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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Now that JEFF ADACHI has thrown in his hat - let the fire works begin.

Now that elected JEFF ADACHI has thrown in his hat - let the fire works begin. Jeff Adachi is running for Mayor - and may we have our first Mayor of  Japanese decent.

They say there are now eleven viable candidates - how, anyone can come to this conclusion - is anyone's guess?

I count about 16 vying for the Mayoral position - in this dire economic times. Many of the candidates vying for the seat of Mayor - having NO intention to serve the constituents of San Francisco.

Jeff Adachi is our elected Public Defender - and now that he is ready to enter this race - with a kick-ass attitude - Ed Lee and the other spineless less clueless candidates - can lick their chops.

The Main Media in San Francisco is silent - and many excuses will be made - negative reporting linked to the Jeff Adachi pension ballot - but, in the end the people will decide. They know better - and they can see and sense a weasel - from a long - distance.

We need a Samurai Warrior not these pacifist that talk a good talk but cannot walk the walk.

You should hear Ed Lee speak of civility at City Hall. Yes, there is a lot of civility at City Hall or so you think and more pussyfooting in Room 200.

More deals made under the table - White Collar crimes then one can imagine! What civility?

Why do we need outside interference with corrupt forces such as Rose Pak and Willie L. Brown Jr. trying to win some seat - so that they can favor Big Developers?

We saw Willie and his cronies including John Burton lick their chops once - not too long ago. John Burton's daughter Kimiko Burton - god child of Willie L. Brown Jr. was chosen over then - acting Public Defender - Jeff Adachi.

I remember the ins and outs of this ploy - and worked hard to put Jeff Adachi in the seat he is - and proud of the great feat.

To celebrate our victory on the steps of City Hall - a LOOMIS Truck brought in a casket and when the casket was removed from the Loomis Truck.

The casket opened - we saw a lot of money with the faces of the MACHINE on it. Some will remember that day - and that great - victory.

Well, the UNIONS that sold out, the ones that got a  short lived deal with the PENSION.

The ones that cooperated so that they can win favor - when Ed Lee gets the Mayoral seat - can wait - waiting for Godot.

The truth is we have an unfunded $7 Billion pension that has not been addressed. This train is fast approaching and the Pension Debacle - has to be addressed - with compromise - fairly. At this juncture - half measures - make the deal - with future promises that could fall by the way side. Let us get real.

The Mayoral race is now for grabs - but will favor a candidate that inspires San Franciscans.

We do not want a sordid connection with Communist China. We do not want a connection with a former "corrupt" Mayor.

We do not want some one that has no spine - cannot speak his mind - and has no balls.

We cannot trust some one that says one thing and does the other.

Jeff Adachi will challenge the rest of the candidates for the Mayoral seat that is up for grabs.

I can tell you one thing - Ed Lee will have to use all the resources he has and will still come out behind in this race.

The days when you could use the name of the Pacific Heights Mafia - and openly say that because Diane Feinstein requested me to run: " so I am running " - I will run - are over.

Her daughter swore you in - connect the dots.

Rose Pak and Willie Brown - openly back you - to do their bidding.

What is happening to standards, moral, and sound ethics?

Oh, some Real Estate Magnate sends the Ed Lee Campaign for Mayor a $5000 check - but it turns out he was not the one to send the check?

This blatant corruption is too evident - and something must - give.

I saw young Chinese youth collecting signatures - not knowing a thing about the process - what they were doing.

When asked what is it - that they saw in Ed Lee - none of them could reply. Please sign they said and that was the extent of the dialog. Pathetic!

This San Francisco Mayoral race is becoming much like the ugly race for District 10 Supervisor - the end result - a victory of sorts - and we got a grinning, inept, District 10 Supervisor. She tags along with Ed Lee - as his side kick.

I hope the same in not the case with the San Francisco Mayoral Race.

The candidates are calibrating - and time is running out - but, we do have a Samurai - and we know who has the balls - now.

It is not so much the vain talk and the hot air that counts - but action.

May the best candidate - win - hopefully it will be a person who has character and can serve the constituents of San Francisco - as the better Mayors of San Francisco once - served.