - thousands of acres of land laid bare.

Using Global Positioning Systems some astute Scientists have a pretty good idea - how trillions of gallons of water - from the large glacier melts - are spread on the Ocean that covers three quarters of this Earth.

Even though this amount seems to be horrendous - when they made their calculations using GPS - they found that meant some half-inch rise - which Scientists now say the Ocean can deal with - for the next hundred years or more.

Another pertinent factor to configure and learn more about are the thousands of acres that are laid bear. Once  covered by Glaciers not we see bare Earth - and huge Rocks.

Scientists are now finding creatures that are found in areas where the Earth is warm. 

Leading, the Scientists to believe as some of us who were guessing - much of Europe and the Northern Areas closer to the North Pole - once boasted forest and a warmer climate.

Some Russian Scientists have drilled miles down the Earth in the North Pole to find a Lake. Soon they will draw samples and tell us more about - life and the variety of creatures that they find. To learn more and behold.

International Scientists already have been busy drilling deep down and bringing up bore samples going thousands of years ago.

It is fascinating how these creatures from this deep microcosm world have so much to reveal. How little we know and how much we have to learn. 

The same is with the Ocean and the same is with outer Space - the more we delve into these areas of the unknown the more we stumble and find out how ignorant we are.

Which brings me the question of Mother Earth and respect for the indigenous people of the United States of America.

Known to many as the Native Americans - who I like call the First People - who named this vast expense of land - Turtle Island.

Further South the Mayan civilization was so deep that when the Spanish first came they were amazed but they also had envy in the hearts - and that destroyed and ate into their ambition - and that is how we remember these  so called invaders that are better known for what they destroyed.

The Hopi who are the prophets have known for thousands of years - the goings of the past, the present, and what will come to be known to those that will witness - who are alive the "rain of fire".

In the past it was the deluge,floods,what we know as Tsunamis as an extreme and witnessed in contemporary times. Forces like that that would strike Mother Earth - bring us to our knees and reveal to us how fragile we are - when we dare to challenge Mother Earth.

However, again and again the Sacred Readings point to "rain of fire". It may not mean the end of the world but it may mean that many parts of the Earth will be torched.

Scientists and those burning with a desire to learn more about Glacier Vast Expanses - are just making a dent in all their discoveries.

The reading in some of the Scientific Journals is mind boggling, you delve deep into a world that was thriving, in existence - with flora, fauna, huge animals, and little creatures and then no more.

Now, in today's modern world in the last two hundred and fifty years here in California and in many parts of the United States - we have ruined our forests, polluted our lakes, our rivers, and even dared to build a large mass of plastic - the size of Texas - stark naked in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean - not far from Hawaii.

This plastic island is very deep - and Scientists are still figuring out what to do with this artificial phenomenon.

It helps that San Francisco will soon join many countries - where plastic bags will be discarded and bags made of cotton, hemp, and other natural fibers, hopefully - will be used - again, and again and again.


I have taken you on these small journey to remind you that all that we see today in the United States - in some form and way was once preserved by the First People. Some of it is fairly untouched - though one can venture to see these area - from scattered far and wide and rare to behold in its pristine state.

In most places the "carbon footprint" has stomped its mark and polluted what was once pristine. Those strangers that do not have a direct, inherent link with the indigenous people who committed this crime - love to talk the talk but fail - each and every day to walk the walk. Proudly spreading the venom and pollution.

The concrete jungles, the many toxic particulates have now invaded our human bodies. The many diseases are from preservatives the sulphates, the phosphates, the nitrates, and many other artificial junk that we human did not consume for thousands of years but now embrace in our ignorance.

Few know how to cook - others worship the micro-ovens the necessary evil of contemporary living. Quick, instant gratification found in the many fast food places.

Slowly we are killing ourselves - tarnishing the traditions of our ancestors. In all my travels - I have kept an open mind - and sought the wisdom of the First People. It has stood me in good stead and made me comprehend the ways of those that cannot be touched.

Those are are lost are those that pollute every day - have no respect for Mother Earth. We know who they are - lost, confounded, bewildered, and perplexed. 

Grouping in the dark, running away from the LIGHT, twisted in their ways, perverted to the core - they challenge the norm - using verbosity in the courts and plastic laws and they will meet their doom.

This journey is to sound the clarion call and say softly to those that want to see the LIGHT - to seek the TRUTH.

Shun the ways of the devil - evil to the core who makes things sound good, look easy, and take us away from sacrifice, love, and holistic view of living. Aho.

The great THAW: