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Monday, July 10, 2017


All over the world we hear two words " food security " - nations both rich and poor - have fallen " prey " - to climate change, severe drought - in many cases for years on end - a case in point -Australia.

The Sunrise Company in Australia - that processed and packed millions of tons of rice - after 6 years of drought - chained its gates -  had to close down its operations - and take a severe loss.

Farmers who yearly looked to their profit and million dollar checks - have nothing to look forward to - the near by river has dried - after 6 years of severe drought.

Worldwide this one big rice processing company - catered to millions of families - now those families - are in peril.

The nations that bought the rice from Australia - have chosen other countries such as Thailand - to purchase the rice - and this Russian Roulette goes on - being  "independent  " - is the solution - not dependent.

Climate Change has forced many nations - many of them tittering on desperation of the worst type - Haiti, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, many East African and South African nations - others - to stop its dependency on rice - that demands - large amount of water to flood the fields - and more water - for the crop to flourish - before the rice is harvested.

In the interim other crops using less water can be grown. Variety of crops - that are nourishing - and this has been done in many places - but we know more needs to be done.

Peanut butter for example can nourish the young - and the protein save their lives - just a couple of spoon full a day - such methods are know to the medical teams - we do need nutritionists - and we have many in the First  World countries - that can come to the aid of our fellow human beings - especially - AFRICA the home of humankind.

Crops using the " drip system " - have worked in many places.
Producing one a kind croups - in " green houses " multiple crops can be grown - the skills needed in such horticultural and other subjects - that give a better understanding of growing crops, raising fowl, raising cattle, other types food producing sources - are available in our Universities.

Let us teach our people to fish and be independent - let us stay away from " gimmicks, ploys and machinations " - that demean people from so called Third World countries - when those in the so called First World countries - have cheated, robbed, stolen, and hoodwink the people and made tons of tainted money.

Growning trees that offer shade - and curtail the Carbon Footprint have helped all over the world - in Kenya, Niger, and many other African nations -  millions of trees have been planted - and the results are overwhelming. Keep the desert and soil erosion at bay.

It does not help - when many nations - choose to cut the forest - for home cooking and other uses - further contributing to the increase of the Carbon footprint.

Here in California - we experienced the drought for four long years - creating havoc - our rivers and reservoirs dried - and farmers dug  " artisan wells ".

Artisan Wells - reaching deep into the watershed - and compromising many areas - where the ground sank - over a foot and in some place two and three feet. Seeing in believing.

In the Arctic - the snow has been melting - and the Inuits and others who for thousands of years - depended on the snow - and the climate and more long summers. More snow - less wind - made many things easy. Now less snow, more wind, and this affect the dogs who use to hunt and now have to learn to swim more.

The Arctic - now are experiencing - run off from the huge glacier melts - creating large deep fissures of a kind - and with that hazards of a kind - that no one experienced for thousands of years.

More water in the Arctic - more humidity - more clouds - and higher wind speeds - that have thrown a curve ball - when it comes to moving from place to place with sledge dogs - and  forcing hunters to use - innovative methods - to hunt and survive.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund - keep hoodwinking the poorer nations.

These institution loan money at high interests - the leaders of the corrupt nations - use the money for their own interests. The nations and more the people are held responsible - the result these nations - are dependent -  are poor - and all because of some help - with strings that are attached - and favor the crooked World Bank and other entities like them.

The time has come for the best Universities in the World - to come to the rescue of humanity - the poor nations of the so called Third World nations.

More to save millions of  innocent children, women and men - who have fallen prey - to  corrupt entities.

Some " help given to the poor " - more to make them dependent and less independent.

Instead of wasting billion on arms, ammunition, 5000 lbs bombs, and missiles each costing millions of dollars - the leaders of G20 and others - can create - holistic models - to address Climate Change - and link Climate Change and the adverse impacts - to find  solutions linked to -  growing a variety of crops - crops  that can produce more - and  are " drought resistant ".

India, China, Australia, countries like Norway, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Cuba - other countries - can pool their resources - and help  millions of small farmers - to save the day - and all for humanity.

We all in the United States in early 1960s, 1970s, 1980s - saw large companies more corporations - gobble up small farms - and create havoc - mostly impacting small farmers - farmers who kept their farms intact with their families - and produced one of a kind organic and better crops - and friendly distribution of their products.

Large Corporations - backed by huge subsidies from the United States government - created monopolies - capturing lock, stock, and barrel - food resources - and choking the small farmers.

They were instances when cheese and other products - were thrown into the ocean - rather then give these products away.

Once we had Food Banks - that were started in the 1970s by organizations that saw the need to help those that were dying of starvation.

Faith bases organizations joined forces - other foundation too - and Food Banks played a key role.

Today Food Bank continue their work - the produce is less - the farmers have less to share and give - but all the same the good work continues - and lives are saved. 

Children and Seniors who would otherwise get NO food - get some - and here in the United States 2 in 4 children still go to bed hungry - most having just with one meal a day. That meal sometimes may come from school meals - their one and only meal.

Our Seniors are meeting the same fate - 3 out of 4 Seniors have no food - and have to survive on what they get.

