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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World economy is in a FLUX with United States leadership no where to be found - all talk and no action.

The world economy is in a flux with United States - sound leadership - no where to be found.

After the debt ceiling debacle was settled - if the House and the Senate leadership - together with the President met and put out a statement that they all would work together - our economy would NOT be is a flux.

Now, it is too late - as usual the dumb representatives - blew their chances.

Millions of innocent people have fallen prey to the FLUX on Wall Street - as we have seen and witness daily - with our present United States economy.

The paradox in all these ploys is that the United States Treasury Bonds - though weak are still strong.

You cannot compare the U.S. Bond with any other current currency - because so far the dollar is the only currency that is KING.

The United States government has made a promise to pay its debt - and most countries - all over the world respect that.

The "debt" however one looks at it - is enormous - and anyone that really knows the workings of these "debt consolidation and payment methods" - shudders. 

Generations will suffer because of the vain mistakes of George W. Bush Jr. and others like him. More the Republicans.

Now, if the Chinese, the Japanese, the Indians, the Russians and some countries including Brazil decide to create their own currency - the United States will be in DEEP - trouble.

America stills does not comprehend we are the leaders. We are allowing China to control us and we continue to pander. We must rein in our experts; put this Nation on track - and drastically, change our present - leadership in Washington DC.

What is missing as I said in my opening statement - is there is no leadership on the National - level. 

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

A simple yet direct definition to those United States leaders - that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The Republicans are silent - they know that they made a fool of themselves.

Especially, the Tea Party jerks that have taken our Nation - down the wrong path.

The Standard and Poor's report was "dead right". You can see our ignorance and more arrogance when we tried to say and continue to say that we are still - a AAA rated Nation.

We are not - the AA+ rating is currently in place - and if that is down graded - everything and everyone - will be silenced. 

So, we must watch out. Pull up our sleeves and work this mess out. There is no second guessing - but where are the leaders?

The spiraling economy has shown poor results on many fronts - no permanent jobs with sound benefits.

The housing sales are at all time low - and foreclosures on the increase.

Gold prices are high - people are heading to a place that they can count on.

No leadership on any front that will rally this Nation - and put it on track.

Today, the Federal Bank will reveal its plan - and interest interests will be lowered - and the United States Banks told to be more liberal.

After all; the banks are sitting on trillions worth of money that WE the Tax payers bailed the banks.

The banks should have acted sooner - but, they did not - and acting now is better then not acting at all.

It does not help with Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and now Italy and France heading in the same direction - poor, faltering - economies. 

Germany is holding out - but not for long - when Germany falls there will be utter - pandemonium. 

London is experiencing some drastic changes - the "dole infested economy" and the putting down of "people of color" have triggered - severe riots.

Buildings have been burned, shops looted, and the BOBBIES the local cops - fear for their lives.

Great Britain is no longer great - it is in shambles.

The United States must be vigilant.

We must have leaders that can lead - so far our Congress and Senate - have been spineless and have not REPRESENTED.

The Nation is in an emergency and these FOOLS are home resting - after creating unrest - and screwing our economy.

Both parties have FAILED but more the devious element the Tea Party - thugs.

We the PEOPLE accepted this fiasco - this nonchalant manner - where these good for nothing skunks - performed, miserably. Why?

Time to reform.

No more then two terms - both Congress and the Senate. The longer you folks stay the cozier you get - the more the lobbyists - rule. The more you all - pander.

The salaries of these - so called Representatives - cut by 25% with no perks.

Our Nation is in an EMERGENCY and these so called REPRESENTATIVES are resting at home?

What has happened to our Nation?

Where is the Main Media on this one?

Who will really stand for this Nation - while right now - the economy is in the doldrums!

Wake up America - this is NOT what our Nation is all about. 

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way!