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Thursday, August 4, 2011

All over the world the present economy crisis that has affected Europe more - is now causing adverse impacts - all over the world.

All over the world the present economy crisis that has affected Europe more - is adversely impacting sovereign nations all over the world.

Today - on Wall Street saw a spiraling down fall of over 500 points. Serious enough to put the economists on notice and bankers running for cover. 

The drab settlement regarding the United States - debt ceiling does not mean much - in this current economic climate.

The Nations influenced by the weakening Euro - are forcing the Euro Nations - to throw their hands up.

The factor that has caused everyone to ponder - the lack of jobs - and millions of people have not worked in years.

Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy - and soon France and Germany.

The small nations that are connected with the Euro - will be drowned as this weakening of the Euro - rises like a Tsunami and leaves all those in the path - victims.

The world economic more since 2008 have left a sour taste in the mouths of those that saved their money - 401 Ks and so on.

Many remember when their accounts reflected heavy losses in 2008. I do not know of one single friend - however wisely they banked their savings - however which way they invested - all lost more then 60% and some 80%. What a crying shame.

The banks have no sympathy; and when in the United States - tax payers bailed the banks there was glee on the faces of the bankers.

Sorrow still lingers with the victims - U.S. tax payers.

Since 2008 - the economic situation all over the world has not recovered and anyway you look at it - most of this virus started with huge financial institutions like AIG, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and the other larger institutions one worse then the other.

To this day - our Nation does not have check and balances - to deal with the larger financial institutions - who get money for less then one percent and loan it for more.

The repercussions of the many derivatives, the sub-prime loans - were ploys and machinations.

People in some large financial institutions - with intent - stealing and playing havoc with the accounts and lives of innocent - people.

More Seniors who lost most of their savings - and others who worked hard to save their money - only for those whose mantra is GREED - to cause havoc linked to innocent people, their incomes, their peace of mind - to their lives.

In some cases causing stress and even death.

America must wake up - and even as we crawl into 2012 - we will not see - this global crisis - recover.

The housing crisis in now stalled.

Here in San Francisco - Lennar is history.

This recent drop on Wall Street and the Stock Exchange - is all about - our economical growth moving at a snail's space.

Our Nation thought for the longest time that is was fine to have one dollar in our pocket and spend one million dollars.

Today, we have a glaring $14 Billion deficit - and more on the way.

Today's news reveals that on every level there is no movement to bring about a quick recovery in our economy.

People are saving their money - and in San Francisco there is a glut for rental units - and people who have homes and owe money - have a difficult time - making their house payments.

We all hear from our friends and their dire economic straits.

Soon thousands of people will be protesting on the streets of this Nation as we see today in Spain and Greece.

In San Francisco - once there were hot spots - like the Bayview Hunters Point with over 40 percent unemployment.

Other places - will see higher unemployment - all over San Francisco. Those in City Government that wasted Stimulus Money on ploys and machinations - will wake to a new reality.

Just today - many large companies lost over $80 billion in Europe.

It is the same in the United States and tomorrow the details will be revealed.

It will not be easy for those that had money invested on the Stock Exchange - loose so much money - on one single day.

The European Nation are suffering - and the negative report at all levels in the United States - is a cloud that hovers with worse news.

Come Friday, August 5, 2011 - the job market data will reveal, really how strong our economy is. It will be one significant day - that will reveal the true empirical data - and that news cannot be one where the sun shines.

In the last 200 days plus the Republicans have not introduce one single bill linked to jobs. Now, they have gone home to their constituencies - who is asking these morons the right questions?

The debate on the debt ceiling and the role of the Young Turks and the Tea Party has not helped at all.

It is not that our United States Market is not hurting - the point is that most markets are drowning. There is now a big question mark about Italy. Can any of the European countries truly bail Italy? Was has the ability to do so - without sinking - even Germany?

The U.S. debts and European debts - are causing a fast spiral in most world economies - that matter all over this world - including Brazil.

Tomorrow, only the brave will stand tall and say that all is fine on the Western Front.