Two or three times a week - attending Senior Centers - where they are fed  a meal - that does them some good - even if it is not a full meal - but also the same keeps them alive.

Willie Nelson the country singer and a man bold enough to take on the United States government - brought to light - the harm done to the small family farmers - in the United States.

Willie Nelson - a good, decent man - raised money to stabilize some of the farmers - but the damage done was in the billions - and to this day - our small farmers - are in " recovery mode ".

For the last 10 years Willie Nelson has invested in bio-fuel - fuel made from recycled cooking oil and other fats. Today many truckers and others in Texas, in parts of Hawaii, in Oregon, here in San Francisco - use bio-fuel their vehicles - be it trucks or cars. Sending less carbon dioxide and particulates into the air.

After World War II - we all remember - thousands of families - raising chickens, growing vegetables, planting fruit trees, and learning to be self-sufficient.

Making honey, home made jam, cakes and cookies and pies, dried  jerky of all kinds, and dried fruits and nuts preserved pickles of all kinds - people were independent - today - the go to the Supermarkets - and eat stuff full of nitrate, sulphates, phosphates -  salts that kill one slowly and contribute to heart problems, increased blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. 

Materialism of the worst order, greed from large corporations, greed from businesses that looked to the might dollars -  faile to realize the harm they were doing - to small farmers.

To small businesses, to those that want to open their own small operations be they carpenters, others with talent that can produce all sorts of goods.

Destroying home products - and forcing those that could have been independent - making them dependent - on the " greedy " - just because they have easy access to - large amounts of money.

Millions of children are dying - villages are empty - the farmers do not have water - all over the world - more poor nations that have been exploited by the colonists and others - all these many years. 

The many nations from which slaves were captured and brought to countries that used as slaves -  have not yet paid restitution - they and those that live today with scars of their so called Slave Masters.

The present drought has lingered for years - the women and children are left to fend for themselves - with the old men staying behind since they are not strong to work elsewhere.

 The young men - with limited skills - move to the cities.  Large concrete jungles - that have little to offer that is wholesome and holistic.

We have seen some innovative changes in some nations of Africa - Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone,  Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda - others -  for good.

Professionals from countries - experiencing lack of jobs at home - have challenged themselves to seek opportunities in other countries.

Many of them visiting former colonies that their countries once ruled - they know the language and have some sense to contribute  - and make a difference.

Countries like Portugal, Spain, India, China, other Europeans countries sharing their talents in agriculture, accounting, medicine, construction, plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineering and so on.

The so called " Capitalism " that we know and daily experience - does not work every where. 

Big is never always good - it can be bad and more - worse - it mostly is - " evil ".

Cottage Industries in the so called Third World countries work - the locals can make goods - be they weaved baskets of one kind, jewelry, wood carvings, home spun cotton, hats, caps, mats - the list goes on - and this helps the poor - soon they are elevated - because income comes in - and with that pride and a better living.

It is a shame that China, India, the United States, other countries too - have led the charge to pollute and contaminate - and now do not want to take full responsibility - for the increase in the Carbon Footprint - that is causing Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.

At the recent Climate Change Summit - the decisions made are NOT perfect.

The United States is out - we are now playing second fiddle - our leader a loser - Donald Trump - who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

We have to begin somewhere - however - we must pay attention to starvation, deaths of children in the millions, the consequence of starvation over several years - can have and do have long time - adverse impacts on youth and young adults and more.

Those of us that eat well - are NOT ashamed when we waste food - live and hog like pigs - when we can act better - have some responsibility to those that have nothing at all.

We have seen the affects of suffering on those in Darfur, Rwanda,  in Ethiopia, in Sudan, in parts of India, in Burma, here too in the United States.

The pandemic of Opioids - Coal miners - left to fend for themselves - because the coal mines are closed - in the name of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.

The United States have failed to train the coal miners - to work at other jobs - have failed to invest in technology - that can use coal - and filter the carbon - but have chosen to shut the coal mines.

Left millions to fend for themselves in Appalachia  - without any work - less money - to put bread and butter on the table. These hard working coal miners - whites and blacks - now have nothing to do - but think of their slow demise.

Lung disease, and other chronic diseases - most respiratory have taken a heavy toll of their lives -  with No sympathy for these coal miners -  and less by their Representative - who have not all that can be done - to support them - now, when things are crashing all around them. Wake up America!

Desperation over years - leads to starvation - and pain killers and other killers - can be used - to numb the pain for a short period -  lead to more pain and trauma - adversely impacting all of us - over the long haul.

Indigenous people always were told and have inherent in their DNA - to take less, use less, and share what they have.

We know those that are " greedy ".

They want it all - and today we see the results. 

These shameless crooks have no sympathy, less empathy, and for sure are very arrogant.

 These sordid folks - feel they have done nothing wrong - to create the current mess - leading to the depletion on the Ozone Layer - and related issues - such as Climate Change and Sea Level Rise.

We must have our heart in the right place -  only then can we take to others to a better place - the time is now - to stand tall and fight for what is right. Always remember the Elders, the First People who land this is - this land was never meant for losers like Donald Trump. Aho.