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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What is wrong with San Francisco Politics? Do we have our priorities straight?

What is wrong with San Francisco politics?

Do we have our priorities straight?

Do the many mayoral candidates have a sound platform? Will these drab candidates be endorsed  by SLATES - that fools look at - and vote on?

The many candidates that want to join the Mayoral race must have the best interest of San Franciscans.

It is long time coming. Things started spiraling down in the year 1996  when a thug Mayor occupied Room 200 and took our City down the drain and into the cesspool - of this "thug's" - own creation.

Judging from the drab performance so far - not one candidates stands out - worthy and fully qualified - stands for the the constituents of San Francisco and our interest. Quality of life issues.

San Francisco has always been about BIG CORRUPT DEVELOPERS and so called POWER BROKERS - dividing the community and stealing elections - more in the last fifteen - years.

History has it complete with empirical data.

One current power broker - former Mayor - in years past - even had his thugs - burn a house and with it a woman and her children.

The thugs made sure that doors were shut close - so that no one could escape.

During his reign ballot boxes were stolen and ballots floating in the Bay!

We have another power broker who will intimidate thousands of constituents, most ignorant to vote for some one just because she feels personally - it is the right thing to do.

This is NOT Communist China!

No one can fool all the people all the time. And this time around the gloves are on - and those that defy justice and fair play - will be fair game.

Another candidate forgets he listened to big developers and went against the wishes of the people on two major issues.

One - he nullified over 33,000 signatures even after the SF Department of Elections certified them.

Secondly he divided thousands of families initiating Gang Injunctions. We remember you and we will remember you better at the polls.

It does not help that cronies like Sophie Maxwell supports you - she and other sell outs - mostly Black in the Bayview Hunters Point - that are singing the blues.

In this city wide mayoral elections - the other areas of San Francisco are participating - are deliberating - and making good choices. And rightly so.

It does not help that some SF Board of Supervisors are trying to elevate their positions - without any validity. Trying to crawl up the unsteady - ladder,

We witnessed - how three SF Supervisors voted for an Interim Mayor - without having the ability to discern.

Now, we have two current SF Supervisors that are worse for trying to become the Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco.

Worse still - two former SF Supervisors - too pathetic souls.

26 candidates and growing - all vying to be the Mayor of San Francisco without first comprehending about our priorities.

We saw how most of the candidates voted when it came to Lennar - a rogue developer.

Any one that voted for Lennar and the Hunters Point Shipyard that is a Super Fund site - does not comprehend the elementary issues - of sound planning and housing.

We all saw the same scenario played out with the Park Merced - future plans to demolish 1500 rental homes - and put in its place high density units.

No one listen carefully to the residents - more the Seniors and those that need help.

Now these prospective candidates after shafting the constituents of San Francisco - want to rise up and serve - mammon. Hell is what you all - deserve.

Not one of these candidates has a clear understanding of the killing and shootings in the Bayview Hunters Point. These candidates did not have much to say.

The reason is simple - the Bayview Hunters Point with the mostly Black sell outs that create a ruckus - is not a District to reckon with.

Few vote, less are educated on issues - poverty and rampant killings and shootings are the order of the day.

The spread of STD disease, high rate of HIV among those in the 17 -34 years, mostly women - and abject destitution is seen all over the place. It does not help with lack of opportunities - and harassment from all quarters.

The grinning District 10 Supervisor grins and that is all. Less jobs, even less opportunities for our youth.

The days when you could Mau Mau your way and think you did something good but did not - are over.

All over San Francisco - consultants study the voting pattern - and I can tell you from the many years of working on campaigns - have it all figured out - District 10 is a joke. 

The election of the present District 10 Supervisor - is a clear indication of the result of Choice Rank Voting - but also a nomination and pick that is not worth the salt. A product of the MACHINE and a drab one at that.

Our SF mayoral elections are becoming a circus.

Few mayoral candidates are called to debate when debates and forums are held - based on some flimsy rules, ploys and machinations.

We have candidates who have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

We have candidates who have acted on behalf of a thug mayors in past years.

We have candidates that have divided the people.

We have candidates who are Supervisors and now want to be Mayor and do not have a platform and agenda - that is worthy to read less to evaluate - with concrete, practical - plans.

Others will brag and say they have Administrative experience but cannot hold their ground.

The others just chaff - the wind blows and they all fall on the way side.

Our population in San Francisco is over 816,000. In the last three years over 15,000 families have left - that is father, mother, and children.

We have over 100,000 dogs in San Francisco. No one has counted the cats, and other animals - including those in the wild!

Once - not long ago San Francisco was known for its compassion, a classy city by the Bay.

Dirty, corrupt, life style infested politics have crept into Room 250.

Fifty percent of the SF Supervisors know little about family values - the reason is simple - they have no family as most San Franciscans and decent people - understand.

Many of them are in the pockets of the Big, Corrupt - Developers.

One Supervisor from District 4 was anointed and now is there forever. She continues to fill her campaign coffers with machination linked to such dubious consultants like Platinum Associates - aiding and abetting her. Pathetic to the core.

Others - were once associated with the SF Unified School District that has destroyed what little educational benefits once - existed in San Francisco.

Now three of them make their home in Room 250 - talking, plotting, conniving, giving tax breaks, spewing toxic - diatribe. What a bunch of jokers.

People say that we were a fair City and we are in many respects today - it is eroding.

Leadership -does not hold true to the many Supervisors that are in office and want to run for mayoral office - without the best interests of the constituents of San Francisco.

This virus of corruption, political corruption, worse still dubious ploys and machinations - that are all geared towards GREED and exploitation.

Time will tell.