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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane IRENE and the diabolical deeds of New York and Delaware.

Hurricane IRENE will be remembered by those in the Big Apple and more Delaware the head quarters of the the CREDIT EMPIRE - both diabolical centers of ploys and machinations.

Wall Street has not been good to humanity and in recent years has destroyed the economic stability of innocent people who through their brokers have invested in funds - that have sunk into the cesspool of greed.

Large financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, the so called money mongers and the money changers - daily make millions - using inside information and daily destroy the life savings of millions - not only in our Nation but world wide.

Let them see and face the might of Mother Nature and repent.

The same in Delaware the head quarters of the CREDIT CARD world and a place where the most dubious Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) can be established for a FEE to do EVIL. One of them LENNAR that has caused much harm in our back yard but now is DEAD - for all practical - purposes.

It is the CREDIT CARD ploys where these CREDIT CARDS corporations rake in billions. Giving credit - under false pretenses, enticing the innocent and needy - saying one thing and doing another.

Charging people huge rates - and raking in the money. The Credit Card business in really the DEVIL'S work shop.

Manhattan, New York, Delaware, and places around them will WITNESS the IRE of Mother Nature.

You all can figure why by Monday and have time to ponder and comprehend?

Let us see our the Main Media that has backed those that do EVIL - let us see them explain - what will hit New York on Saturday. Let us see if they can connect the dots.

That is NOT all - there will be more. The rain will trigger more tremors and another Earthquake.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and a hundred other agencies can shore up to address Mother Nature - the more the merrier.

This time a sign will be sent to all - the blind will see.

More, those that are haughty, proud, and think no end of themselves.

Hurricane IRENE with all its furry will send a message to Washington DC and the surrounding area. On the heels of a 5.9 Earthquake that just happened and shocked the living hell of those living in and around Washington DC.

There is only so much injustice that can be done to the poor and those will be protected who have earned credit points - that cannot be seen by mere mortals.

Today, there will be a signal given for all the world to see - then tomorrow the fire works will begin.

The Big Apple will feel - much more then it has felt before - up close and personal.

The might of Mother Nature - a message that will be washed to the very heals of those that have moved so far way - embracing actions that cry to heaven for justice -  IRENE is just a messenger - and there is more to come.

Mayor Bloomberg for all his talk and fake assurance is a mere mortal - and so are the many that might think they can fake something - they cannot.

Those that think they can build another Manhattan in San Francisco - wake up - you will see the water rise thirty and forty feet - with 8 to 10 inches of rain - pouring in large areas - at the same time - forcing the blind to see and those that do not believe in God to understand the meaning of LIFE.

There is a place for water and there is a place for land. This is not about Climate Change - but just Mother Nature visit its abode and sending a clear message to Planning Department - to steer off areas where Oceans and Water - make their abode.

This is the same case by the Ferry Building and all the land that has been filled in - all the way to Montgomery Street in San Francisco and beyond.

Those that did not sympathize with New Orleans and the disaster of that Hurricane Katrina - will for the first time - much before the visit of IRENE - see light through the curtain of much water - gushing from the Atlantic to make its abode where once, as I said - there was pools of standing water - removed to make room to build frail homes that will topple and fall.

IRENE comes on the heels of a hundred year 5.9 Earthquake that toppled the spirals of the National Cathedral in Washington DC, cracked the walls of some Land Mark buildings, and put the fear of God in those that have embraced GREED and MONEY - mundane stuff not worth its salt.

In a week - from today there will be many reports in the Main Media - but here is it in a nut shell.

Much before it happens - and hundreds will perish - because frail human beings are just that - frail and must respect - decency, ethics, morals, and the unwritten rules of the UNIVERSE. Some one must pay a price - for us all to understand and move to a better place. Aho.

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