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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nationwide one in five children are hungry - in California one in three - go figure.

What has America to say when one in five children Nationwide lack food and good nutrition and the same is in California - only worse - one in three children go to bed hungry - through no fault of there own.

Worldwide as in places like Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya - we hear and see reports of hunger - but hunger is now gripping countries worldwide - and the victims are mostly children.

America - the land belong to the Native American - I like to state that - just to put - things in perspective. I have to especially when we hear the dumb, shallow - Republicans address most everything - in a haphazard manner - and do not care for issues - such as hunger and our children.

Can you imagine those that want to give tax break to large Corporations - demand that we cut Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps - with no knowledge - how these programs really help - and how many millions of children and families - benefit from these programs.

Worldwide things are not improving because of crooked banks like the Bank of America, large financial institutions like J.P Morgan Chase and Gold Sachs - and others too.

Those who should regulate these large financial institution - know - but, let these vermin suck on the blood of the innocent.

Directly and indirectly hundreds of nations in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, in other countries - have fallen prey to sub-prime loans, derivatives, other ploys and machination that sprung from  - America - because of GREED.

Here in America - week after week - we see food prices rise.

We see transportation and fuel prices rise and take a greater portion of our expenses.

Health prices are on the increase.

The price of clothes are higher - and most anything that can be called a luxury such as cell phones - all on the rise.

If you are a Senior and are on Social Security for the last three years - there has been no real Cost of Living  increase - the Republicans do not bother about them - but they will - when the voters go to the polls.

The Republicans judging by the programs they want to cut - do not care about children.

In fact they want to destroy the good that once was - but now is no more.

Of course if you tell the Republicans that - they will say they do care about children.

The Republicans are funny that way - they speak from both sides of their mouth.

As to the Democrats it is not that they really have paid attention to education, jobs, our children, our seniors, our economy - as they ought to have.

Once they had control of both the House and the Senate - power went to the heads.

I am talking about the Democrats - and now they have to play second fiddle.

Of course all of them both the Democrats and the Republicans - got there pay increases - and both parties do not really give a damn - if millions of families are making ends - meet.

The care about themselves - love to talk the talk - but - fail to walk the walk.

Case in point - right now there are hundreds of important issues to address.

Our Nation has an emergency - but both the House and Senate are in recess - pussyfooting around and most of them traveling to places - to address some mundane issues but mostly to pander to there - asses.

I hope some of them reading about our children will  connect the dots.

We should be ashamed of ourselves  for allowing over forty four percent of our children to go to bed hungry - Nationwide.

Hunger affects other vital organs - and in the long run - the mental and physical well being of innocent children - that comes to play when they are adults.

Nation wide one in five children are hungry and we must do something about it.

Closer to home in California where so much good food is produced - one in three children go to bed - hungry. Go figure.

Here are some facts and statistics on hunger: