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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The great investment made at Alice Griffith - a contaminated area and an environment that has adversely impacted thousands in San Francisco.

This racist City keeps throwing curves balls, making false promises - and bluffing innocent - people.

In San Francisco with intent - those that hold power - have used people in Public Housing to create - adverse impacts and destroyed lives.

In years past - thousands of people have been incarcerated and hundreds have lost their lives - because of killing and shootings.

Thousands of innocent children have been reared under conditions - that foster adverse impacts - and favor a criminal - behavior.

Our City is responsible for such blatant actions - and must be held accountable at every level.

During the present Mayoral Race - I have not heard one single spineless, shallow, inept candidate - and there are many - barring one of two - that have addressed the adverse impacts to thousands of San Franciscans - that I am pointing out - to.

Our City had used dubious polys to drive  those that these evil "power brokers" naively deem indigent - out of our City and County of San Francisco into oblivion.

On to streets in the Tenderloin, other areas out of San Francisco - the wider Bay Area - spreading the "indigent disease" with no hope.

 Running away from the real issues and trying to wash away its bloody hands. Most of the past Mayors have done so - more Mayor Gavin Newsom.

In the Southeast Sector we have several Public Housing areas - Potrero Hill, Hunters View, Kiska Road, Oakdale, Sunnydale, and others called cooperatives - but more or less serving the same purpose - providing inferior housing - to those that need help most.

None of these areas have sound Recreation Facilities for the constituents, Safe Havens for our children, sound child care, good Food Markets, no sound transportation, other amenities that are found in plenty in the Avenues, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, and other neighborhoods where the filthy rich - live.

Most of the areas that are called Public Housing Projects come under the jurisdiction of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Federal property that cannot be bought but leased - in this case  - long term leases to entities that have ulterior - motives. In this case the San Francisco Housing Authority.

There is some general understanding to hand over Potrero Public Housing to Bridge Developers. These plans have been stalled because of the present Economic Conditions. All part of a program called HOPESF that is going no where.

The John Stewart Company using over $200 million dollars - some from the State of California Community Development funds, some from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, some from SF Redevelopment Agency - are tearing down and want to build high density units in a gated community.

They plan to demolish the bigger, better built units, larger rooms and build high density units - taller building over looking the Hunters Point Shipyard - but with the best view of the entire City and of course the warm climate as a bonus.

Smaller rooms where are Queen of King size bed is all that fits in - with little room to move around. Amenities that suit - single folks - and shun large families - families period and all this in  a kind of gated community.

Some vague language by the John Stewart Company entices those living currently in the impacted area that they will be accommodated.

As things stand hundreds of homes in the Hunters View are boarded up - fast disappearing community has fallen prey to evictions that they cannot fight -  people are given money to move and cannot return to Hunters View.

Folks were brought from out of our State to foster division and evict people - under the pretense that they were helping. This model has been used at Alice Griffith too. Sweet talk into something the Alice Griffith residents cannot comprehend - and before you know it - they are evicted or life made unbearable. Pathetic.

This notion of offering good housing after two years or 24 months  is but a dream - much as the conceptual of the area - that this monster behind the scheme purport to be good for the community at Alice Griffith and Hunters View.

Some of us remember the John Stewart Company from the days of the Geneva Towers. Where people living in filthy condition lived in fear. Guards with guns - permitting the sale of drugs and the blatant trading of prostitution and other horrific - crimes.

The Towers were torn down - and now the same demons are tearing down Hunters View, will Alice Griffith and replace them with conditions that are worse.

Here is the most important point of this article. When the Geneva Towers were torn down - people were told they would live in better housing and own them. Less then ten percent return and the new housing was and is inferior.

It will be the same at Hunters View.

It is the same at Northridge Cooperative Housing Complex - managed by the John Stewart Company that is Racist and White.

Mercy Housing plans to build homes at Sunnydale and will be assisted by Douglas Shoemaker who was until recently - the Director of the SF Community Housing Department - and now has made his nest with Mercy Housing. Time will tell.

Today's news in the Media speaks of Alice Griffith - a contaminated area where over 20 "still births" have been recorded in the last ten years.

More cancer and other respiratory diseases and more - in line to receive over $30 million in grants to build new homes.

When you break it down about $100,000 per home - go figure! That includes infrastructure and some cheap furnishings. The vultures are all lined up and the consultants - too - to fill their own filthy, pockets.

Ideally, the people that live in such dire conditions - should be moved to other areas where they can live like decent human beings.

The $30 million plus can do a long way to bring solace and progress to many human beings that have not been - given any opportunities to live as decent human beings - in San Francisco.

When such grants are made - especially touting the expertise of the San Francisco Housing Authority - most anything that is good turns out to be worse.

The SF Housing Authority Board - does not represent the people at large - and has on its Board - members that are far removed from those that live in Public Housing.

We have gone before them many times - to represent and plead for help - and come empty handed.

I can see the consultant vultures all lined up - to make hay while the sun shines. Nothing much will come - if millions are invested in a contaminated area - it is like pouring good money down the drain and into the worst - cesspool.

The City of San Francisco has not stepped up to address the real issues - in the Southeast Sector. The area is affected by radio active elements - mostly from the operations of the United States Navy - during World War II.

Over 200,000 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air from the large tracts of land - most landfill sites - that once  were vibrant, pristine - wet lands.

The near by bay is contaminated with lead, mercury, PCB, of course radio active elements from the near by Hunters Point Shipyard - and other very harmful elements at very high levels - that adverse impact all life - including human life.

One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide - very harmful to all life.

So much for all the vain talk about the Carbon Footprint and making our universe - sustainable.

Once the Ohlone had it all under control - that is until the "stranger" came and screwed it all. Contaminated all that was holistic and pristine.

This City does not really care about any life - for sure not with plans to throw good money - right now, with this present economy - on contaminated land - that is named Alice Griffith and better known - to the constituents of the Southeast Sector - as Double Rock.

Right now the Infrastructure is very bad at Alice Griffith - with raw sewage flowing on the Carroll side Street - which the City covers up - using wood chips.

What a cover up and how dubious can City Hall be and more the SF Board of Supervisors and the Mayor - check the facts - before you all take your asses to the ribbon cutting.

Such blatant discrimination, lack of Health and Safety - point more to this Racist City and how it cares for its constituents.

Thousands come to watch the games at Candlestick Park - having no clue what they are exposed to.

Some innocent fan - comes to enjoy a game - and can go home exposed to the worst types of toxic elements in the air. It happens all the time.

There is empirical data that points this out and we have records of the contamination and adverse impacts.

If it were a White Neighborhood a sound Environmental Impact Report - would be widely publicized and several focus meetings held - to give the best orientation to the concerned - constituents.

Not so to the indigent folks that live at Alice Griffith.
Students from the University of San Francisco, the San Francisco State University, Standord University, City College, the other universities can step up - and prove how much caring they are for all life - more human life.

We call this City forward looking - talking much about the Carbon Foot Print, lacking the true information - and failing miserably to connect the dots and make a difference. Here is your chance - especially the Goldman Foundation - that gives thousands if not million to anointed - Environmentalist.

What the fuck is happening in your own back yard?

Not so in this case - the poor, hungry, indigent, mostly uneducated constituents - are told lies, fed and dined on cheap fast food - and these mostly innocent, wanting any help and aid - fall for the lies.

Promises are made but none at kept.

Shame on our City - and shame on the District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen.

More the past Mayors - including the Interim Mayor. One has to call a spade a spade.

It is the same with Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - we must address the contamination with the latest technology.

Assure all human beings and for that matter take care of all life - see that all life is afforded the very best.

All spelled out in the Precautionary Principle: