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Friday, August 12, 2011

Where is the true LEADERSHIP in the Bayview Hunters Point area?

It is sad where you see NO leadership in the Bayview Hunters Point community on issues linked to youth, housing, education, truancy, planning, and in general quality of life issues.

True leadership that does not pander to selfish interests and leaders who will betray their community - for stale bread crumbs - working for political agents and depriving the community of sound - representation.

A community meeting was held at 1800 Oakdale on August 11, 2011 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Southeast Community Facility Commission.

The meeting was held to address a number of issues that have created a bad name and give a false impression to the City of San Francisco.

An important component and common denominator our youth - and they were completely left out of the meeting - and therefore any meaningful dialog and what is more important - the healing that is needed.

This Commission for the longest time ever has done great injustice to the community - by pandering and not standing up for the community and its needs.

The 1800 Oakdale Facility facility was built to cater to the dire needs of the community - as a mitigation when the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant was upgraded in the 1970s .

Over the years the facility has been turned over to other entities - and the youth and elders that need help deprived of resources, education, and the elders especially a place to have regular meetings and reunions.

Yesterday, the Police Chief, Gregory Suhr was invited and present and this would have been an opportune time and place to have our youth express themselves to the Chief who has a soft corner for our youth - linked to quality of life issues.

The youth would have gone away with some satisfaction and the on going healing process carried on to some satisfaction because of some recent unsavory incidents - taken care off.

There was NOT only single youth present at the meeting. Depriving the community gathered to hear and get a pulse of what is really happening in our hurting, sad, neglected - community.

The usual suspects - so called leaders present - said what they normally say - basically praising themselves and having no solutions to offer. Not one of them thought about the youth until I mentioned the facts, the statistics, and the pertinent - topic.

Gentrification is in full swing in the Bayview Hunters Point and those in charge - as is the Southeast Community Facility Commission - have not done anything to curtail - gentrification.

Accept - to have drab meetings, discussing mundane topics - spew hot air, discuss things in circles - that focus on nothing that is specific and with less accountability and even less transparency.

No one on the Commission is well respected by the community and not by the youth. Why?

It is time that the Southeast Community Facility Commission to have a hearing and listen to the youth of the Bayview Hunters Point - especially the Black youth.

There was a lack of participation and attendance from the Polynesian Community, the Asian community, the Latino community, the youth community in general - what is happening?

Since the year 2000 over 800 Black youth have been killed and shot at.

Hundreds more have had their youth life disrupted - forced to leave school and after a while join gangs to find some temporary succor - often leading to their - deaths.

While those of us that have had opportunities know that we were blessed with opportunities, mentors, and other elements that favored our - progress. These youth because of their surroundings, lack of opportunities, mostly lack of leadership from the Pastors, Elders and Leaders - have been adversely affected.

Too many Poverty Pimp Pastors in our community and some were present at the meeting - yesterday:

It is the responsibility of the Elders, the Pastors some 60 churches in the area and growing - to take care, represent, bring solace - and in a way vouch for the community.

What has happened in last 10 years is that "sell outs" that pander to the corrupt entities that pay them - entities such as "Lennar " who has FAILED in its mission - have decimated the community.

Lennar with intent poisoned our community and our children and youth and the Southeast Community Facility Commission had NOT a word to say about this diabolical entity -  LENNAR.

Now suddenly it wants to address community issues?
Who is fooling whom. Lennar is DEAD, the SF Redevelopment Agency that the Southeast Facility Commission support out - and it has lost all credibility with the community at large.

Today the youth are fed up with our Bayview leaders. Recently a pastor who approached the youth and was talking from both sides of his mouth - was assaulted. This has not happened before -  sad but true that is the situation at ground zero.

Wake up stumbling, fumbling, out of sync, inept so called representatives that are sniffing your way to get back on track.

It does not help that we have a "grinning District 10 Supervisor" who has NO clue what is happening to the community.

Counts among her advisers people that do not represent the community and some who do not have the best interests of the community.

How many career jobs have you District 10 Grinning Supervisor brought to the Bayview Hunters Point.

What are you doing about the increase in HIV and STDs in our community - age group 18 to 34 years?

What are you doing to stem gentrification?

What are you really doing and why were you NOT present at yesterday's meeting - pussyfooting around?

Our youth are not treated with respect and the time has come for us to step up and hold those responsible to some standards and put their feet to the "fire" that disrespect our youth.

Our youth are left out off any meaningful equation that betters and offer good opportunities in life.

Those youth that should be helped many have qualified skills are deprived of opportunities because of the color of their skin. This is a crime.

Let me clearly state that in the Bayview Hunters Point - discrimination - more discrimination of people of color is rampant and done with INTENT.

No one has read the UNFINISHED AGENDA and less the OUTMIGRATION document.

I blame the leaders and those that pander - leading the charge Aurelious Walker and those that support him. He was there yesterday - blabbering. 

At yesterday's meeting the man who is a pastor was totally out of sync - he is not in touch with the people - blowing his own horn - and putting his foot in his mouth. This man was not anointed and less appointed to speak in the manner - that he does. The time has come to tell him to move - on and fade into oblivion.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission is a JOKE.

Time for those that have been in place for the longest time and done nothing - like some aging fungi - to move on. You do more harm to those that have joined you and cannot make progress.

No one is going to take your dictation anymore - no one is going to tolerate your dictatorship. No one can permit this nonsense to go on forever.

Public meetings, more community meetings - must serve a purpose - more to represent that concerns of the public - but, in this case our youth that are adversely - impacted.

Today, on the streets with the recent happenings - the youth do not trust anyone that does mean and horrible things - in front of their eyes. 

The Southeast Community Facility Commission has deprived youth from conducting class that once gave them opportunities to get their General Education Diploma. Others from learning other skills - deprived youth from the Bayview Hunters Point - community.

Now, other outside entities are permitted to come and conduct business - folks that look down upon the community.

Our Seniors are deprived from using facilities to meet and recreate. What once was - in now no more.

We, the community are watching and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) knows about this and has done nothing much - too.

It is time remove the present Facility Director and replace him with some one that has the respect of the community.

The SFPUC has been slow - listening to its Out Reach Point Person who does not live in the community - and thinks that he is in touch with reality - when he is not.

This is a clarion call to him and request him to step out of the circle. He has been known to take money from under the table - going to the days of BDI and Kelvin Hayes.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission has lost touch with the youth and reality - it is fumbling around - trying to get on track - but most of its members are lackeys who owe their allegiance to politicians and favors that are detrimental to the community and for sure our YOUTH.

There is no doubt we have to work with our Chief of Police but first we must get our house in order. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

Time for the "sell outs" to move out of the way.