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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From a 7 Billion dollar PLUS to a 14 Billion dollar BUST - our economy spirals towards the stars into one big black hole.

From a $7 billion plus during the time of President Bill Clinton to a $14 billion BUST - we created this cesspool.

This economy now is spiraling towards the stars - heading into one BIG black hole.

There are ways to divert this mess - but it needs the help of all concerned.

No one; should blame President Barack Hussein Obama for this mess - it is the collective responsibility of the House, the Senate, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Secretary of the Treasury - that have got us all in this mess.

Where are the checks and balances?

We have to rein this nonsense - uncontrollable  spending.

Now, for the first time - everyone is looking at the same page. We can look at the old pages forever - it will do us no good.

The 12 members task force with some determination, and with the triggers in mind - can steer this big, big - ship in mid-ocean - and put it on the right course.

Then, whether we all like it or not - we, all must contribute and act as responsible constituents and citizens of America - and hold our REPRESENTATIVES accountable.

Believe me; I learned this a long time ago - we all can  keep on talking and have something to offer that can make a difference - any one can make a difference.

The problems with our country is that we permitted the Main Media to fill our head with gossip and other mundane stuff.

The Main Media has NOT been forthright - and truly speaking we must do our home work - to discern and learn to look at the best information and empirical data to be better informed - and educated.

The newspapers we read contribute to the sources of good or not so good information.

The New York Time, the LA Times, the Washington Post, the Mercury News - but not the drab newspapers that we have now floating in San Francisco - the Examiner and the Chronicle.

Those that have access to online newspapers too must learn to discern.

There is a lot of information out there - but, the ability to filter and choose the best information - is linked to quality education and this becomes our pertinent - valid education.

We are a Nation of Compassion - and so those Representative that fought for needed entitlements - be it Social Security and Medicare and other relevant - entitlements - need to be commended.

We still have many Representatives that can stand up for what is right.

The Young Turks - within the Republican Party will not address the Billions of dollars that George W. Bush Jr. wasted - entering two wars and giving large tax breaks to Corporations that really do not need them.

What can be done is change the territorial tax code and encourage the corporation to bring their money back home?

Tax this money less and help the corporations to invest in Research and Development.

There are other methods too - and the Internal Revenue Service code linked to large corporation must change - so that all pay; taxes proportionately - to uplift our dire economic situation.

The Department of Defense must tighten its belt - no excuses.

Billions have been wasted on equipment that have failed our Nation again and again - we have seen this with the Hummer, the fighter jets, and all the information is available for review and adjudication. Billions of dollars thrown down the drain.

The private armies that we know are there - committing atrocities on innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan must stop.

We must stop interfering in the business of other countries - and stay home and put our house in order.

There must be a way to incorporate the constituents to give quality feed back that is documented - in the addressing of this default.

We cannot permit the young Turks with the Tea Party that are pompous, and have a hidden agenda - to high jack a process and hold the Representatives and our Nation - hostage. 

This nonsense mus stop once and for all.

All Representatives must take a 15% cut in their salaries. Learn first to walk the walk and less talk the talk.

In the last 200 plus days not one piece of legislation has been introduced by the Republican Party linked to jobs. Speaks volumes about how these folks care about our Nation.

We all have a very narrow window of opportunity to tackle the urgent issues linked to the betterment of our Nation - that can revive our economy. 

There are issues linked to education, housing, health, safety - our aging infrastructure, and so and so forth.
The input should follow some given and qualified standards -  without the input of the constituents, the citizens of this Great Nation - will be let down again. We must stand up for our rights.

Finally, nothing has been signed not a dot on the paper to raise the debt ceiling.

Nothing; signed to tackle the really issues affecting our deficit at home and abroad.

The President spoke once and said an agreement has been reached - and the world was pacified. The world took him on his word. Wow!

The House has voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling.

We have yet to get the positive vote in the Senate.

Never ever - has such a process been executed on the world screen - affecting the entire world economy.

For the first time - the entire world does not want the world economy to fail.

We already have serious issues in Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy, and the world economic virus is spreading. Something must give - but, then some model must be put in place - to bring stability.

Finally it is about spirituality - and the spiritual bankruptcy that we see led by large financial institutions that have put too much focus on money and greed. J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, other too dubious to mention.

Greed begets greed and greed has only one direction - a low point.

Not so - spirituality and compassion it brings out the best of us human beings - and takes us all to a better place.