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Friday, February 17, 2012

We cannot start a meaningful REVOLUTION without being educated on issues.

We cannot start a REVOLUTION without being educated on issues, studying the fake and often "criminal policies" that are the foundation of many of the laws, ordinances, and policies that we take for granted in our daily lives - in this the United States of America.

No one ever wants to discuss for example how millions of acres of land were STOLEN from the Native Americans. You laid a stake, at times killed the Native Americans and the land was yours.

If you knew somebody you got what you wanted.

Long before the "strangers" came on this land known as Turtle Island for thousands of years- the Native Americans were here - protecting this unique land for thousands of years. Not so much for themselves but for future generations.

The strangers used force, at times signed treaties and never kept them, they stole, they killed they raped and all of this and more - has been documented.

In less than three hundreds years - all that was pristine has been contaminated. And these idiots dare talk about the Carbon Footprint - when they have been the demons that destroyed all that was good.

There is no way - anyone can contaminated - reduce something to a CESSPOOL - and then rave and shout and say - that they can restore it to its pristine state. No way.

Evaluating the actions of the past - there is no fair play, no justice, no morality, no ethics, no standards - but, when it suits the "strangers" - all is well.

Their laws are as convoluted as the mind of those that made them - they can rule any way they want it - as long as they are in charge. It is not about Justice - but Just His.

The destiny of the Black population is closely linked with the Native American - I call them the First People.

When any Black who had the guts and the gumption - ran away from the plantation - and if they by chance came in contract with the Native American - they were provided protection.

We know this - but Blacks do not openly - acknowledge this great deed - done to those Blacks at a time - when such an act meant open war. Put the First People in harm way.

As we celebrate Black History Month - the best revolution that we Blacks can start is being educated - the more attorneys we have, the more good teachers we have, the more sound professionals we have - the more we can take on the mundane and deal with the trash.

We do not have to go far to evaluate the deeds of Hannibal the Great and the defeat of the Roman legions that some thought could not be defeated - but were beaten, defeated, brought to their knees. Beholden to a Black General and Leader - Hannibal.

In recent times we have had the Mau Mau Movement - that brought the British to their knees. Those that heard the Mau Mau were coming killed themselves - rather than fall in the hands of the Mau Mau. It is all documented - but only recently have the British released the pertinent documentation. It is there for all the world to see.

Most young people do no know this - because the White Men's History books do not speak about real History - but about the most drab, shallow, HIS - hisTORY.

America has opportunities for those that want to study first and be educated on issues.

Unity is important and critical but more pertinent.

As we can see those in charge on the laws, the policies, the decision making - will do all in their power to divide and rule and keep those that they do not like - under their control.

Why do they increase the FEES in our learning institutions?
Why do they demand certain nonchalant things - when they offer jobs? Why do they do things that are not right when they have to follow the law?

Those that suffer know about this - but the sell outs and those that work with the enemy - continue to cause harm and forget where they came from.

If you forget where you came from - you are nothing - the scum of this earth. The wise, the elders, those that know something - will tell you this.

Do not fall for any type of REVOLUTION that has no foundation and that have no sound leaders that know exactly what everything, every single detail - entails.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

The early history of the POLICE started as Slave Catchers.
Most people are shocked at this - but that is what history has documented.

Most large INSURANCE COMPANIES made their money insuring slaves as goods - the ships that brought in Slaves to Britain, Portugal, Spain, Holland, to the Islands controlled by the above and others.

Most people do not know this - but, you can do something about this and more if you are educated - and take those that stole, raped, killed, and deprived millions of their human dignity.

If you are Black you can contact the President of the United States - President Barack Hussein Obama and tell him that I told you so - if you are afraid to know, speak and write about the TRUTH.

There is a REVOLUTION and there is "THE REVOLUTION".

Just a small thought during Black History Month to all the Sell Outs - that continue to pretend they are Black and do the bidding of those that harmed Blacks and all minorities and continue to do so - to this day.

Forgetting who gave them opportunities in the first place.

Write you own history based on facts - it is all there - not taught in the schools, the colleges, the universities, in our Black Churches, not in other places of learning - because everyone wants to be politically correct - which means be a ass and do the bidding of those that control others - just to keep them down.

You want to think about the injustices done to the people - all people - read, evaluate, study, and follow the deeds of those that came here and started by killing the First People of Turtle Island.

What has the Supreme Court said about this haunting atrocity that is there in their face and they do not have the  fortitude, the gumption, the moral force to adjudicate and more rule upon. Think about it.

This land belongs to the First People - why are so many Tribes not Federally Recognized? Why do the First People still live on the Reservations?

What give the "strangers" the right to commit such injustice while we wile our time and think of actions, conceptions, that are far removed from the truth. Wake up - the time is now - and time is running out.