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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy - it is spreading even as Europe tries to get a grip of its Euro.

Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy - it is spreading like a virus - even as the 17 member Euro Nations - are trying to get a grip on this spiraling - situation - linked to the European economies.

Even as the Germans and the French tried their best to keep Greece a afloat - lending the Greeks money and trying practically every fiscal trick - nothing seems to be working.

Lurking the banks - many of them with roots in the United States trying to grab Real Estate in Greece - and leading the charge Goldman Sachs.

Paradoxically, I was told about this scenario over a year ago - by some banker I met in Auckland - and he worked for the World Bank.

He kept trying to push me off into that territory - where he thought - his bank and its ploys and machinations - knew best.

I listened and after forty five minutes asked him what he knew about sub-prime loans and derivatives. After which he asked me if I was a banker? I said: "What if I am?". He found some reason to excuse himself.

At one time Ireland had a booming economy. Ten years ago many computer firms were doing well in Ireland. Then one thing led to another - and boom - just like that - it shocked us that Ireland was sinking.

The economic mess in Greece, the salient but real fiscal woes of Portugal, Italy, Spain - are real and the Europeans are hurting.

In Spain people, educated people have NOT had good  jobs for years. In fact people - young people are fed up - and the many protest are turning violent - much as we saw in Greece and still see.

Some will be surprised to know that this scenario is on our door steps - right here in San Francisco - where there are hot spots - and unemployment is about 40 percent - if not more.

Here is California once the fifth largest world economy - we have 12 percent unemployment - Nation wide in the United States they say 9 percent.

When you count only the temporary jobs - many jobs that offer temporary succor - it is more like 24 percent in California and 20 percent Nationwide in the United States.

Here is San Francisco in many hot spots like the Bayview Hunters Point area - we have 40 percent unemployment and growing.

Yet you have the Interim Mayor - Ed Lee and the grinning District 10 Supervisor - attending some dog and pony shows - on Monday, August 1, 2011 - at 8:15 am on San Bruno Avenue opposite the Subway - at the North East Medical Clinic - that caters mostly to the Chinese.

The North East Medical Center is a bad neighbor - embracing some Ambassador Program - with drab leaders speaking about this program that is going no where. A dog and pony show - with little or no notice to the public at large. A place far away from the Bayview Hunters Point that is crime ridden.

Crime has increased but these politicians will smile, and spew diatribe and Ed Lee now talks and talks - and you know only an empty barrel does that.

He paints everything rosy - but, not once has the ability to analyze the Incident Reports and the ever increasing crime in the SF neighborhoods - where we never had too many shootings and killings - before.

It is the same in the Bayview - not too long ago - the Chief, Greg Suhr was invited to a Town Hall meeting - where pandemonium reigned supreme. The politicians were there - but fearing for their safety - sped away - only to talk about the situation at hand in whispers. It is the signs of the times. The ire of the people can set your pants on fire!

Chief Greg Suhr tried to address the agitated crowd and succeeded some - and has promised to come again - but we do not know - when.

When Gavin Newsom was there - he made use of the Stimulus Money - wasting millions - on programs he spoke of - as if the City and County of San Francisco was funding them.

City Build wasted millions - more for Administrative Purposes then for training - young people.

City Build is on its way out.

The gimmicks to have apprentice and pre-apprentice programs - rightly have to be initiated from the UNIONS.

SF Shine anyway you look at it - is a band-aid program - and what we are talking about FOOLS are career programs.

If the City has such programs and pays those that take them good wages - fine. But, the City is using mostly those that have fallen on bad times - to prop them up a little - for an even few months - and then let go of them - and the politicians are aware of this ploy - but foster these types of machinations and ploys. Do not play with the lives of people.

Here in the City of San Francisco with Gavin Newsom  and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - supported by former Supervisor of District 10 - dumb Sophie Maxwell - millions were wasted on City Build - most of it Stimulus Money.

The City of San Francisco is worse off with City Build and even worse with gimmicks that do not provide long term employment and good pay. Less still you cannot over-night bring solace to folks that have no education, less skills, cannot pass a PISS test, and if pretend that all is - well.

The Resource Center funded by the SF Redevelopment Agency is ripe with corruption. SF Redevelopment is on its way out - and should be for all the bad things it has done to the community at large.

Of course the Poverty Pimp Pastors -  folks like Aurelious Walker and Lola Whittle love money coming their way - that they can pander with and have in previous times - shafted the community.

Some other players in the Bayview that are the laughing stock of those that know - how things really work and make good stuff happen - all the time.

Fifteen years ago - with insight and a vision this City should have prepared skilled worked from San Francisco to work on projects like the Water System Improvement Project - but we did not.

We wasted $100 million on community related projects and benefits - Prime Companies that spent the money - and had NOTHING to show as a contribution to San Franciscans on a $4.2 Billion dollar project - and the 5 percent outreach and related programs on the $2.4 billion - San Francisco contribution to the total of $4.2 Billion - for the entire Water System Improvement Project.

Embracing AECOM and Parson with dubious entities like Dwayne Jones - there is more of the same coming down the pipe line - with the Sewer System Improvement Project - costing $6.9 Billion!

 Behind the scene Darius Anderson and the Platinum Associates - who if offered large sums of money by dubious contractors - use their power to deliver jobs on a PLATTER.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)  should not embrace static - never mind - if it cannot think straight - feel straight - and deal straight with a mostly straight - community in the Bayview Hunters Point.

It is disgusting - to listen to the convoluted arguments on Clean Power, the Combustion Turbines that we shot down, Community Choice Aggregation that is riddled with false hopes, fake schedules, false promises - and a host of pertinent issues -  the community is kept in the dark.

When the community offers the SFPUC vetted choices and suggestion - drab, shallow, inexperienced mostly folks that do not feel or comprehend "straight folks" are brought in and given positions with high salaries - that ruin all the hard work of advocates that have fought the fight for years.

It is exactly in this manner that the economy begins to falter.

Idiots mostly in higher management - with no clue what is happening at ground zero - pandering to politicians, consultants, Prime Contractors, putting their faith in sordid Project Labor Agreements - ruin it for those tax payers that finally have to pay the bills.

We saw it recently with the Debt Ceiling - even though the politicians were screaming at every turn - "the American People" - none of them had the blessings of the American People.

" American People" has become a cliche - and it is time we put politicians and other so called shallow politicians on notice.

San Franciscans were hood winked with the Water System Improvement Project - hood winked. Joan, Emery (who passed away), and Steve Lawrence who is still fighting with Joan - know more - then most of the those pretending to know at SFPUC - about both the Clean Water and Waste Water system.

Most disgusting the Out Reach person - obese and talking from the sides of his mouth - attending meetings and pandering to entities such as Jacobs and I have seen the nonchalant, Humpty Dumpty - bring disgrace to the community - where there was once - some semblance.

He once lived in the community many years ago - not any more - and the few he counts as his friends are sell out - on the take and with not an iota of goodness and sound character.

This journey from Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy to our local neighborhoods is what you call connecting the dots. 

Drastic decision lead to drastic consequences. The problems is few can connect the dots.

You are warned - and what is more Law Enforcement has the empirical data - that you nonchalant folks - think - they do not.

All those that had anything to do with BDI in the past - better - keep your house in order.

We advocates have had it - with people wasting tax payers - money. Giving presentations that are not worth the salt.

What is happening in Europe will happen here - and is already affecting California - with the thousands of fore-closures, millions out of work, our education crumbling, our health services at the minimum, our children one in three going to bed hungry, our Senior disgusted at the way they are treated, and entities that could make a difference - catering to their own sordid needs.

California was once the fifth largest economy - not anymore.

San Francisco was once a nice City but drab policies have forced the City - to become dirty, too many homeless, crime on the increase, and more with shooting and killings.

Politicians use SPIN and the Media to make their point - but, people are savvy and the on line news - shred these wanna bees to smithereens.

Politicians that talk the talk and do not walk the walk.

Politicians that work for dubious entities like the Pacific Heights Mafia, the MACHINE - folks - like past Mayor's and his cronies; who should be shunned - but are glorified - for all their dubious dealings.

The protest that we see in Greece - are beginning to take root  - but, when it happens here - it will be too late.

The snitches, the moles, the sell outs, those on the take - will have their taste of the French Revolution. 

It will be a sad day - but one that is coming and those that grin and spew diatribe - must see the dawn of this day that is coming. Aho.