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Monday, July 24, 2017


The people United will never, ever be Defeated.

4911 is on the Market and GENTRIFICATION of the worst order - has come to visit the building - built in 1905. 

The building area some 3, 965 square feet and the Parcel Area some 4, 815 square feet - and the going place - some $1.6 million dollars.

The building next door was built in 1902. A building on Palou Street - built in 1895. 

The area has a history - and we must not permit - outsiders - to destroyed what once was held in high esteem - more, by entities that are not cognizant of the facts - and lack cultural competency. More that are spiritually - bankrupt.

Advocates the likes of Dr. Espanola Jackson, Shirley Jones, Calvin Hayes, Sam Murray, Barbara Meskunas, Mary Ratcliff, Kevin Williams, Alex Pitcher, Mohammed Nuru - hundreds of others that went on to become National Heroes - the likes of Alicia Garza and others - met at this office - to chalk out a Blue Print to fight for a viable and sustainable plan to bring about progress - in the Bayview Hunters  Point area - and San Francisco.

The past 5 Mayors of San Francisco and the last 3 for sure Mayor Willie L Brown Jr, Mayor Gavin Newsom, and the present Mayor Edwin M. Lee - have failed to address the pollution and contamination in the area. Less failed to address Quality of Life issues.

All three of them have contributed to the gentrification of San Francisco and now in large measure - Bayview Hunters Point in going to the filthy hogs.

The area - Bayview Hunters Point - is saturated with cases of chronic Respiratory Diseases, Cancer of every type, tumors that have baffled the SF Health Department. Survey after has been taken - they take the surveys - the get the money - in the millions - and do nothing. Some one has BLOOD on their hands.

Hospitals all over San Francisco - Saint Luke's, Pacific Medical Center (Sutter Hospitals ), the SF General Hospital, Saint Francis, Saint Mary's and doctors and nurses - in numerous clinics dotted all over San Francisco - have long been baffled by the chronic diseases prevalent in large numbers in the Bayview Hunters Point - and more in close proximity to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

Depleted Uranium was tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - as part of the operations - during World War II. 

Steve Kava the advisor of sorts.

The Third Street Light Rail was announced with great fun fare - started at 4th and King and stopped dead - in the middle of no where Old Bayshore - by Leland Avenue.

While the Third Street Light Rail was built - 90% of the business were adversely impacted -  the advocates from 4909 Third Street fought hard - to bring about succor to the many businesses - to NO avail.

80% of the businesses on Third Street - went under.

To this day - no one talks about it - because most of the those that made a living on Third Street and more contributed to Third Street - simply left in disgust. What are those who are left to do - but have empathy for those that suffered - while the Mayors and the SF Board of Supervisors - looked the other way.

After the Third Street was built - the handful of business that remain - tried their best - to stay afloat - they could not handle the loss - so the cut their losses and left.   Most have gone under.

Today, one sees Sale Signs - building after building is for sale.

Even Lennar Urban the Rogue Developer - is seeking to buy the Richard Hongisto Building by the Bank of America Building on Third Street and Quesada.

As often happens - those that take a stand to fight  for right - have to fight to survive.

In San Francisco - the Real Estate entities - have close links with " corrupt forces " - the Chinese are so rude they come in with suit cases full of money - and will pay thousands of dollars above the selling price - for any property.

The EB-5 visas have prompted evil forces like Lennar Urban - now going under 5 Point Holdings LLP - same snake different head.

Lenora Urban -  raking in millions - from these sordid - EB-5 visas.

The EB-5  - promises help for inner city youth - as one of the condition -  to grant the EB-5 - but the community has seen nothing positive.

Inferior homes built in the middle of Chernobyl - prone to severe liquefaction and flooding. That is what is happening on Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. That is what is going to happen at Candlestick Point. Time will tell.

Lennar Urban has not paid Community Benefits on time - and stopped paying Community Benefits - in toto - the last time they gave some was  in 2013.

The only ones that have profited are the Black sellouts - who are still hovering around - for stale bread crumbs. 

The time will come - we are watching them - and have sounded the - " clarion call ".

At the recent meeting of the Community Investment and Infrastructure Commissioners - at City Hall -  a report was circulated.

 The OCCI agreeing to work with Lennar Urban aka 5 Point Holdings LLP - working with this " Rogue Developer " - working to make Lennar Urban pay - Community Benefits. 

It is like pulling teeth - these developers - more Lennar Urban - gives a damn when it comes to the community at large.

In the interim Young Community Developers (YCD), and all sorts of groups - that have nothing much to do with advocating and fighting for what is right - get money.

 These forces including folks like Veronica Hunnicutt, Linda Richardson, Doris Vincent, Christine Johnson.

Shaman Walton, Sophie Maxwell,  Dr Churchwell, Malia Cohen,  the Tabernacle Group,  Aurelious Walker, the entire Citizens Advisory Committee to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - have done more harm than good and should be ashamed of themselves.

90% of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is prone to liquefaction and severe flooding.

 What is more it is a Superfund Site - only the worst contaminated sites are put on the Superfund Site. 

Depleted Uranium was first tested at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - today high levels of Cesium, Radium have been registered at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Parcel E2 has a raging fire today - and  Methane Gas spews daily into the air -  Methane Wells try to keep an explosion at bay - releasing Methane gas  - more, to keep the fire under control. This is a time bomb - waiting to explode.

Recent MNBC revealed - what we have been say for over 35 years - the United States Navy has NOT been doing any meaningful abate and mitigation.

Contaminated Class One soil - has been moved from Point A to Point B - defeating the purpose of a clean up and the City and County and more Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has turned a blind eye.

Today a so called expert - has been called in - to listen to the community at large  - hoodwinking us at this last minute - bringing in some - so called expert - to talk about the severe contamination and pollution on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The United States Navy has an obligation and has botched the entire mitigation, abatement, and clean up process. 

The problem with the Bayview Hunters Point - we have too many  mostly Black sellouts -  joining them recently - quietly doing the devil's  work in earnest - Chinese Youth Center  (CYC).

The CYC  already has $5 million in their kitty - and are looking to buy a building in the Bayview Hunters Point Area.

Their present rented office on Third Street - has its front door - perpetually closed - and to enter their office one has to enter through the back door.

All CYC does is conduct surveys - and has only one Black working for them.

The rest all Chinese - they get money from the City and County in the millions - and from other sources one of them the Soros Foundation.

No one is addressing Quality of Life issues - and when some of us advocates go before the Land Use, the SF Planning Department, the SF County Transportation Authority, the Municipal Transportation Agency, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the SF Board of Supervisors.

The SF Public Utilities Commission,  the SF Health Commission, the workshops conducted by the State Board of Equalization, umpteen meetings in Sacramento - we advocates do this - because we want to serve the community at large - and our work documents truly - the thousands of person hours - who is doing the ground work - to address Quality of Life issues - in our failing community.

The SF City has a $10 Billion Budget - but spends money and given money to the like of the Pacific Heights Mafia - we know this and since we know this -  we will do something about it - more those of us - that are trained in the United States Army and other branches of the Department of Defense.

I attended over 40 meetings - Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) meetings linked to Parcel A and the Development handed over to Lennar by the erstwhile SF Redevelopment Agency.

 Hardly had Lennar Urban got the green signal to build - the 600 rental apartments - included in the DDA - that  part linked to the 600 rental units were removed from the  DDA - an amended to the DDA did that - as quick as a blink of an eye.

A meeting was held within one month - and the DDA amended - 
the 600 rental units - was declared to be NOT feasible - and had to go. We the people could say what we wanted to say - but the crooks could do as they please - they always do.

Since then Lennar Urban - has hoodwinked the community - stayed afloat by bringing in over 20 million from EB-5 Visas - these visas are now under investigation.

The creation of 5 Point Holdings LLP - is just another ploy to hoodwink the community.

The hidden agenda - is Land Banking - and more so with the imminent spiraling of the Economy - this time worse than the one in 2008.

Our City and County is NOT paying attention to the advocates and more all the advocates from 4909 Third Street - we have power to do right - which means we can stall any - project.

The Human Rights Committee that started at 4909 Third Street in the early 1960s - led to the Human Rights Commission  - and the current Mayor was the Director of the Human Rights Commission - and has learned nothing at all. Pathetic.

We at 4909 coined the words " Domestic Partners " that was put inserted in a Proposition that favor the LGBT community - and we worked with leaders like Harry Britt.

4909 has held the feet of Lennar to the fire - and led the fight - when Lennar Urban with intent - bombarded our community - and harmed our children.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar Urban - $515, 000 - which Lennar Urban paid - admitting guilt.

4909 has produced stellar citizens who sent on to do good work - I have name them - and can name them again - for those that are blind - this City and County is going to the dogs  - gentrification is not going to happen - if the City and County take a stand.

The City and County today is encouraging GENTRIFICATION.

The hub created at the Opera House - those entities managing the Bayview Opera House - that was saved by Mrs Ruth Williams - others - have been dishonored.

 The newbies that have nothing to do with the community at large - are now wheeling and dealing - and these entities  think - we are NOT aware of the ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

I can easily rally thousands - this is not difficult for me - we have a very narrow opportunity to do right - and the time is now.

I have reached to some I trust and asked them to save 4911 - and save it for the advocates to carry on the work - we have the empirical data - and we have participated for over 50 years.

We have work to do - and it is not right - that we have to now find a roof over our head -  and beg for help - when the City and County of San Francisco - has done little for us in the past.

Dr. Espanola Jackson is turning in her grave - and would not appreciate the current thinking and acting.

Continuously the leaders from 4909 Third Street - the Bayview Hunters Point Coordinating Council, the Black Human Right Council, Environmental Justice Advocacy, Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation - are all in very good standing - of these many years.

Southeast Sector Community Development Corporation is a 
501 c 3 Non-Profit but also a certified - Non-Profit Enterprise  with the Contract Monitoring Division.

We created a hub at 5 Thomas Mellon and certified a number of Local Businesses and helped them get jobs - arming them with an LBE and teaching them to fish.

We help Street Violence Intervention Prevention (SVIP) offering them office space - and helping SVIP to transition -  to 150 Executive Park - SESCDC has been on the forefront - to help others without much fanfare.

4909 has been the Mother House - that address - is well known by the Controller's Office.

The Treasure's Office, the Assessor's office - the Mayor Office and its many tentacles - we have spoken the TRUTH and will continue to fight - until the end. 

The Muwekma Ohlone

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco.  I hosted  an office in San Francisco - on behalf  of the Muwekma Ohlone all these many years. Aho.