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Thursday, September 1, 2011

How can our Nation get back on track - through building our Infrastructure, creating jobs, changing our Tax Codes, and be proud that we are Americans.

How can our Nation get back on track - through building our INFRASTRUCTURE, creating good JOBS, changing our TAX CODES, and always being proud that we are AMERICANS - first.

In recent years Americans have got fed up with the state of affairs prevailing in our Nation. The Congress and the Senate. 

It is very easy to find out - who the culprits are - that have brought about - this state of affairs - as I have been saying.

The same people we sent to the Congress and Senate to represent - but have been pussy footing around - for the longest time ever. Filling there own campaign coffers and scoffing at the constituents they have to - represent.

Now is the time to come out with a concrete plan to build our infrastructure. The many bridges, the roads, our failing power grid, our communication, our hospitals, our schools, our transportation - you get the drift.

If we invest in sound Infrastructure Projects all will be well.

The time is now - because the interest rates are low and we can keep them low - if the Nation has its best - interest.

Our Nation needs good jobs with benefits and for this to happen - the tax code - must be changed - drastically. 

We once boasted a sound economy - that was when this Nation produced good products - backed by the United States.

We must get back to those days and reward those that make good products in the United States of America.

There was a time when CORPORATIONS and the General Public paid about 40% each in taxes - the other vacuum filled by other local and focused taxes.

Today our Tax Codes favor Large Corporation who pay taxes based on the Capitol Gains.

It is all legal because people with money, large corporation, corrupt politicians, corrupt legislation - have made such shenanigans - possible .

While - all the time - the general public continues to be penalized and pay there taxes as they did before.

The general public faulted and defaulted on there home payments - trapped into sub-prime loans and other ploys - and drowned by balloon payments - that they were not warned by the corrupt - banks.

Millions of homes are still in fore closure. Truly speaking, anyway you look at it - our Nation must wake up - if we do not want to see the fate of Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal - visit us in extraordinary - ways.

This nonsense of taking tax shelters in remote places the Cayman Island, Isle of Wright, Switzerland, all given the OK by our so called Representatives - must be halted. The only way drastic - tax reforms.

Our Nation does not gain by such actions - politicians do - and for this the politicians must be put on notice.

It is simply unfair for the common tax payer to bail the banks who are sitting on trillions of dollars.

Bail the large financial institutions who still continue to give their Executives large bonuses - the likes of JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and so on.

Credit Card Companies given free reign to charge double digit rates - even though they can borrow at less then one percent.

How about bringing the Credit Interest Rates to single digits for three years. Why not?

President Barack Hussein Obama may mean well - but the time has come to play hard ball. Today the majority of the people that backed him up - because of the promises he made - are doubting his ability to deal with demons - such as the Tea Party buffoons. 

If the President has the people on his side -  if  he has a viable plan - everything else will fall in place.

Let the largest Corporations General Electric, Verizon, Walmart, others - and the rich Warren Buffet and rich peers - contribute to the Nation's Infrastructure Fund - and let us address our Infrastructure - replacement with the highest standards in place.

Facilitate permits and other processes to be in place - with much delay - and start projects and bring some empowerment - into areas where innocent, hard working people - have not worked for years.

Now is the time to put the Republicans on notice. 

The Democrats too. If you jackasses cannot REPRESENT - get out of the way.

The Internal Revenue Service has for the longest time catered - to the corrupt and to the large Corporations. This corruption of the highest order must stop - having off shore assets stored while pretending to be Americans. Betrayal of the highest - order.

We know that and the IRS has got a deal, a lot of slack, the IRS has been intimidating those that cannot afford attorneys - but, all that must come to a STOP.

This debt ceiling fiasco had nothing to do with anything much - a storm in a tea cup.

The Tea Party may have thought they had something important in the making - but, the only element that we all know for sure - it that the Republicans - do talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. The Tea Party made a fool of themselves.

An important factor linked to our economic fiasco is education and the United States ranks way down on the totem pole.

We cannot fail and compromise on EDUCATION for those that want to better - themselves. Education is power and we have the resources and know how.

The same when it comes to production and the failing tax system - that penalizes those that produce and get NO - breaks.

The United States gives free reign to other countries to dump inferior good on our shores.

Countries like China do not permit us to do so - on there shores. This nonsense must change.

Our drinking water, our high speed trains, our communication and latest technology linked to cloud technology, our ability to invent and create new products are NOT backed by our government. Why?

We talk about Solar panels and GREEN - but allow China and other countries to dump Solar panels and other products - subsidized by other Governments on our shores.

The lists goes on and on - linked to garments, shoes, computer chips, computers, machinery with patents registered here in the United States - and no one is paying - attention.

With intent certain "corrupt politicians" and certain "corrupt corporations" are selling our Nation to the lowest bidder and infusing distrust, division, divisiveness - where once we had sound unity and were proud of ourselves.

Large changes must be made at the way we treat the Native Americans.

The Native American - our First People - should not be living on Reservations in filthy conditions and with no amenities.

Turtle Island belongs to the First People.

That segment of our population - mostly White must remember right now minorities are a majority in many cities - and soon - everyone will have to deal with reality.

Our best minds using the census and other empirical data - must create innovative models to bring about "holistic changes".

We do not want Texas Cowboys thinking they can make primitive changes and rule our Nation - like the rule there ranches - the likes of Perry and George W. Bush Jr.

Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, George Miller others have been in one place too long - time to move along.

The plastic surgery and other band aid cosmetic surgery may make you look young - but, truly speaking - you all have not represented and the time has come to move - along and fade in oblivion.

The pity is that senility has stepped in many cases - and we cannot deal with madness where saneness is badly - needed.

President Barack Hussein Obama ratings are very low - and something drastic has to be done to put our Economy back on track.

The Union have his back:

What we see - those of us that can connect the dots - is not pretty.

Politicians have screwed this Nation and in the bargain made the ordinary constituents - suffer.

The Representatives - fools as they are - not educated on issues - permitted sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other ploys and machinations - and harmed millions of innocent Americans.

The Representatives make sure that there pay is intact and that they get the maximum benefits - for there lousy, shallow, performance. The time for change is now.

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