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Thursday, July 13, 2017


The Federal Communication Commission

Way back in 1988 I worked for the Department of Defense - we had access -large computers - that we used to communicate. We used " punch cards " - learned COBOL and other languages - to better use these large IBM machines.

It fired our minds - and I saw the future - creating websites - and learning to communicate - there were many issues - that needed to be addressed. There were critical problems - that we could solve - and we did it - through - communication.

Often times - we were frustrated - the telephone could carry only so much data - soon we were in 1990s and had lap tops - that cost $3500 and some of us had them - their ability to take the lap top and communicate - helped us a lot. My first lap top was made by Texas Instruments - and I love it.

Fast forward to today - all my main computers are APPLE and so are my key lap tops. 

I have a website and I have a blog - thousands of people - send me emails - from all over the world - and speed matters - not fully comprehended  by the FCC and its proxies - more,  Internet Service Providers - who are power hungry - worshiping the Almighty Dollar.

At the moment we have what is known as the " Bright Line " rules - that prevents FCC and greedy Internet Service Provides (ISPs) -  from throttling data sent on  " fast lanes " - slowing them down - however, the present head of the Federal Communication Commissioner Ajit Pai - is open to curtailing the present freedom - we, the COMMONS are enjoying - adversely impacting millions.

Now we have this guy Ajit Pai who is looking into ways to repeal the " Open Internet Rules " - that we contribute to some years ago through our advocacy and had the former Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission - Tom Wheeler - on our side.

So why is Ajit Pai - who talks in circles - when it comes to " Do Not Call " telephone calls - or on this important issue - of " Net Neutrality " - making waves - with having an open dialogue with millions of us - who use the INTERNET.

Let us save Net Neutrality 

The " Internet " a public utility is often mentioned before the authorities that regulate the " Internet " - coming under Title II - this guy Ajit Pai wants to exempt the Internet from stricter rules.

I has come to our notice that AT&T has spent over $4.5 million lobbying to control what we the COMMONS have access to and to control speeds - based I suppose on how much we pay -  much like the cable services we receive to - INFINITY is what I have.

Verizon which is gobbling up other large Internet Providers - has spent over $3 million - Verizon who brought GTE who was my provider a long time ago - now years latter is so " Big " - and out of control. Unfortunately I will stayed with Verizon all these years - and it bothers me a lot.

We just learned - hot from the press - Verizon accounts were compromised - those accounts that involved in some transactions - the information kept on a server - with proper " fire walls " - a sign of the times.

We keep ignoring standards - while companies like Verizon - compromising the " information " of the customers - Verizon is busy gobbling big companies - while failing to do due diligence -  ignoring standards, failing to take precautions - creating vulnerabilities - as the incident that has just been reported - today.
Verizon must be taken to court - and those of us - who are compromised - taken care of. Now.

" Net Neutrality " is back by attorney who will use legalese - and of course wheel and deal - to give us the " COMMONS " a raw deal - it is all about money - it is all about charging and continue to charge huge fees - to get better services and product - that are already in the pipeline.

You could go to a  game - put on this " head equipment " - and chose near with section of the field you desire to have your virtual seat - and have a great time - and all this in the privacy of your home. You may not enjoy smelling the hot dogs, hearing the vendors selling pea nuts - but you will have super fast Internet - in the privacy of your home - and pay for it - because you can afford it.

When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - fought for Social Security and other benefits for us Americans he meant well and wanted us all to have some security - he did well - God bless his soul. 

Most folks do not have any clue about the creation of the Federal Communications Act created in 1934 - : " for the purpose of regulating interstate and foreign (international ) commerce in communication by wire and radio so as to make available ... without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex, a rapid, efficient ... wire and radio communication service with adequate facilities at reasonable charges,  for the purpose of the national defense, for the purpose of promoting safety of life and property ... and for the purpose of securing a more effective execution of this policy by centralizing authority heretofore granted ... to several agencies and by granting additional authority with respect to interstate and foreign commerce in wire and radio com munition, there is created a commission to be known as the Federal Communications Commission ".

Here is the entire texts are clearly as can be spelled out :

A rare photograph of President Franklin Delano  Roosevelt
in his wheel chair - he was a victim of polio -
he was a leader - one of a kind - with vision and fortitude.

Passed during the Great Depression - President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a great vision -  more surrounded by others who had a vision and fortitude. 

A victim of polio -  yet, he was inspiration to all those - who must fight for what is right. I too have overcome and have polio.

The make up of the Federal Communications Commission - two Democrats and two Republican ( social-sciences-and-law/political-science-and government/political-parties-and-movements). A Chairperson representing the current president's party - in our case Republican. Designated by the president, the FCC chairperson exercises significant control over the Commission's policy agenda, internal operations, and relations with Congress.

The FCC is purported to be independent - we all know more in the current political times - what that is all about - the only saving grace - nearly all of the FCC's a activities are subject to judicial review.

It is also mandatory that the FCC although exercising formidable regulatory powers under the commerce clause, must navigate the many hurdles and obstacles - of State and Local governments throughout the country.

We the users of the Internet - have the ability to inform and more educate the COMMONS.

We must preserve our freedom. There is freedom and there is license. The abuse of " freedom " is license.

While the FCC can and must be fair - we must stand untied at this critical juncture and hold their feet to the fire.

We must NOT let our Internet - use the tactics and follow the path of the Cable Companies - they keep charging more - and delivering programs that do not meet standards - quality programs - and there is no way to challenge them.  They are quick to respond - that if one is not content - one can move away from them - in the ignorance and arrogance of sorts.

Daily I wake up and formulate certain concepts and then check what really is happening all over the world.

My blog address issues Local, Nationally, and Internationally - I consider it my " duty " - to address " Net Neutrality ".

 It is dear to me - and I have a fondness for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - his stellar vision and fortitude.

I cannot say that of the current Chairman Ajit Pai - who talks in circles - and from both sides of his mouth. Aho.