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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Spirit of the Ocean - Te Mana O Te Moana.

Not too long ago I visited the Auckland Museum in New Zealand - and was impressed to see the Polynesian Section dedicated to the Vaka, Ocean faring warriors, navigational tools, and a host of other very pertinent aspects - displayed.

Earlier some thirty years ago - KON-TIKI and other such novels impressed me some.

The recent travels of the VAKAS from New Zealand to San Francisco and beyond - impressed me the most. I am following the journey and watching the footage I get - carefully.

New Zealand aka (Aotearoa), Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga right now are participants - in this venture to travel long distances - build the Vakas - much as the Ancestors did for thousands of years.

These Vakas have incorporated designs to accommodate some of the latest technology and utilities such Global Positioning Devices, natural gas to cook, radios, modern ropes and gears, safety equipment and the like.

Interesting are the designs of the Vaka itself - a fusion of the ancient - from the many drawings and artifacts available and of course contemporary and modern - sailing.

Initially at every sovereign island the Vakas visited - there was a rainbow welcoming them.

Also, as they approached some islands - whales came near by and I saw in the movies that I watched - the MANA manifest itself.

That is what it is - and that is what I wanted to see manifest - the MANA.

The Spirit of the Sea - that the White Man has destroyed because of Greed and lack of Spirituality.

It was not uncommon thousands of years ago - for those daring sea faring warriors to sing and pray - and be guided by the "Te Man O Te Moana" - the spirit of the Oceans.

They looked to the SKY and on it was mapped the direction - they could follow. The celestial map that they knew by heart. The clearer the sky - the clearer the map - showing them exactly where they wished to go.

On there return home - they had the journey mapped, complete with landmarks, the food available, destinations where they could refuel, and so many stories and many of them in - songs.

I am not Polynesian but my love for the Ocean - the Mother of all LIFE - is deep.

I have befriended the Polynesian People and have too many friends that are too dear to me.

I was been on the Ocean Blue - both Indian and Pacific - and know how the respect - that which can turn on you - in an instant.

Human as we are - we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and some very powerful forces. If you can respect Mother Nature - you could be spared but if you are haughty - then God be with you.

The Polynesians are a loving people and my relationship has been deep with those I have made contact with.

Here is San Francisco, in Los Angeles, in Alaska, in Samoa, in New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and other places in lesser numbers.

I have written some about the Polynesian and did write about this unique voyage - some months ago.

Now that I see the real footage - some of it happening right here in the Bay Area - it fills my old heart with joy.

After spending some days in San Francisco, the Vakas proceeded to Monterey, and just yesterday - left to fulfill the rest of there journey:

The main goal of course was to accomplish what many had forgotten - receive the blessing of the Oceans. Feel the MANA to spread it every where.

The spreading of the Polynesian Culture - so many things in common among the many sovereign nations - some small islands and others big - and yet so much diversity.

All share one big heart - and the common thread - the  MANA of life.

The principles of sustainability, recycling, using less, eating right are for us to follow.

We are indigenous people and do not take our dictation from those that learned it from us.

We can eat right but if we chose to follow the path of our ancestors. The "fast food" mentality - leads to destruction and if we follow it - then the JOKE is on us.

We know how to respect Mother Earth - it is in our DNA - but if we polluted our planet with intent - the JOKE is on us. You get my drift.

We must be educated on issues. Be physically healthy, spiritually strong, and mentally train our minds to learn what is best for this universe.

If we do so we can lead and take others to a better place. Those that are educated on issues have nothing to fear.

There is a lot of drab, shallow information out there - but those that can discern, filter the best information, are educated - and if you are educated - you can find the MANA and share the MANA.

You can be a VAKA! How about that!

I will follow the Vakas and deep within me I feel very good and light with fortitude.

As I follow these common men and women. Yes women - make history - by following the routes taken a very long time ago - by some of the greatest Ocean Faring Warriors on this Earth. Aho.