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Thursday, February 23, 2012

There is NO real funding for the Central Subway - as the Federal Government WILL NOT waste money on a project that is not needed.

We spent over $700 million when Willie L. Brown Jr. was Mayor of San Francisco on the Third Street Light rail and it is a White Elephant. It does not run on time - and one has to watch out for one's life riding it - safety.

Third Street Lightrail - starts at 4th and King and ends in the middle of Visitation Valley. Experts who know something about Transportation - baffle how such a stupid plan could pass. It did and today many suffer - but the tax payers' paid for it - and corrupt folks made money on it.

Projects, like the Third Street Light Rail, the Central Subway, Doyle Drive are forged ahead without through planning - only in San Francisco - idiots, at the SF Board of Supervisors listening to folks like Jose Moscovich and the SF County Transportation Authority.

Over $700 million was spent on the Third Street Light Rail - with a lot of people getting bribes for doing nothing.

One evil conduit that was used to dole out "graft money" - a company in the Bayview called BDI. BDI has a long history of being involved as a conduit to do things underhand and today - it is defunct.

Its latest casualty one Bill Dennis who represented BDI - I warned you all but you did not listen. Much like I am warning you all about Rhonda Simmons and Dwayne Jones - and you are NOT listening. 

Right now, in these dire times we do not need the Central Subway - and those that are pushing for it - do not really have the better interests of the tax payers' of San Francisco.

The Chinese constituency in China Town has been duped - about this project.

Most of the folks signing petitions - have never seen a Blue Print of the Central Subway. Others have no clue how detrimental it will be - giving less access to the  Seniors and the Physical challenged from one hub to the Bart and other vital connections - have NOT been worked out.

Thousands of dollars have been promised to some Community Based Organization - this CBO is pushing for this project. Join them a pastor - who should be taking care of his parishioners. Not getting involved in dirty, filthy - politics.

Serious issues linked to liquefaction and flooding have NOT been taken into account. Big Developers on this project have been increasing the cost of the project many times over.

Some years ago when the Central Subway - was first introduced as Phase II of the Third Street Light Rail fiasco - the cost was around $600 million. Now, it is $1.6 Billion and if given to continue this boondoggle - will cost more.

Our politicians want their campaign coffers filled and it is such Big Projects that bring in the blood money.

These vermin who say they represent - have no compassion for those that are having a hard time - and cannot put food on the table.

Most of the SF Board of Supervisors David Chiu, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, and Carmen Chu.

We have more poor sleeping under bushes, under bridges, in dirty, filthy, bed infested shelters, and our SF Board of Supervisors are dilly dallying with the elitists - on projects such as the America's Cup, petty project with ulterior motives, the Central Subway and more.

Hardly had David Chiu been given the opportunity by Chris Daly to be the President of the SF Board of Supervisor - this man wanted to be Mayor of San Francisco - bad. What about representation and serving those that need help most?

All over the City and County of San Francisco thousands of mostly Chinese line up for food donations. You must witness the lines in the Bayview and the local constituency mostly Blacks and Latinos are getting annoyed and soon this anger - will turn to something ugly.

The poor are getting poor and many Chinese constituents are suffering the most. I know the Mayor has some clue - but the SF Board of Supervisors - have no clue.

Come election time the SF BOS promise the constituents this, that and everything. Once in office - they act as if they do not need the constituents and the votes. Time to vote these sordid, vermin - out.

We are talking about billions of dollars in these dire economic times. If the SF Board of Supervisors truly knew what is happening at MUNI - they would pause - but they do not.

Most take money under the table. They get a salary of over $116,000 which should be reduced to the old $40,000 and the health and other benefits - taken away.

Let those who want to represent - represent - and those that do not want - they can go screw themselves.

It does not help having sellouts, people who listen to the MACHINE - act is a manner that is disgusting if not down right - despicable and nauseating - in these dire economic times.

Oh yes Carmen Chu, Jane Kim, and a dumb ass like Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener - know a lot about Transportation issues - much as they know - about not representing and making a fool of themselves passing legislation and voting on issues that are mundane and uncalled for.

The Central Subway much like the Third Street Light rail that is not working - will come to haunt this City and County of San Francisco.

Washington DC has known for a long time the pork barrel projects that the two hags Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein have been diverting to meet their personal goals. None of the above want the good of the constituents of San Francisco.

Nancy the seventh richest and Diane the eleventh richest - backing the Zionists - and using Zionists who control our banks, our financial institutions, who played a key role - in the ruining of our economy.

We still will send them to represent - even though these two - made millions using insider information to divert projects to their husbands - and used Wall Street to their advantage.

The Central Subway is not about any political party - which truly speaking has been contaminated with corruption. It is about doing the right thing and adhering to higher principles that most of the tax payers' follow.

Right now we have a bunch of morons at SF City Hall - passing legislation to put a Wellness Center at Third and Cargo a toxic hot spot - where the SF Board of Supervisors want our children to treated. Such idiots!

These same idiots cannot abide by the ordinance on local hire. Big Developers continue to do as they please. Time to shut them down. Enough of the cajoling, pleading, ass licking. Shut the bastards down.

The America's Cup is an elitists sport that these idiots can play with their million dollar toys on the Bay - at their own expense.

If these idiots want to fix the infrastructure let Larry Ellison fix it. The City must not put itself in jeopardy as it is doing today - with Carmen Chu and Jane Kim  pretending they know some - listening to the evil MACHINE.

It is the same with the Central Subway - those that understand some engineering and have followed MUNI projects - know well that this one is a boondoggle - these jackasses will fall flat on their faces.

We, San Francisco - cannot afford billions and it will not bring jobs. The jobs right now are NOT given to San Franciscans - not by AECOM, not by Nibi, not by Cahill, not by Webcor, not by Swinerton, not by they other very corrupt BIG developers.

Finally, what is happening to Lennar - inquiry minds want to know?

What is happening to SF Redevelopment Agency - have you all been shafted - enough?

Or do you still want to play with fire - I am addressing this question to those that backed Lennar.

Where is Lennar on the Disposition and Development Agreement on Parcel A - a legal document? Lennar has defaulted - so why not take them to court and shaft them as they shafted our children. 

Bombarding our community with Asbestos structures - which even today register high levels - I get the reports daily.

Malia Cohen would not even know about this - the District 10 so called Supervisor - who does not live in her District - taking every opportunity to go pussyfoot - out of State - famous for her jackass - grin.

Be glad some one is watching you fools - do not say you represent - when you have no standards, no morals, no ethics, grab anything you can as long as someone else pays for it.

More act pompous at City Hall depriving the constituents from speaking - the three measly minutes during Public Comment - pretending to represent - when most of you all are dirty, filthy - scumbags.