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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where does the NATIVE AMERICAN fit in the contemporary fiscal madness.

It is strange, so strange, that it defies logic, any sense of fairness - and cries to heaven for justice.

This land belongs to the Indigenous People - the Native Americans that have been denied their rights and treated with discrimination - by a Super Power - that has fallen on its sordid Face - and fails to comprehend the injustice meted out to the Host Nations of America - the Native American Tribes.

No where in all the discussion about our dire economic situation - does the Native American, and the exploited resources of Turtle Island figure.

The injustices linked to slavery and the environment tarnished for all eternity. The untold atrocities - some recorded and other related by word of mouth. The many lynchings and the tarring taken for granted at one time - but crying to heaven - for restitution and adjudication - at the appropriate time and place. That time in now!

The blood and sweat of people forced to work with pay - like animals - by the White Man - mostly on once pristine Turtle Island - but now tarnished by atrocities of a kind.

The debt-ceiling crisis, the debt we owe as a Super Power in trillions, the crumbling infrastructure, the billions in off-shore accounts, the greed that has been fostered for years by AIG, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan - other dubious entities in nature - has one word been said about the hosts Nations of America - more Turtle Island - we know as Native Americans.

The indigenous people of any country are the ones we must honor and respect.

If one does a careful study, understand the customs and culture - without doubt the factor of GREED does not factor - in - in the quest to grab it all with any justification much as a thief, a robber, a person who is worthless - because he has no morals, no standards, the worst of the worst.

Further all indigenous people respect Mother Earth and have for thousands of years - followed sustainable practices - that the White Man is just beginning to fathom and fails to understand. He has no holistic comprehension of most - values and standards.

It does not come as a surprise that soon Brazil, Russia, India and China - that are know better as the BRIC nations - will make those Nations fully realize; those Nations that wasted billions on wars. 

That includes America - causing; untold infliction on innocent people -  devious operations that have come to haunt our Nation better known to the indigenous people as Turtle Island. Devious ploys and machinations - do not take one to a better - place.

The shamans, the prophets have long before today - revealed to many that can stand the truth - that those that have with "intent" harmed the innocent - will bear the consequences.

In recent times out of no where - America has fallen on its face - again and again.

It does not matter - when the Tea Party and current machinations played on the Television by wanna bee prospective candidates that are from the Republican Party - promise the dumb and those not educated on issues - the world.

We have heard such LIES for too long.

Never once do these shallow entities respect the indigenous people.

Never once do they admit they raped the land, stole the resources, dishonored the Elders respecting the Indigenous People and the standards they stood for.

For those that with "intent" created this madness -  they will see before their very eyes - alive - the due - judgement - that is before them in their life time.

The indigenous of America once welcomed the strangers - and in doing so - created this madness - we witness today.

There is no other entity in the entire world that wants it all - other then the White Man.

Think about it. Materialism is in the very DNA of the White Man - he wants it all so bad.

So, soon he will get - nothing. He because the "he" - has been instrumental as a consequence of his actions - the demeaning of values and standards held - high for the longest time - by those that know - better.

Closer to home all this land we call San Francisco and many other areas in the Bay Area - belong to the Muwekma Ohlone and other indigenous tribes.

Ohlone means the people from the West Coast.

For the last 40 years my quests has been understanding - why the First People of San Francisco and the Bay Area - are treated like - "dirt"?

You can get a glimpse of what I am talking about by visiting the Muwekma Site - surfing the site that speaks to the current litigation in the - "Courts:

Over sixty percent of the California Tribes are NOT recognized. That simply means that - even though for thousands of years - generation after generation - they were born free and could roam, live, and pro-create with any encumbrance. 

Today they are treated like second class citizens in their own land and NOT Federally Recognized. 18 treaties signed between the United States government and the California Tribes - were not ratified. What a crying shame!

Then came the White Man - and took it all away. Why?

Why is it that only in America - the host Nations - the indigenous people, the Native Americans - live on Reservations?

Who gives the right under what universal law - to steal, rape, and dictate to the Host Nations - what is best for the indigenous people?

It is disgusting, nauseating, mind-boggling, and pathetic - to keep the "Indigenous People"  in servitude for years.

NOT apologize to the Indigenous People - for all the harm we as a Nation - have done to our Host Indigenous Nations - we know as the Native American.

The Great Spirit sees it all.

Not everyone can speak the Truth - some can - but we know for a fact - who speaks with a forked-tongue.

So, where does the Native American, the Indigenous People of the world - and here in the Bay Area and more in San Francisco - fit in contemporary fiscal madness?

We have Congresspersons and Senators from the Bay Area - who have not taken a stand to Federally Recognize the First People, the Indigenous People, the Native American that are the host people, the host Nations - here in California.

Further, the prophets the keepers of the "prophecy" that have for hundred of years - spoken of the pale-face - the calamities that "He" would visit on Turtle Island.

Time and time again - it is so SAD so see the First People - demoralized.

Taking insult after insult - and the time has come - to stand up and speak to the T R U T H.

The ANCESTORS have spoken and when you have truth on your side - all that will happen in goodness and for the good - will happen.

This Earth has all the time to heal - and get rid of those that do not with intent - take care of Mother Earth. Aho.