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Sunday, August 28, 2011

In this Mayoral Race which candidate has a viable plan to help our youth and address our failing infrastructure?

In San Francisco we have a population of about 816,000 and little less than twenty percent are - young.

Our youth that we must serve so that they can contribute to our great City and County of San Francisco - have not heard from the viable candidates. A forum by the Mayoral candidates for the youth. 

So, may I ask - who among the many Mayoral candidates and I know all of them - pretty deep - who among them has a viable plan to help our youth - put things on track - give our youth the opportunities - so that they can serve there City as best they can?

May I ask who among the many Mayoral candidates - first comprehends the failing Infrastructure of our City?

May I point out to the Great Highway by Ocean Beach - the impending Court Case - where this City could face fines in the millions?

This year our City with all the bragging rights that the Mayoral candidates have - many of those that could do something - with "intent" deprived our youth - from many "summer" programs and of course - good jobs.

The many former San Francisco Supervisors, the City Attorney, the City Assessor, others that want to be the Mayor of San Francisco - have not addressed in detail - viable plans - to lead and be good leaders.

One in five Seniors in our City go to bed hungry. One in three children go to bed hungry. Not once have the Mayoral candidates - address this pressing concern.

We have over forty thousand in our population that have not worked for over three years. Can anyone address this concern?

Our One Stop job centers are a joke. More, the SHENANIGANS by City Build and the ones at Visitation Valley, Western Addition, China Town - wasting precious money. 

Judging from the many Mayoral Candidates - that have entered the race - it is like a circus. Only at a circus you get your money's worth.

More, we cannot gather the candidates at any meaningful forum - to hear viable and practical solutions.

Instead there have been mud slinging insults - so, now we know - because they have shown their true - colors!

Some can wheel in, others can get the backing of  a former "thug" Mayor, others from the Pacific Heights Mafia.

Still others call themselves "conservatives", try to enter the race as a viable candidate - when in fact they are "corrupt". Watch out for the Republicans!

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Who can with a compassionate heart - take us to a better - place.

San Franciscans are astute - and those constituents that have registered and voted for the longest time ever - you can separate the chaff from the wheat. Vote your conscience and vote - right.

We do not and will not have parochial politics in San Francisco.

Candidates who will say one thing and do another.

Still others - that are beholden to the Pacific Heights Mafia. We have dealt with them on corrupt projects - linked to LENNAR and taken them down.

Not so City Hall - so those of you that voted for LENNAR - watch out.

Contamination, Radio Active Elements, Super Fund,
failing to listening to the community at large, having no compassion and going against our children and elders - are what you all embrace.

 You political SKUNKS - do not deserve our VOTE.

Do not think - for one single second - that you can bluff your way.

If you are sincerely for the people - then you have a chance - if you have humility and a proven track record - fine. If not - you are done - do not even ask for anyone's - vote.

This time it is not business as usual. We will name you - and e-blast your performance. Right now - we are watching your and your "crooked" - benefactors.

The astute, well educated, well informed voter - will decide and vote - this time around - believe you - me.

We do have a $7 billion unfunded pension and other issues - all unfunded that have to be addressed - with a plan that should be vetted.

Consensus built with the RIGHT stakeholders - present - stakeholders from San Francisco who have the best interest of San Francisco.

For years thousands of people have come to San Francisco to earn over $175,000 annual salaries with benefits.

Not so much to serve our City but to screw our City.  This nonsense must stop.

No one will talk about the over 26,000 employees the City and County of San Francisco pays huge salaries to.

Also, how many of them truly serve the City and County of San Francisco?

Can we have yearly City Employee evaluations - and that includes those that make silly decisions - waste our money - and are power struck - and have NO intention to serve with humility?

Those that are backed by Big Developers are tainted.
Those that are backed by an entity like Platinum Associates are tainted. You get my drift.

The SF County Democratic Committee today is an non-entity and out dated.

The SFCDC SLATE is pathetic - there choices this time - tainted.

 I know the constituents of San Francisco will vote their conscience and the results will reveal that - clearly.

Foremost - we need a candidate who has a plan for our Seniors and for our Youth.

Some one that understands our aging and failing infrastructure - and folks who are in charge - but are there more for their pay - than to serve the best needs of San Franciscans.

Future articles will spell out details. We have the empirical data  - but more we have participated in the relevant discussions.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has an opportunity to do right and hire hundreds of our youth - that need jobs - badly.

We can provide the opportunity and it has nothing much to do with City Build or the other so called twelve week training sessions - that do not provide a career job - but nothing after that.

Who will step up and work us - if not you will witness the revolution - not so much to vote for crooks - but for young women and men - to fend for themselves - and make the right calls. Aho.