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Monday, July 17, 2017


The Giant Sequoia - named General Sherman -
most probably by the " Buffalo Soldiers " -
an all Black regiment - that managed the then -
Federal Lands - they ventured far away from San Francisco -
more the Presidio of San Francisco - where they were stationed.

Many of us here on Earth - are so caught up with the mundane - we forget the many marvels that are so near us - and yet so far - because we get caught - " in our blindness of sorts ".

If we have our heart in the right place - and learn to respect nature - we have some of the best natural habits on this Earth - right here in Northern California.

The Sequoia tree - much like its cousin the Redwood tree - have lived for thousands of years - and sheltered all sorts of flora and fauna and more.

Each Sequoia mature tree - is known to drink
500 gallons a day - many of them are over 300 feet - and we still have to learn a lot about - how resilient they can be.

The Redwood Tree can live for 10 million years - they succeeded to out live dinosaurs - and men has not been kind to them - clear cutting redwood trees - for lumber - one tree can fetch thousands of dollars. For some it is all about money - mostly those who are spiritually - bankrupt.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone here in San Francisco on matters linked to Quality of Life issues. My contacts with the Elders - the Native Americans of the United States - once known as Turtle Island is very close.

Northern California - more the Giant Forest is connected by the Generals Highway to Kings Canyon National Park's General Grant Grove- home to the General Grant tree among other giant Sequoias.

Five out of the ten largest trees on Earth are found in the Giant Forest - among them the General Sherman the largest tree and a Sequoia tree - on Earth.

Again and again much " wisdom " exists among the Native Americans - more those Native Americans who have lived - and religiously taught to respect Mother Earth.

The mandate originally given to all of us - understood very well among the indigenous people - is to take less from Mother Earth - and keep more for those that come after us.

Unfortunately, we have a segment of our population - who in less than 300 years have polluted and contaminated the land - built concrete jungles.

These shameless urchins  - are now  venturing into the deep forest - taking their evil ways and contaminating that which is pristine and untouched.

Unashamedly now - they are " clear cutting old growth redwood forest " - and these " evil people " want us to keep quiet - we will not.

UNESCO declared Sequoia-Kings Canyon a Biosphere Reserve in 1976.

The Monachee Native Americans have long lived  in the area now known as Sequoia National Park. 

The National Park was formed in 1916 - to preserve and protect - and have NOT been kind to the Native Americans - preferring to re-write history - for which they will be remembered - as those  known to speak " with a forked tongue ".

When the first European settlers arrived they brought diseases like small pox and sexually transmitted diseases - the wiped the Native Americans.

John Muir was one of those few who with Hale Tharp - had the sense to preserve the old growth - again and again their attempts were in vain.

Clear cutting of the old growth continued unabashed - for hundreds of years - even to this day - and year 2017.

Lucky for the Sequoia giant tree - as time went by - and after much damage was already done - the " strangers " realized the " redwood tree" produced lumber that did not splinter.

The Sequoia giant lumber splintered - thus the Sequoia Giants were spared.


The Buffalo Soldiers - 
the all Black 9th and 10th Calvary -
the 24th and 25th Infantry Regiment

These Buffalo Soldier fought in Cuba -
with Theodore Rosevelt - 
when he became President - he requested the Buffalo Soldiers
to accompany him - when he visited the National Parks 
that he formed all over Northern California

Greed knows no bounds - how evil can some be - more when they cannot admire and less respect - these majestic trees - that cannot speak back - to the urchins - who cannot see beyond their - noses.

But not until many large Sequoia tress - hundreds of feet tall - were cut - by those that had no conscience.

Little is told about the - the all Black Buffalo Soldiers - who were headquartered at the SF Presidio of San Francisco.

Our Nation is known for its " discrimination " -  at Upper Fort Mason - there are stairs leading to the Bay - an area that is named " Black Point " - it is here - that the Buffalo Soldier set sail for the Philippines - to deal with the rebellion and aid the United States Army.

Much before that the Buffalo Soldiers - built the many barracks at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Contrary to the hatred the Whites had for the Native American - one could scalp a Native American up until 1927 and fetch a measly $ 5 - and this Whites - who came here seeking for gold - thought nothing of such crimes - they have BLOOD on their hands.

The name  "Buffalo Soldiers" - was given to the Buffalo Soldiers by the Native American warrior - the Black soldier known for his curly hair and fierce fighting. What is NOT know - it that this respect was mutual - and hundreds of times - the Buffalo Soldiers - aided the Native Americans - more because of their relationship with Native Americans - on the East Coast.

Today bighorn sheep have been reintroduced in the Sierras - once they were reduced to less than a hundred - now over 600 bighorn sheep roam freely.

Deer, fox, cougar, black bear, coyote, badger, all sorts of birds - eagles, woodpeckers others - beaver, frogs, turtles and more make their home - among one of the world's best know flora and fauna.

Scientists today say - the area where the Sequoias have been for millions of years - has a unique waters shed - and the thousands of species of plant, insect, and animal life each contribute to the very rich plant, animal, and bird life.

We must make every attempt to spend some time with nature - and take lessons learned - to the real world - STOP becoming zombies - and more spiritually - bankrupt. Aho.