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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Indigenous people all over the world - and respect for Mother Earth.

It is becoming fashionable to disrespect Indigenous People all over the world - but those who lack spirituality and more foster greed - will see their day of reckoning.

Here in the United States - our Native Americans who I will call - our First People are still not recognized by the United States government.

Hundreds of tribes have to prove that they have lived as a tribe, show some continuity living as a community - in accordance  what is prescribed by the Department of the Interior and other governmental agencies that are corrupt and a disgrace to the human race.

This is the same Department of Interior that stole billions of dollars from a Trust Fund set aside for the First People of the United States - Turtle Island.

Indigenous rights:

These thieves feel no shame proclaiming they have lost the documents -  other pertinent documents - saying the got washed in some strange flood.

The truth of the matter is that they stole the money. Much as they stole the land. Much as they proclaim today who can and cannot come to this land - known as Turtle Island.

Simply put if you are not indigenous - if you and your ancestors did not and do not respect Mother Earth - if you a Hog and are greedy - no land where the indigenous prevail and govern under their patrimonial jurisdiction - welcome hogs.

Now if you turn to violence and use gun and dynamite to defend yourself and steal and loot - that is on you. Read your history and you will see you all live a life that is a LIE.

The Paleface has never been sincere - he came begging and when he got a little - he wanted it all.

This has been the never ending saga of the First People in the United States of America - treaties broken, land stolen, women raped, children killed and these hogs call themselves something worthwhile - when as a matter of fact - they are not worth the rubbish that has better value.

Closer to home here in San Francisco and California - over sixty percent of the tribes have NOT been recognized by the Federal government. This is a crying shame. All this in the year 2012.

Sacramento is bankrupt and many California town and cities have no money for essentials. The same entities that stole and lived like hogs for hundreds of years.

Eighteen treaties were signed between the California Tribes and the U.S. Government - none of them were ratified.

The saga of the First People is one where they were promised something and given nothing at all.

All this on their own land where their ancestors lived for thousands of years.

This nonsense must come to an end. Suffice to say that those that stole and said it was theirs - now have invented sub-prime loans, derivatives, other ploys and machinations close to their DNA - strange as it may seems - these hogs - want it all.

All of San Francisco belongs to the Ohlone.

Yet, not a word is mentioned at our San Francisco Airport.

No proclaimation at our SF Port Authority.

No honor bestowed - no recognition and respect at our San Francisco City Hall.

The SF Planning Department will circumvent what is right and fail to recognize and mention the First people, the Shellmound, the ancestors of the Ohlone.

The big plans in the offing linked to Big Development is steeped in greed.

And when it involves the Sacred Burial Ground of the Ohlone and the disrespect shown to the Ohlone and more to their ancestors again and again - the retribution is evident - and it will be manifested once and for all.

Thieves never like to admit their guilt.

They will use strange terms they have created to say that they are the legal owners of the land.

When in fact they are thieves. Ask them for a document going back three hundred and fifty years - and they have nothing to show. In many cases going back two hundred and fifty years - and they have nothing - accept the stare on the faces - the redness of a thief and a liar.

Three hundred years ago these thieves were no where to be found.

Then they came and took it all.

They were so callous that they cut the redwood trees - so majestic that the few trees we find today in the old growth - speak so much to a majestic and sacred time.

You can just imagine - how Lewis and Clarke felt when they first reached the shores of California and saw these majestic redwood trees.

Once the salmon made it up the many rivers and in a ritual not fully understood until to date - interacted with the tribes, the land, and all life.

The greed hogs created dams to fulfill their immediate needs. Today, the salmon are hurting and the hogs have taken to farm fishing - where dyes and other artificial food is fed to the salmon - and greed pretend they have some salmon of a kind.

Gold was found in California on the surface and even today one can pan the rivers up north and find gold.

Did it ever strike the hogs that they should not use greed to take it all - and leave the land - bare, contaminated and devastated?

Strange these palefaces who have a streak in their being to steal, rob, devastate, think and argue that all is well.

Why did the First People leave the gold for thousands of years? Do you think you know it all - so much so that you have made a fool of your kind - where ever you have gone and ventured?

We had California Governors who would send edicts up until 1924 to fetch a scalp of an Indian and reward the filthy person that committed the sordid deed - five dollar as a reward.

Filthy hogs laid a stake and claimed land for themselves.

Then they went to some county clerk and got their stolen land on some survey and with some few dollars and a paper that smelled of thievery to sky heaven.

Built a house, some, something and claimed it was theirs. Strange are the ways of the hogs - that are so greedy to this very day.

The First People for thousands of years kept the land pristine - the called the Earth - Mother Earth.

It took the strange hogs more then three hundred years to understand sustainability and to practice - moderation.

The obesity we see today was not present with the First People.

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases the trophies of the Hogs - was not something the First People had.

The Hogs spread it - as they do every harmful, evil, sordid deed that is a disgrace to the human race.

The U.S.Army laced small pox in blankets and gave it to the First People. Some Army!

We are in the year 2012 and this year will spell the future in more then one way.

Of course the dumb Hogs - know not what I speak of.

The Hopi the prophets of the First People, the Maya - they all know what bodes well for those that are worth the salt.

As for the Hogs those that destroy, foster greed, their doom is synonymous with legacy of stealing, betraying, destroyed, raping, cheating, lying, and making laws that are not worth the salt.

The Great Spirit who has been close to the First People -  the ONE that spoke a long time ago - and spoke of a time when such pathetic hogs would roam the Earth.

Then, their end would come - rather a drastic change of events - and those that kept the Spirit alive, respected the ancestors, treated Mother Earth with respect and sustained it would see the light.

You all will move to a better place. Aho.

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