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Sunday, August 28, 2011

It will take a couple of WEEKS to fully understand the adverse impacts of IRENE on our INFRASTRUCTURE.

It will take a number of weeks - if not months - to fully understand the adverse impacts of Hurricane IRENE on our INFRASTRUCTURE on the East Coast and other pertinent elements - linked with Quality of Life issues.

Infrastructure is what makes any Nation, Country, small town, big town - tick.

All over the world - where the infrastructure is sound - most everything is in control.

Irene has disrupted POWER that is electricity - and in some places it will take weeks to restore - electricity on East Coast. Clean water, transportation, other critical services at hospital, food banks, schools - will be interrupted.

After having time to ponder - many time in silence - we all learn from such lessons. Always busy - running from place to place - it is only when we are stumped, force to hear our heart beat - that we realize there is much more - than a hectic life - running from place to place and forgetting to appreciate - life.

The little things of life that matter most.  Children teach us these little things - all the time. I learn a lot from little children, the youth, young women and men - our youth in San Francisco - all the time.

Homes and facilities on the coast - have been heavily impacted - consequences of building too close to the Mighty Ocean - we see this happening on the West Coast too.

Expensive homes tumbling into the Ocean Blue - we want it all - often not realizing that the comfort of being close to the Ocean - means facing the power and wrath of Mother Nature.

Thousands of people have been evacuated - much as should have been done in New Orleans - but, of course President Bush - talked the talk but did not walk to the walk  when it came to Hurricane Katrina.

President Barack Hussein Obama - cut short his vacation at Martha's Vineyard and took his helicopter trip back to the White House - to address Hurricane Irene and other serious issues.

While most people will be focused on Irene - no one is really paying attention to Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain - we are like the eye of the hurricane - our attention span is as short and wild.

Capitol Bank is trying to buy the online bank ING and another bank named PNC bank is trying to buy the Royal Canadian Bank.

While I was in Washington DC I tried to find out what the initials PNC stood for. Way back in 1982 two large banks Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation - merged - and since most everyone on the East Coast knew them - they decided to called their consolidated bank - PNC. Now you know.

Banks have been capped to holding assets up to One Trillion Dollars - and many are still sitting on large assets.

Loans are hard to come by with people struggling - especially those that have no work.

Credit Card companies - are strict too - watching carefully not to lose money - and if you borrow you play double digit interest rates.

Millions of Americans are out of work - and many chose unwisely to delve into their pockets and use there Credit Cards - and now are in deep - debt.

They say that is with 90% of the Nation - while less than 3% control 90% of the Nation's wealth. That is the same in Great Britain, in Europe, and other places. The rich get richer - and the poor - poorer.

America did well for a long time because of the Middle Class. Now, that the Middle Class is eroding - the divide between the filthy rich and the poor - far apart and more poles apart. We see the disparity, the desperation, the divide, dissolution -  we all that are affected - hovering over this cloud that smells of - destitution of a kind. 

Congress and the Senate have made a FOOL of themselves. Imagine, while we all are suffering - they are having a vacation - that they do not - deserve.

When they return - they will bring with them - a lot of the hog washing they did in public.

Bringing disgrace to our Nation linked to the debt ceiling fiasco - will haunt them for the rest of the lives. All of them the Democrats some but more the crooked, nonchalant - shallow, Republicans.

Most of them should think about resigning - they have made fools of themselves - too many times.

A lot of them will have a lot to say about Hurricane Irene - let us see what concrete help they offer - to those that have suffered losses - I will especially be watching the Republicans.

I want to see how they will monitor and adjudicate the merger of the two banks I mentioned - Capitol One and PNC bank. Such mergers and other shenanigans  take place when others are occupied - with important issues and fail to watch out for even more important - matters.              

Adversity brings out the best - even though in the short run - lives are lost, property destroyed, and things are made difficult.

Case in point - having to live in the dark without electricity, having to viable facilities to freeze one food, and cook as one would normally. You get the drift.

Adversities bring people together - the haughty run into trouble - and lo and behold some one they least expected to shower kindness - does it normally - and the haughty realize - there foolishness and false pride.

You will hear thousands of stories and most of them will be revealing and bring - healing.

God has been good to us on the West Coast. We will witness our share of the burden - as we have before with Earthquakes, floods, and other hardships.

Millions are without jobs in California and other Western States - but all in all - we have food, fresh meat, vegetables, and fruit. We have the necessities of life and more.

Most of all we have good - people.

Right now thousands are dying in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya - from utter starvation. Most affected are children - as things stand - an entire generation may fade away. We must step up and do our share.

It is the same on other countries too - but as I said God has been good to us - that is the common person - the ordinary American who is mostly - extraordinary.

The world admires the ordinary - American.

It is the politician - the nasty, corrupt politician, and the political machinations and ploys of those that are in the Legislative and Executive Branches that one has be be careful about - and ponder, watch, and keep watching.

The paradox in recent years the Judicial Branch has been slack and more and more SLEEK attorneys - have been making a mockery of our judicial system.
Case in point some Supreme Court Rulings - that will adversely impact - millions.

It will take a couple of weeks if not months to fully address the adverse impacts of Hurricane Irene - but, all in all - the end result - should shed some light - and in the end HOPE will prevail - it always - does.

Hurricane Irene from Space: