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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A RACIST City that sold out to BIG DEVELOPERS and a Rogue One - like LENNAR.

This City the City and County of San Francisco is RACIST. Make no bones about it.

You see the writing on the WALL.

Just watch, who behind the scenes - is controlling the elfs who have joined the Mayoral Race.

Gremlins you may call them - with the exception of one or two. Shallow and empty with hidden agendas - they failed as Supervisors and now want to be Mayor of San Francisco.

We, the few with guts - who took on a Rogue Developer - LENNAR - have not forgotten those that backed a corrupt entity and the static they gave our children and elders who suffered.

Lennar with intent bombarded our children and elders with asbestos dust, particulates, other toxic dirt - and did not apologize.

On Parcel A at Hunters Point - each and every timely element linked to the Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) has been broken.

For all practical reasons - Lennar has defaulted - but, who is to say. This is a Racist City - and the day has come to take the culprits to court and make them - pay for there evil - deeds.

If we were a White Community -  the community would have taken LENNAR to court and won - big time.

Lennar promised rental units - and failed to keep its promise. It made an amendment to the DDA which is a legal document.

Lennar promised Community Benefits - and once again failed to keep its promise.

Lennar made a "devil's pact" with the Tabernacle Group - consisting of Poverty Pimp Pastors - so what happened to this dubious - entity?

Who is representing the community today? The sell outs on Lennar's pay roll find the well empty. Other entities who thought they would work with Lennar on Parcel A - have been shafted.

Where are all those that took the bus rides to City Hall organized by Angelo King and Dwayne Jones?

Fed the mostly, ignorant, arrogant - indigent folks with cold pizzas and some cool aid not worth the salt.

We are watching the DJA consultants - watch there every move.

We have not forgotten - those of us that took up the challenge - and represented the community.

This Racist City San Francisco - pushed for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The EIR has come to haunt this City and will more - on Treasure Island and most - on Park Merced.

We had corrupt, spineless, shallow San Francisco Board of Supervisors - that voted for Lennar.

Now, these idiots having voted for Lennar - thought, Lennar would fill there - campaign coffers. Not so. Lennar is broke and as the months go - will be history.

In San Francisco -Lennar is dead and drowning in the cesspool of its own creation.

Lennar is into devious ploys - but, as we know - the present Economy - will not be kind to those that are dealing with contaminated land. We have seen them fail in Southern California and all over the Nation.

The Platinum Associates who behind the scenes make so much happen for dubious entities such as Lennar - other Big Developers, corrupt politicians - are now sweating. 

The Federal Agencies have a lot to move on them - and all those that have committed crimes - are put on notice. Your day of reckoning is here!

At the appropriate time we will name the San Francisco Supervisors that are involved in these "White Crimes".

Candlestick Point and Hunters Point must be cleaned according to Residential Standards.

On Hunters Point - Proposition P passed by 87% - says it all.

Those that are not educated on issues - know little about good Planning - Quality of Life issues - have not supported the community by concrete - actions - stay out.

Do not waste your time - making small noise. Keep out of it - because only fools dare go where angels fear to tread.

Of course the United States Navy - has no desire to do the right thing:

It will take a couple of billion dollars to clean up the area - one contaminated by Radioactive Elements with very high levels - and Candlestick Point a former - garbage dump.

Both areas prone to liquefaction and flood. Both prone to the adverse impact if a Major Earthquake - occurs.

The mostly Black - sell outs are no where to be found.

They are clicking their chops.

More so the Poverty Pimp Pastors - I see them - and when they see me - the put there heads down.

Some of us in the community took  a stand and brought down Lennar - to its knees.

We must remember not to cast our vote for those that backed Lennar and their dubious ploys and machinations.

Those that were and are SF Supervisors and could have done right - did wrong - by supporting wrong causes and Lennar.

Now we must show our support - and not give our precious vote to crooks, corrupt people, and dishonest - shallow, politicians.

This Mayoral race will be an eye opener and the crooks are already falling by the way side.

Cut throat politics going on - and those who have entered the Mayoral fray - have not seen - anything - yet. 

Here is some history for sure that have a moral compass: