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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


From time to time - I visit the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - the present sitting - so called Representatives - conducting their business in Room 250 - the August Chamber  at SF City Hall.

These current - SF Board of Supervisors - representing the 11 Districts of San Francisco -  the present bunch - many of them corrupt -  SF Supervisors - should be ashamed of themselves.

Most of these Representative - also known as Board of Supervisors - spend their time during the SF Board of Supervisors - talking in circles - dealing mostly with mundane issues - while all the time pretending to represent the tax payers, the constituents of San Francisco.

We have pressing issues to be discussed - we have the empirical data. We do not have intelligent and decent so called Representatives - ready to take on the task - to address congestion, pollution of our air, stress factors all connected with Quality of Life issues - these wannabes truly think they can fool all the people - all the time. Time will tell. 

In recent years - our air in San Francisco is very polluted - more with PM 2.5 particulates. There are 6 key factors that are used to test our air - that we breathe to live.

Today, in San Francisco - it is truly a serious issue - when we see the increase of PM 2.5 particulates - more dangerous to our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults - seniors - those with compromised health - and others.

The co-realtion of Ammonium, Chloride, Nitrate, Sulfate, Potassium linked to the dangerous particulates - PM 2.5.

I have incorporated a recent study - for those that are arrogant and ignorant to read - and more to act on -more those that purport to Represent -  are pussyfooting around at SF City Hall and more in the August Chambers - Room 250.

Just listening to the SF Board of Supervisors more London Breed, Malia Cohen, Kathy Tang, and Mark Farrell - these SF Board of Supervisors - should be ashamed of themselves. When they talk - they have absolutely nothing much to offer - fake and what is well known and important - spiritually bankrupt.

Malia Cohen can wear all the make up she wants - ugly and as I said a fake, a liar and spiritually bankrupt. Those lackey she hangs around - are worse - one of them London Breed for sure.

The above SF Board of Supervisors - have failed to represent our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors - those with compromised health - and in general all women and men of good faith.  

San Francisco are decent and all embracing - these few who pretend to represent - do INJUSTICE - to all San Franciscans.

It is amazing how these representatives have NO clue what so ever - on important issues linked to our health that matter.

It is important to note  our contaminated and polluted air - one of the worse in the Nation. I repeat one of the worse in the Nation.

This situation did not happen in a vacuum - the present leadership and more past Mayors of San Francisco - have contributed to this mess - adversely impacting Quality of Life issues - the lives of millions of innocent human beings.

The pollution and contamination could be worse - has it not been for the fog, the temperate climate we enjoy - the role of the Bay - and other factors - that require some higher IQ to comprehend.

Below - is one document - that speaks to what I have tried to put in simple terms - so that the buffoons we have at the SF Board of Supervisors - comprehend. 

The urgency of understanding our dirty, polluted and contaminated air - our environment. Please read it - is my final plea to the SF Board of Supervisors and those in authority - SF Health Department, the SF Department of Environment  - the SF City Administrator, the SF Controller,  and of course the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee -  others - who are looking the other way:

Some of us advocates - often testify before the Bay Area Air Quality Management District  - (BAAQMD) - the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substance Control, other Federal, State, and Local agencies - when it comes to Quality of Life issues.

Again and again we have seen the SF Board of Supervisors - fail to represent.

The same holds today - some of these SF Board of Supervisors - talk the talk - when they run for the position of SF Board of Supervisors - but when they are in office - many of us advocates pray and hope - they never, ever did.

I have named some of the worst SF Board of Supervisor - using every trick in the bag -  their charade that is politicking - to vie for higher office - for sure we see this with Malia Cohen and London Breed - one worse than the other.

Mark Farrell and Kathy Tang - less corrupt - but corrupt all the same. All of them - have come become before the  SF Sunshine Ordinance Task Force  - and the SF Ethics Commission - for action committed - illegally. All of them are shameless. 

The development of skyscrapers - the congestion on our roads - the polluted air in San Francisco one of the worst  - has been created - by so called Representatives - looking the other way - and creating this mess - adversely impacting Quality of Life issues. 

Adversely impacting millions of lives - all those that visit San Francisco - most of them unaware - of the many thousands of  " hot spots " - no one is paying attention to this singular - fact.

What explanation do we have to give our infants, our children, our youth and our young adults - about the sad state of affairs - the air polluted, the thousands of  " hot spots " all over San Francisco.

One of many signs posted at -
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard -
a site where Depleted Uranium was tested.

The Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - that has NOT been abated, mitigated, clean up - because of the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - a key role played by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those SF Supervisors who favor his - failed policies.

30, 000 homes are planned to be built - on land that is contaminated - a Superfund Site - land as contaminated as Chernobyl - why should we be building any units - on land that is known - to be contaminated.

The Muwekma Ohlone - 
they lived in and around San Francisco -
for over 13, 000 years continuously.

I represent  the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco.

This is Muwekma Ohlone Land -every square inch - stolen, polluted and contaminated.

You scum bags should be ashamed of yourselves - you behave like the lowest of the low " scum bags". You  SF Supervisors  - have let us all down - some of you - I have named.

A disgrace to the human race. You cannot and will NOT leave a legacy.

Do not think for a second - you can fool all the people all the time.  Stop hoodwinking the public at large. 

You all should be charge under the Federal RICO ACT - and sent to jail - for a long, long - time.

Steps leading to SF City Hall -
the August Chamber at the end of these steps. 

San Francisco City Hall

Every time I take some time - out of my precious time to visit - the SF Board of Supervisors - and witness the deliberation.

I clearly see the disdain you all have  the people - the tax payers - those that need sound  Representation - and get nothing at all.

Shame of those Supervisors who use the internet to surf Facebook and other sites - when you have to be really focused on the " people work at City Hall.

Those few SF Supervisors - who keep having side-bar talks while 
" Public Comment " - is given. 

Who do you think pays your salary?

What makes you folks - who must represent - behave again and again like clowns, buffoons - shame on you all that behave - in like manner. I have described - having seen such behavior - again and again - in the August Chambers - Room 250 at SF City Hall.

Again and again I witness - SF Board of Supervisors - failing to represent - talking in circles - you all should - fade away - fade away into oblivion. Aho.