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Monday, August 15, 2011

How much do modern societies who have destroyed natural resources owe to the indigenous people.

How much does contemporary societies - who have destroyed natural resources - OWE to the indigenous people of the world?

Indigenous people has preserved this Earth for thousands of year - only for the GREED to destroy most of it - in the last 250 years or so?

In all of my world travels - I have taken time to sit down with the indigenous people and talked to them about natural resources.

In all my dialog - never once have I encountered the deep inclination to be materialistic linked to the Indigenous people.

This element of possessing more and selling more to make money - is something inherent to the Western Society. But more to a certain segment of the population - that has adversely impacted the entire - world.

Some may say it started and spurred on with the Industrial Revolution.

Others may say it started with the Spice Trade.

Still other may delve into history and go to the times - when Silk was traded and with it Slaves and other mundane stuff.

The Dutch, the Portuguese, the French, the British, the Americans and more - mostly Whites - had a lot of do with slavery.

Do not leave out the main culprits the Arabs - they played and still play an important role in all that was exploited from - and linked to slavery.

This article desires to delve, deeply into natural resources that have been exploited, trees such as the redwoods cut to near extinction. 

Yellow cedar and yellow oak depleted.

Fish and other natural resources from the rivers, lakes, and ocean - fished to depletion and contaminated.

Whales and dolphins and other large mammals killed in plenty - just for the sake of killing and destroying these gentle mammals.

Here is America once the buffalo roamed with dignity and the indigenous people the Native American - hunted the Buffalo and took only what the tribes wanted.

The Native American respects the Buffalo to this day - not so those that revere mammon and worship - GREED, LUST, and mundane stuff.

 It does not come as a surprise - the stranger; just for the Buffalo skin - killed thousands of Buffalo - the skin removed and the flesh left to rot - piled sky high.

As trains passed by it was common to smell the rotten flesh and see - plies of skinned Buffalo rotting away.

Such atrocities, demeaning, speak to some greedy humans who have lost their mind.

GREED took control of their sensibilities.

To this day in other areas - such demeaning acts continue - always impacting the indigenous people - more then those that freely say they are civilized - but do not practice sustainability and a disgrace to all - humanity.

The Indigenous people always recycled and took what they wanted - wasted little - and did this because they respected - Mother Earth.

Anyone that truly practices recycling - will tell you this.

History is replete of Nation that have wasted - and included in this long list - the United States of America.

Right now as we speak some White Folks want to ski on the Sacred San Francisco Peaks in Arizona.

The courts have been informed that the San Francisco Peaks are Sacred. That the many tribes from the area - together - respect the area and the Sacred Sites that hold Sacred herbs and other spiritual elements.

It is wrong to ski on Sacred Sites, wrong to build on Sacred Shellmound, wrong to desecrate what the indigenous people - have held SACRED for thousands of years.

This does not deter those that worship - "GREED" - to insists they want to ski and further more desecrate the San Francisco Peaks - using secondary effluents.

Treated sewage - to make artificial snow - and contaminate the Sacred - San Francisco Peaks in Arizona.

Closer to home - here in the Bay Area - we know of hundreds of sites - that are Sacred Burial Grounds - they are all mapped and respected.

Yet, we have people who want to build homes and other facilities on Shellmounds - Sacred Burial Grounds - of the Ohlone.

Natural resources including the air, the waters, the land, the flora and fauna, fish, birds, insects, animals, and all that we see as human beings - were preserved by the indigenous people for thousands of years.

Again and again there is only one two legged animal that fosters - GREED to the extreme.

Today, we see the markets fall down and the future does not hold good - the dollar is worthless - not worth the paper printed. 

America is floating on Turtle Island - because of two factors one it has large Resources.

Contained on this large land mass.

Secondly; it has a population that is only about 311 million - unlike China and India that have billions of people that struggle to live worthy lives.

Yet, here in America everyday the host Nations - the Native Americans, the First People of of America are forced to live on Reservations.

To add insult to this blatant discrimination - private entities backed by the United States government - have resorted to mining and other dubious operations - to adversely impact the Indigenous People - case in point the Navajo Nation.

The shameless United States government does acknowledge the Founding Father incorporated many elements in the current Constitution from the Six Nations - the famed Iroquois Nation and others. 

Yet, today in the year 2011 - hundreds of tribes are not recognized by the United States - government - and are not put on the Federal Register. Why treat this noble people - with disdain and disrespect?  Why?

The time for restitution has run out. The time for apologizing has run out. If pride and greed is your forte - you will fall FLAT on your face - and wallow and drown in the cesspool of your own making.

The indigenous people have patience and patience is the Mother of all Virtues.

The shamans predicted a long time ago - about the pale face and the folks that have a forked tongue.

Those that see and have a good heart know what I speak about - those that foster - a bias and lack the ability to fathom - the wisdom of those that practiced "righteousness" for thousands of years - have but - themselves to blame.

What does it profit a man to gain the entire world and lose his soul? So say the scriptures that are read but not practiced in one's daily - life.

Most of of us know - the meaning of this simple sentence - yet daily the fake Stock Markets, sub-prime  loans, derivatives, other ploys and machinations - are operational tools to cheat, steal, rob, bring and foster turmoil to societies all over the world - by those that practice - wanton - GREED.

Leading in this practice - those that were once NOT allowed to live with decent people.

They were kept in ghettos.

Unfortunately these people the likes of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and of the ilk of Bernie Madoff - have scorned decent practices and directly and indirectly harmed the indigenous people - too - as with decent societies all over the world.

The many compacts on Indian Reservations are linked to some that practice deceit and use money as an operational - tool to foster - greed.

These folks work hard to place their kin - in places - be it financial factories, government departments, judicial and attorney positions - any position that allows and gives them the ability to make money.

While the world is suffering today - not much has been said in clear terms about this segment of the world population - that has caused too much harm in many quarters of the world.

Here in America this group has caused our Nation too much hurt.

Money has been used by them - to divide, hurt, and most importantly destroy - humanity.

When it comes to the devastation of Natural Resources in many countries - I have personal knowledge how these scum bags - have their finger in the mining of gold, diamonds, rare Earth elements such as Indium and Tellurium, Samarium and Neodymium and more.

How much do modern - mostly western societies, deeply immersed in GREED - who have destroyed Natural Resources - how much do these destroyers - owe to the Indigenous People of the world?

Who truly is behind the economic fall of the leading Nations - and why are they not called out and exposed?

Why should indigenous people suffer?

Thugs and corrupt folks - that have sold their souls to the DEVIL - have free reign and destroy what little is left - good on this Earth?

Who has the balls to take these scum bags on?

Seclude them from any society that has the better interests of this Earth?

Preserve the little that is good and has mainly been preserved by the Indigenous People. Aho.