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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why gentrification will fade away the history and legacy of Blacks in San Francisco.

Again and again at the many meetings where Blacks must come to gather in UNITY to fight for their rights and position themselves - there is a nonchalant attitude for things to take their course - in recent years.

There seems to be an artificial disunity fermenting as the years go by - brought about by gentrification, lack of opportunities - and passive resistance that most Black defer action to someone else - while those that must participate and take action - act like zombies.

Slowly in our schools, colleges, and universities this behavior is taking a heavy toll. While at ground zero - black on black violence, high rate of incarceration, poverty, and the split in families - has become very trouble some.

Some may think this is only in areas like Public Housing - where the above factors and some more - create an environment of divisiveness, unhealthy environment, and survival of the fittest.

However this malaise has been spread and has taken root in suburbia and to the astonishment of Middle Class Blacks who fled the inner city - only to see some cancer follow them in the many suburbs of California and the Nation.

The Civil Rights era saw an enthusiasms, fortitude, leadership, motivation, bench marks that were attain with very high standards.

Civil Rights leaders and speaker like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., reminded many of Marcus Garvey who came before him - and with these in mind other leaders were fired up and ready to attain their goals and did.

President Lyndon Johnson embraced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., - there was not only a change of mind but heart.

Today, we ask where are those leaders? We do have a Black President in Barack Hussein Obama - but where are the leaders of the caliber of Marcus Garvey and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - I ask this of the many sell outs who continue to do more harm then good - are Black - and a disgrace to anything - decent.  

Naturally, the above affects our children, our youth, our young adults - and there is no one trying to address the adverse impacts. Everyone for example talks about incarceration but no one does anything - constructive.

Recently I was watching of forum featuring California - so called representatives from Sacramento - beating around the bush, spewing diatribes, but having nothing positive to offer - when it came to education, incarceration, rehabilitation, home care services for the elderly and the disabled and so on.

It does not help when the Representatives mention dire economic straits as an excuse - when in good times they did nothing much - but cater to their own petty agenda and did little to represent.

Blacks in our schools more high schools, colleges, and universities are suffering - it is only the high tuition but the lack of support from family members.

Again and again - it is very difficult for our students to focus on their studies when things at home are difficult.

These situations are made all the more excruciating when one or more family members are dysfunctional, disrupt and create havoc - thus throwing most everyone off balance.

It is against this back ground that we must give KUDOS to our students - who against great odds - make good grades in high school, go to college, and in many cases do well at the university level.

For many years I have been watching our students and it is with a heavy heart - that I have observed what I am trying to state in a general way. If I do get too deep; it just upsets me. That is if I give some deep examples of how some students are driven not to pursue their studies and give up.

Gentrification is a deliberate plot to rid some segments of the population - known as minorities - not only in our inner cities but in suburbia  - and by default the most vulnerable are Blacks.

It is all the more despicable when some Blacks known as sellouts do little for their own and blend and act with those that want to keep some segments of the population down. This must stop.

Many a time our students are left out of the equation - and are not educated on issues to participate and fight for social issues.

There can be no movement with leadership. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. We cannot go to a better places unless we are educated on issues - learn to play in team, and together share our talents to make good things - happen.

Marcus Garvey, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., closer to home in California and San Francisco hundreds of Black from the early 1800s to this day - have made their mark as professionals and left the mark. The all were good leaders but more they shared their resources and helped those in need.

Paradoxically, once San Francisco for example boasted 25% of the population being Black. Not so anymore - the Black population is a measly 5% and decreasing.

Linked to the Blacks population are other minority populations. It always starts with the Blacks and soon the others follow.

It is the Civil Rights Movement mostly led by Blacks that brought benefits to others. 

At San Francisco State University - the many movements that started there helped others. Be it the Ethic Studies Course, the formation of the Black Student Union, other significant movements that today have spread all over the Nation and the world.

We must not allow gentrification to fade Black history and more the legacy of Black leaders, businessmen, doctors, educators, politicians, others - that made San Francisco and other cities in California their home.

We must fight to preserve what is rightfully ours - and in defending our rights and benefits - help others - as has always been the case.