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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GENOCIDE with more babies dying in Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and Kenya - this drought has been lingering for years.

GENOCIDE with more babies and infants dying in Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and Kenya - this on going drought has been lingering - year after year.

One camp near the Kenya border - within the borders of Kenya has over 500,000 refugees.

Thousands of children are dying - and we can do something - and the United States is doing something  - but more has to be done.

For too long the cradle of human kind has been exploited and today more than ever before - forces be it the United Nation, European Nation, the various Non-Governmental Organization, larger entities that provide relief must be helped.

Time is of essence.

At a recent hearing at the State Department - the details were explained before the various committees that deal with immigration, and such issues.

On this level it seems only the United States is doing something and on an urgent basis.

The problem is so big - that just thinking about it - would make any entity throw up its hands. 

It is about life and in America we treasure life.

Thousands of American constituents are helping but there are issues with donations - because of some protocol linked with terrorism and money that might reach - in the hands of terrorists. We must iron out these hurdles - and provide help to the NGOs that can be of - assistance.

What makes this issue all the more difficult are rogue elements that rape the women and kill the children.

Throw their bodies to rot in wells - and set fire to the thatched homes - forcing people to flee - only to follow them and kill them.

The Al Sabah roaming bandits have been in the area - forcing entities to pay bribes, stealing goods and food at gun point - terrorizing the innocent, ill nourished people. It is a pity that the world tolerates such atrocities.

The Uganda and near by African forces provide some security, under the umbrella of the United Nations - but in recent months - they too have fallen prey to the bandits.

Here is America we have our own issues and it does not help that George W. Bush Jr. took a surplus of $7 Billion and wasted it - and then raised our deficit to $14 billion.

The recent machinations involving the Tea Party and holding our Nation hostage - will back fire. These Tea Party goons have no compassion. They do not  have second thoughts about depriving poor people in the United States - of their needs - education, health, safety, transportation and other Quality of Life issues.

These same mundane  folks will not blink an eye, show no compassion if you relay to them the thousands dying in Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, and Kenya - they could not care less.

Brazil, India, China, Russia, and the Arab countries could help. However, they leave it to the United States to do such noble deeds.

It is time China step up and use its dollar reserves to help the needy.

In Africa - China builds stadium to pacify the Africans. Has been known to invest in oil reserves, exploiting the resources of Africa.

Dumping cheap goods and exploiting the Africans that have little money to spare.

The Arab Nations have a tie with all of Africa - from the days of slavery - and now is the time for them to step up and help and perform good deed. More - during this month of Ramadan.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, other rich Arab countries - could do better - but they have not done so. This bias towards the darker skin Africans - is inherent in their way to thinking - a mentality that does humanity - no good.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - and it pains my heart to see so many infants and children die.

I wrote about this situation and the lingering drought - a couple of times - and feel that it helps even if a few - step up and do something about this horrific -  situation.

This GENOCIDE that affects and has  devastated - Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya - can be stopped if the more richer Nations on this Earth - contribute and make good things - happen.