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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The basic rights and elements in place to survive in America for those that are NOT filthy rich.

The basic rights and elements that should be in place for those that are not filthy rich - that are gradually eroding in our Society.

A lot of the baby boomers are getting ready to receive their Social Security and many of them are experiencing difficulties.

More so those that do not have a 401 (K) c and other savings - that should have been in place - not affected at all - to tide them over these difficult economy - times.

Social Security is not some fund that the United States government can declare null and void.

Over the years - Social Security has been a fund that has been paid into - by all those that work. If you have sufficient credits - earned by hard work - then one can receive their - Social Security.

They can do so - because by law - they earned it. Each and every one of them.

Initially Social Security was created to help those that worked hard and could not save for retirement.
In the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s - few incentives - were in place for blue collar workers and others - to invest in their retirements.

Social Security over the years has helped millions. If you really want to find out how much Social Security is treasured - contact :

Some Republicans are now trying to dismiss Social Security - as a ploy that really is harming our Nation.
Trying to linked it to the current "debt ceiling" and wasteful spending by those that Represent the constituents of this Great Nation - the United States of America.

The Republicans are talking about "means testing" and other ploys - to deprive millions in the future - on Social Security and other programs and benefits that benefit - the have nots. 

While "means testing" does sound fine at first - "means testing" - can lead to depriving - millions of innocent constituents - if this "dubious ploy" is agreed upon.

This has happened before with the welfare system that Bill Clinton tackled in a haphazard manner.

Today, more poor people are suffering and have nothing to fall back on. Bill Clinton removed a critical - "safety net" because he failed to comprehend the details and service provided by programs such as Food Stamps and so on to those in need.

In past years - poor people who really could not have access to food and food stamps to survive, get good transportation, avail themselves of health programs - received help from the State and Federal entities - through meaningful programs.

Now, millions have no place to go -  suffer daily and the burden in on our children, our infants, and our Elders that we must RESPECT.

The richest Nation in the world has one in six adults - go to bed hungry.

One in five children - go to bed hungry.

In poorer communities - all over this Nation - one in three children - go to bed hungry.

I was listening to the tapes of a President during the last Depression - and he laid it out straight - about the money lenders and other dubious characters - who  harmed our Nation.

The same thing happened in 2008 and continues to happen today. No one is taking Goldman Sachs to task, JP Morgan, the many banks Wells Fargo, Bank of America - who are sitting on trillions of dollars.

Every American who played by the rules is affected by the Major Banks who did NOT play by the rules. In fact the banks endorsed sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other dubious elements and machinations.

All duly endorsed by entities like Moody's, Standard and Poor's, Fitch - entities that endorsed these "dubious ploys" to be worthy - when they were - worthless.

Some bare facts about derivatives:

The Major Banks are now protected by the Nation and the White House and other entities that should be protecting all Americans worth their salt - and being told to "go to hell".

The corrupt Banks and other crooked entities fined a measly 20 billion - and let go.

What type of JUSTICE is this?

The Major Financial Institutions and the Major Banks owe our Nation - trillions of dollars. These crooks have been fined one cent on twenty dollars if  not less.

We, the people must take charge of our collective destiny.

We must remove those in Congress and the Senate and curtail their terms to two terms at most - especially those that do not - represent.

There is no major difference between the Democrats and Republicans when it comes to putting there own needs first and the needs of our Nation and its constituents - way down the totem pole.

The shameless so called Representatives are now on vacation - while the Nation - has several - impending emergencies - that have to be attended to.

Even mother nature - hearing the pleas and sufferings of the people - on the East Coast - announced itself with a 5.9 Earthquake. There is more on the way.

Millions of people have not worked in years. It is wrong for children to go to bed hungry.

Our Elders go to bed hungry - with inferior health programs and other pertinent - needs not met.

No one seems to care - while we waste fifteen to twenty - billion dollars - every month - on war and other interference - haughty and degrading - messing with the lives of innocent sovereign people - we have no business interfering with.

Who are making these decisions and who is truly being represented? For sure NOT we the people.

Some five percent of the rich in our Nation control ninety five percent of our Nation's wealth.

As each year goes by - the Middle Class that brings about some semblance to our economy and standard of life - more quality of life - is eroding. We can see this year after year - and we the people - are not speaking out.

Of course you cannot speak out  - if you are not educated on issues. We cannot stand by dumb and blind with blinders on our eyes - and allow our children and our Elders to suffer.

Many of them do not deserve such blatant - injustice.

President Barack Hussein Obama seems to listen but not hear.

He is surrounded by some that really do not feel the pain of the people.

We really do not want the Republicans to taunt the poor people, the hard working blue collar community, the middle class - that is eroding.

We Americans - those of us that contribute on many levels, fronts - understand the working of a genuine, just and fair government - fully understand the machinations of the Republicans.

Just look at the Republican Presidential Candidates and the stuff they utter - disgusting, if not down to earth - pathetic.

We the people have less then a year to pull up our socks, steady our plans and act - with fortitude.

We cannot stand by and let the bulldozers mow us down - and expect everything - important and required for our sustainability and well being - to happen by osmosis. Aho.