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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Concrete jungles, low laying lands, and the how Mother Nature reacts to such hurdles in its path.

New York is about to face the wrath of Hurricane Irene and may be for the first time the Big Apple will fully comprehend the wrath and might of Mother Nature.

Its historical wrong doings and its role in the demise of many standing fiscal, monetary, and national and international fiduciary responsibilities, international policies stemming from the United Nations, and the World Bank - are on the line.

Mayor Bloomberg is trying to assure its millions of citizens who live in the low laying areas - tongue in cheek - that most everything will be fine.

At the end of the day it will be about issues like "flood  insurance". The Main Media will be speaking about this issue and that issue.

Not really addressing the real issue at hand - as if people can build homes and other facilities where once there was large expense of water,

Now man in his or her stupidity - dares to build where angles fear to tread.

Irene will cost the major cites in its due path over 300 billion to address the so called adverse impacts. Irene will send many messages - it is for the FOOLISH - to connect the dots.

This hurricane, one of a kind - will hurt many people - but Mother Nature has patience - and the skies were crying to heaven for a long, long time.

This is a kind of restitution and believe it or not - those millions that are out of work -  for years - now, suddenly will find some succor.

New York and the surrounding area has a lot of "old money".

Stolen money, tons of money lenders and money mongers, corrupt bankers, and Chief Executive Officers - who will witness and see reality and there ledgers - in a completely - different light.

Most believe - those that do not believe in spirituality will wake up - and those that challenge morals and ethics on every level - will see light.

Hurricane Irene will bring to the door front - an experience that will linger and being about complete change - in the lives of many.

We all remember Katrina and what happened to New Orleans.

Up until now the poorer "wards" are still suffering. That was because America - a super power - was dealing with the poor.

Not New York and the tourist places - money will appear from no where!

Many will be astounded and confounded, bewildered and shocked - how the relief work and other amenities will be put in place.

Relief given to most - just to make it easy on the filthy rich - Manhattan. Unlike Katrina - Irene will be singing the blues - in a totally different - way.

Manhattan once belonged to the Native Americans and the Native Americans were bluffed and the island bought in exchange for some glass beads and other cheap goods.

No one today gives a hoot to this travesty. No one thinks about the Six Nations, the Long Cabin, the noble Iroquois and others that duly, impacted our working Constitution.

Native Americans practiced "Democracy" on Turtle Island for thousands of years - much before some White Folks - came on the shores of America - that some one said was discovered. But, what about those that welcomed them - and what about those that stabbed those that welcome them?

Many parts of New York were built by slaves who worked from Sun Rise to Sun down and beyond.

Mother Nature is visiting those that were innocent and will send a "signal" - because there is more to come - to those that have decided NOT to follow the path of RESTITUTION.

Insurance companies are still rallying from 9/11 and the debacle of the economy woes of 2008.

Insurance companies played a role in slavery and there are records of large Insurance Companies -having made tons of money - now is the time to remember those - atrocities.

Wall Street will suffer a blatant blow, while Insurance Companies - the home of money lenders and money mongers - those, who have blood on their hands - famous names and filthy to the core.

Irene will flood basements and it will take months to recover from the mess.

Some will state why - and why really there is more to come?

Let me remind all - while it is fresh on your mind - the 5.9 Earthquake that sent shudders through the spine - and woke up millions in a large area on the East Coast that took things for - granted.

Washington DC has come to a halt. Even the great Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations and the official opening at his recent erected monument - to which I have contributed some.

These celebrations have been cancelled indefinitely - and rightly so.

We must think right now - if truly our Nation is compassionate and if truly we follow the mandate and dictates of our evolving - "constitution".

Are we truly taking care of our children, our Elders, those that cannot defend themselves.

It would be nice to hear what the Republicans will have to say - especially those that live in mansions who will be affected by Hurricane Irene.

In strange ways many of those that despise others, discriminate, frown and think they are superior - will be brought to their knees - and acknowledge that which they would - never.

It will be be a different - day.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be on its best behavior.

All this is good -  Hurricane Irene is very large - hundreds of miles in width - and any eye that moves once east but more west, towards the land - tomorrow - it will visit New York and there will be few to sing the blues - really.

Those cities that cheat people - especially the ones that entice and deliver Credit Cards - over 90% of Americans today owe large.

Credit card debt is our curse brought about because our Government favors the Credit Credit companies - who lobby - and give huge - "campaign contributions" to our Representatives that have let us down.

The Federal Reserve Bank has frozen interest rates for two years at the lowest rates - less then one percent.

Yet Credit Card companies - that are thieves - after enticing others - now want interest rates - in the double digits - on an average 15% - some as high as 27%. Who is monitoring this nonsense?

Irene will visit them - in more then one way - and rightly so. Time to change your ways and time for Congress and the Senate - to come to the rescue of the people - and put the Credit Card Business on strict - notice.

Those diabolical corporations and firms that deal with Limited Liability Corporation and Partnerships - companies formed to make money and when they lose they just fold up and disappear.

Water Front Property will be looked at with a different eye glass.

Perhaps for the first time - low laying property will be rebuilt with sound infrastructure.

Even the hollowed ground where hundreds died - in New York - where once stood the Twin Towers - will be flooded - to remind us all - the Mother Nature - rules. Aho.

Truly when we come to this Earth we come with nothing. When we leave we can take nothing. 

"We belong to the Earth - Earth does not belong to us" - said my Native American Brother and Elder.

Greed begets greed.

The increase in Hurricanes can be attributed to warmer waters, the acidity in the Oceans, dangerous particulates, the Carbon Footprint, the depletion of the Ozone, unsustainable practices, the use of fossil fuel with any consideration, strip mining, deforestation,  - and a host of man and woman made pollutants.

There is a reason why we are experiencing drought, why we see record floods, why Mother Nature is rebelling and bringing a message to our frail - doors.

Most important to remember is as intelligent human beings - we must be spiritual.

If we are spiritual - then, all other things will fall in place.

We cannot and should NOT invade foreign countries and cause untold harm - without justification and true - cause.

We first provoke others - this debate in not open.

We listen to the LIES of the Main Media - and enjoy sitting on our couches - listening to idiots give commentaries on topics that they know little about - day in and day out - CNN, NBC, ABC, MNBC, and a host of other dubious media sources.

No one can take the lives of thousands, adversely impact the lives of millions - and thinks for a second - there will be no - retribution.

There is right and there is wrong - and at times like this - we are forced to ponder - and think and do - right. Aho.

Real time - Hurricane Irene - T R A C K E R :