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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Immigrants For Sale A Five BILLION DOLLAR Industry.

We all remember well how millions are incarcerated in our Nation.

Some ten percent of the entire population of this Nation - that numbers three hundred and eleven million are incarcerated.

No other Nation incarcerates more human beings then does the United States of America.

Incarceration - aided by dubious laws like THREE STRIKES can get you twenty five years - and for some more. Many because they do not have attorney to defend them - and often times "rogue attorneys" that do not represent and do not offer proper legal - services.

Our jails are now controlled by private entities - who pride on milking the tax payers - both State and Federal and in many cases - local jurisdictions.


Following on the heels of Incarceration linked to crimes - mostly petty crimes - where the Three Strikes law - increases the potential to send some  for as many as twenty five years - and in many case more.

Now, the same private companies are building jails all over the Nation to incarcerate IMMIGRANTS.

With the ability to incarcerate over 250,000 so called immigrants that do not have the legal papers - in the 200 jails that are built to incarcerate - just immigrants.

The paradox is that is cost $200 a day to incarcerate one immigrant. Yearly - these private scum bags - make BILLIONS - as much as FIVE BILLION DOLLARS.

It cost on an yearly basis over $70,000 to house one immigrant plus other expenses - that have been arrested - without the required papers.

All expenses paid by the tax payers - and most of us do not know about this - and can do something about it.

In these jails - horrific stories have been narrated and it is time - that we all - stand up for what is right.
Stop this injustice - and bring those that infringe on the rights of innocent people - to justice.

America and most Americans are compassionate.

 So, even though most of us - want to follow the law and want others who are immigrants to follow the law.

None of us want - some crooked people to exploit the immigrants who do not have papers - and make BILLIONS - incarcerating them under despicable - conditions. Treat them like animals.

Many of the immigrants are found dead in their cells.

The "thugs that control these jails who call themselves CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS - treat the immigrants with disdain - and often times - allow them to die rather then offer them medical - help.

Complete with loaded arms and with trained dogs - who are trained to bite and bring down anyone - on command.

All this in these the United States of America - and with over 150 jails that only incarcerate IMMIGRANTS - spanning - the length and breadth of these the United States of America.

Most Americans know nothing about these horrible conditions - and those of us that know - are fed up and nauseated. 

What the fuck is happening to America?

While entities like ICE may have bragging rights here - if the same happens to United States Citizens - who may or not have visas - got with drugs in foreign lands - are jailed and treated like animals.

We Americans - rightly fight for our American Rights to the admiration of world citizens.

Here is what I am trying to say - we must be compassionate - and we must not treat any human being - especially those that are victims - like animals.

We know this is happening in our regular jails all over the Nation.

More so here in California. Prisoners bunked - three layers high - with no regard to their privacy, health, physical and mental health and in despicable - conditions.

Less their spirituality that is critical to healing and survival.

In this article we are talking about IMMIGRANTS and this NONSENSE - treating them like animals in despicable conditions - must stop.

In America - the Law Enforcement may not know this - that all human beings have rights - citizens and non-citizens.

We all treasure our freedom. Abuse of freedom is license and that is practices by most Correctional Officers - most of them - prey on prisoners and victims - just because they are loaded - arms.

Mostly their disdain for themselves is projected on innocent victims. I have seen this in all my many visits to the many jails - all over this Nation.

In addition the United Nations has Rights that the United States of America is signatory to - Human Rights - that are critical to all humanity.

All over the world - millions of people admire the American Citizens - more than any other Nation. 
Mostly because we do right and are - compassionate.

In recent years our compassion has been tarnished by ICE and other such devious Law Enforcement - targeting IMMIGRANTS.

The immigrants - who may be at fault, may NOT have legal documents - but have to be treated - fairly.

If these so called Law Enforcement want to act as Vigilantes - then they are in the wrong business.

I know President Barack Hussein Obama - does not stand for such behavior. I know our courts do not stand for such blatant - behavior. I know all just and righteous Americans - do not stand for such - nonsense.

The matter of fact is that Private Industry - is making BILLIONS - incarcerating IMMIGRANTS and treating them like - animals. This must STOP.

Immigrants are NOT for sale - and incarcerating innocent immigrants - should NOT be a BILLION dollar business - at the expense of the American tax payers.

The constituents of the United States of America.

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