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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Nation is spiritually "bankrupt" and it is this disease that has led us to abject materialism and the downfall of our economy.

The United States is "spiritually bankrupt" and it is this disease that has led us to "abject materialism" and the downfall of our economy.

Tarnished our good name all over the world.

When recently Standard and Poors - a rating agency - down graded our ability to borrow money - we as a Nation felt bad.

Not since 1917 was our economy down graded. Now this grade from a AAA to AA+ - that most lay persons know little about - matters most.

Not because they understood it much - but because some entity was looking down at us. We as a Nation, a Super Power feel that we deserve the best. We do. But  is this case Congress and the Senate have let the Nation down.

Mostly the Republican Party - and the main culprit in recent time - George W. Bush Jr. who stole the elections from Al Gore.

The U.S. Government was quick to say that most everything was in order. In fact some in the U.S. Government shot back and said openly that Standard and Poors - had an inherent two trillion dollar - miscalculation - and that we as a Super Power - deserved better.

What most folks do not know is that for months Standard and Poors - have been having discussions on every level - within the United States - and informing the Government - when it would -put out a Press Release - to ease the labor pains of those that created this mess.

Today, the fact is our Bond Rating is tied to this Standard and Poor's (S&P) rating - and our economic for the first time - judged internationally by this measure - as spiraling down wards. There is no telling.

No, you not need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.

Now, borrowing money at all levels will be difficult. And this more so on the State Level.

All these huge projects in San Francisco - be it the Central Subway, the TranBay, the High Speed Rail, the Sewer System Improvement Project - are tied to to Standards and Poor's, Moodys, and the many other financial institutions that our City and County of San Francisco has relations with and panders to.

Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, the financial institutions involved with the sub-prime loans, the deceiving derivatives, the other fake loans linked to ploys and machinations - has it tentacles deep within each SF City and County fiscal - borrowing.

Our Nation is spiritually bankrupt.

Materialism is our "god" and we have not learned much from our huge Empires that fell on their face. Greed and Gluttony brought down the Roman Empire. Others as well.

If you look at the many obese people, the increase in diseases, the lack of spirituality, the increase in possessing things just for the sake of possessing them  - the signs have been written on the wall.

Fasting is good and we must learn from Ramadan and other such noble and holistic practices.

Not too long ago China who has trillions of our dollars - and is shoring up its own currency - rebuking the United States for not knowing how to keep our fiscal house in order and execute our fiduciary responsibilities - has boldly stated that it will tie its monetary system with some other currency and move away from the United States - dollar.

China nor any other nation would not able to utter such statements some years ago - today, we the United States are laughed at, rebuked for our foolishness, and we have nothing much to say. Except to pander.

It is not impossible for Brazil, Russia, India and China to create it own currency backed by gold and other valuable assets and equity.

The BRIC currency could work - because right now - these countries are poised to move ahead and their economies in control.

It does not help when our Congress and Senate behaved like kids - during the debt ceiling - debacle.

In all the deliberations Blame It on Bush (BIOB) was uttered many times - but in a nonchalant manner.

George W. Bush Jr. wasted billions - and this man - must be made accountable and since he belonged to the drab Republican Party - the Republican Party that has created the mess we all are in.

Spiritually this Nation is bankrupt and materialism has taken us away from the path of decency, truth, standing for what is right and living within our means.

People get high for the sake of getting high.

Eat for the sake of eating.

Buy stuff  just to feel good.

Watch Television with no other intention then to feel good; waste precious time - and watch the many shallow shows full of gossip, games shows, and mostly mundane stuff.

Few TV stations  offer materials that elevate the soul, the mind, and take you to a better - place.

It does not help if one sits on a couch and gobble  - they call them couch potatoes. Obesity galore!

People fail to educate themselves on issues.

Have no clue what the world issues that really matter are?

In short we as a Nation have lost our mind.

We have wasted trillions trying to fight wars that are none of our business. We must learn to stay at home and address our own - issues. 

The American people keep saying that - but our Congress person and Senators think - other wise. Now, if they do so - they must be removed - no one should serve more then two terms. That will teach them a lesson.

The Main Media is full of crap - mostly drama and generalities - full of deceit.

Imagine CNN telling us they are the best in giving us news? CNN is drama and anyone addicted to CNN must go and have his or her self - checked. Worse Fox News and MNBC.

These Television channels - present pieces of drab news - followed by advertisements that are shallow - the end result you create dummies who attention span is less then a minute.

Constantly feeding fake news that is not worthy - and  bombarding the mind with "crap".

All over America - just like you have junkies on the street - mostly addicted on something - now you have millions at home - fed "news" that is really "nonsense". Media moguls like us Murdoch and others - that have no morals, no standards, and are corrupt.

This whole thing about the "debt ceiling" debate has opened the eyes of many Americans.

Now, many are seeing what is happening on the streets of Israel.

What is happening in Spain and Greece.

Ireland and Portugal.

In Italy and soon in France and Germany.

America can save itself only if it gains its spiritual integrity.

Our large Financial Institutions must be regulated - not once has this issue been discussed in detail. If not dismantle the large financial institution and Insurance Companies.

They keep adversely impacting our Nation - what is so difficult to dismantle them - one at a time - and create fresh institutions. We should not have bailed them without - triggers.

Our banks must be ordered to give our tax payers money back. 

We the tax payers bailed these "evil banks" and no one asked our permission. Today, the banks are sitting on trillions of dollars.

In a worse case scenario all the banks could be Nationalized.

 Just like that trillions of dollars would be free - to be invested in our "failing infrastructure", our education, our health and safety programs.

No pork barrel projects, no giving the Department of Defense billions that it wastes.

The old days are history. We can put our Nation on track in five years.

One time opportunity for off shore accounts to be brought back - and levied a ten percent tax. Over five trillion dollars will come back and be invested.

Then just like that we can truly pass judgement on Standard and Poors a rating agency and the credit cared companies.

Moodys, and the other rating and lending companies - that trigger and send mixed signals all the time.

Standard and Poors acted in one way when it came to  the United States but did not do that with the European countries. Millions of people lost millions of Euros and that is not fair.

However, bottom line - materialism and greed does not make humanity better. Never has. Spirituality does.

Even as America, Europe, and Asia eat, live, and make merry. Daily thousands of innocent children are dying in Sudan, Somalia, and Kenya. Where is the justice?

In Texas where George W. Bush lives (BIOB) there has been an on going drought, over 100 degree temperatures for weeks - lakes dried up, crops withering, live stock dying - the signs of the time.

Where is your spirituality America? Where is your leadership in matters that count?

Once the world RESPECTED us - not any more.

The Congress and Senate has led this Nation - down the path of disgrace.

Our Nation is "spiritually bankrupt" and it is this disease that has led us down a path - that has harmed our constituents at home and tarnished our name all over the world.

Wake up America! You an do better!