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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The WRATH of the American People and the worthless, shallow, TEA PARTY.

The Tea Party is not worth their salt - anyway you look at it. Some 67 members within the Republican Party - that are backed by millions of dollars - and some powerful corporations that have made BILLIONS.

Much as it is a JOKE for the current Speaker of the HOUSE to say that he won 98% of what he wanted - linked to the debt ceiling negotiations. The Republican Party and he is sadly  mistaken.

These two shallow entities will get their response - November, 2011.

The Republican Party will face the wrath of the American People. More Seniors, those that need help most - for our Nation is a compassionate Nation.

For a long time there have been powerful forces - a few of them that have got large tax breaks that have been backing the Tea Party types.

Folks that do not have the better interests of the American People.

Now, these powerful forces have been blatant enough to deprive people in some areas; in these the United States of American from registering to vote. 

Bringing hurdles and making it difficult for mostly minorities to access registration places - and depriving these worthy minorities of amenities to cast their vote - and more disrespecting our core - American values.

Most sane people fully comprehend - the debt ceiling issue is a totally separate issue - that we all could have dealt with some months ago.

It was totally wrong to tie the debt ceiling to the run away economy, the lack of jobs, and ploys and machinations of Wall Street by mostly the Tea Party - jerks.

Not to mention the folks that brought about the failure of our economy using sub-prime loans and derivatives - ploys laid firm - on the Republican watch. 

Today, all over the world - many sovereign nations are laughing at us. But soon they will have nothing to do with us.

Nations such as Brazil, Russia, India and China - the BRIC nations - could easily start their own currency fiefdom with their own model to control a shaky currency such as the United States dollar.

When the Stock fell over 200 points on Wall Street Stock Exchange - and the Standard and Poor indicator went below its steady indicator - these two institutions were telling the Tea Party; shallow enthusiasts, young immature Turks - that for all their hostage taking - the general economy of the United States has years to go - before it walks straight and moves in the right - direction.

In the last 200 days plus - the Republican Party has not brought about - one single piece of legislation - to favor and create  jobs.

What does that tell you?

The Tea Party and the Speaker of the House - for all the crocodile tears he sheds - are shallow. They talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

So, when Putin says something rude about the way we do business on the world stage - so called Representatives holding our Nation hostage - none of that would be tolerated - in any other part of the civilized world.

The President is right about talking about raising taxes and should focus on the Tax Code and bring the large corporations that having a good time - making millions - out sourcing, and hoarding billions in off shore accounts - rein them in and give them an ultimatum.

When a Democrat, President Bill Clinton was in office we had a $7 billion - surplus.

Then when the weasel George W. Bush Jr. became President; using the Supreme Court to favor him - we created a $14 billion dollar - deficit.

He by the way was a lousy leader, inept and a Republican.

The Republicans must be ashamed of themselves - and on the world scene they are treated like - skunks - and rightly so.

So, stop looking at the President of the United States and blaming him for everything. The Democrats as well as the Republicans have a responsibility.

It was the Republicans that took a $7 billion surplus - and ran our Nation economy - down. Go Figure!