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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Third Street Corridor Project - A Call To Action - by those who have no history and less vision.

The Bayview Hunters Point community is so devastated that those that once believed in the community - have given up hope.

Corrupt folks and those with a hidden agenda have stepped up to the front - to hoodwink the community - some attend such meetings - but, most come to make up the crowd and are NOT from the community.

We will see such ploys and machinations in the future and must take action to stop and nip such nonsense in the bud.

February 23, 2012 around 6 pm some male from Oakland took the microphone and proclaimed himself a facilitator - at a meeting held at the Bayview Opera House.

The man said that the Third Street Corridor Project was a plan that was good for the community. Most people did not believe him - but he went on and on speaking his mind and spewing half-truths, and throwing numbers that were - wrong.

" A call for ACTION " for all the wrong reasons.

What does the Mendell Plaza Beautification have to do with the true empowering and revitalization of the Bayview Hunters Point?

The man did not bother to check the facts - the empirical data - and in doing so he shoved his foot in his dirty mouth. Pathetic.

He went on to say that we who had gathered at this Town Hall - were further to meet in small groups - the Marketing and Business Attraction group.

The Mendell Plaza/ Beautification group, the Events group, and the Safety group. 

Some one shouted we need a Jobs group and that was formed on the spot. The man and those behind this sordid ploy - did not think about J O B S .  Why?

It is when such charlatans come to town - that we must be very careful - this is just the beginning and there will be more.

The Bayview Captain Paul Chignell gave his talk - he wanted to address violence and get rid of guns. 

He wanted his police men to be civil to the public who serve in the Bayview and appreciated the kudos offered to his officers - and he had more to say.

Captain Chignell encouraged those present and the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point to bring other things to his attention. Including if his officers behaved - badly.

I decided to visit all the groups and listened carefully what most had to say. There was no focus really, in all of the groups - because, in large measure - the organizers never, ever expected so large a crowd.

Some of those who were talking wanted to vent - they really had some other issues on their mind. So, they were beating about the bush - speaking their mind - which made it difficult for the facilitators to take any conversation to a better place.

This format far from addressing their concerns - became more like a dog and pony show - to placate and 
waste one's time.

Such shallow, inept, drab, and blatant tactics to hoodwink back fire and in future no one who is decent will come and waste their time.

Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor who does not live in the District - was in attendance and she did arrive late.

She did not speak after the Bayview Police Captain - as was stated in the Agenda. She was seen pussy footing around - talking to the City minions who were there - sent by the Mayor and others to see what was happening to an area that has over 40% unemployment and growing.

When Malia Cohen name was mentioned that the Supervisor was in the house - she did not get any applause worth the salt - which kind of tells most - how much they care for this very corrupt and sordid individual who has done NOTHING for the community.

The facilitator was totally out of line - talking to the audience as if we did not know anything much. His presentation was shallow and in future he better stay away from presenting such nonsense without sound empirical data - and no action plan and can be reported upon.

From the late 1960s, to the 1970s, to the 1980s, to the 1990s to today - we have had hundreds of such meeting to placate and deceive.

You make small talk and beat around the bush. Then you divide the community in groups - and tell them to discuss some topic. Some one takes some notes and reports what the group decided on at the end.

All that is good but nothing happens after that - there are no action items - and no one is put in charge of acting on any important issue or item.

There is no mention of follow up - and this kind of utter nonsense must stop.

One of two in the audience shouted about jobs and no one could give an answer.

When some asked to address blight the facilitator seemed baffled. He did not know what "blight" meant.

At times he was nervous - but all in all - those who gathered - not so much community members but folks from the Potrero Hill and other areas who were invited and made the numbers - stayed until the end - to participate in some kind of buffoonery.

The facilitator threw some numbers related to population, demographics, rental units, home owners, and most of them were wrong.

That is what happens when outsiders come into our community and we permit them to take charge.

We have over 40% unemployment in the Bayview and stating that we have 12% is totally - wrong.

It is this dire need for employment that leads to crime, hunger, dire poverty, and keeps the community down.

Again our community is so divided that people have just given up on hope and cannot trust those who arrange such dog and pony shows.

These demonic folks make promises and then leave. This idiot who facilitated was telling people to volunteer - you volunteer in communities where you have a system, where people are working in large numbers, where they have food in their stomachs. Ask a hungry man to volunteer and see what happens?

Many of the Lennar sellouts were there and some City employees - who came to make up the crowd and report to the bosses - that all was right.

All was not right - we want to have a report of the action items. And we want a report after a month.

The next dog and pony show will not be pretty - this is not a threat but stop wasting our time.

It does not matter if a regiment in brought to keep law and order - decent people must not be intimidated.

It is a shame when outsiders are brought to tease us and spew diatribe and hot air. Do not insult us - and that is what this dog and pony was - insulting those that work hard for the community.

These outsiders have a hidden agenda - it is totally wrong to pander to those that sell out the community.

The worst group was the group pretending to address Safety - it is such folks who think they know what violence and related issues are - step up to lead a group and make a fool of themselves.

This is how - on the modern plantation - the slaves are gathered - divided into groups - stale bread crumbs thrown - and those that are not educated on issues fall for the crap and into the trap.

Lennar is not doing anything on Parcel A and we want to know what is really happening?

A Brother got stabbed not far from the Bayview Opera House and others have died - and we want to know why the increase in such crimes?

More homes are in foreclosure and no one seems to care - why?

Truancy is on the increase and no one wants to address this issue - why?

Aids and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are on the increase and what is the Health Department doing about this issue?

Homelessness has increased in the Bayview and we want to know - what is the Mayor doing about this - apart from making promises - and twitching his moustache.

Hundreds of men and women have been released from our jails - and have come to the Bayview Hunters Point and taken refuge - what has the City done to help Bayview Hunters Point in this regard?

A Wellness Center is planned to be located in an area that is contaminated with foul air and toxic environment - by Third Street and Cargo Street. Why do we want to harm our children?

These are some issues we want to hear - and not the mundane ones trumped up to make small talk. No one can fool all the people all the time.

Here are some photographs of those in attendance: